hAPPy neW yeAr!!

Wishing you a Happy Happy New Year! Hope that 2012 is your best year yet!!! Here's to new opportunities and fresh starts :)


Tuesday's Ten

1. So enjoyed Christmas with my two guys. The littlest one was over the moon excited and the big one did very good in the gifts to his wife department :)
2. Spiral sliced ham is truly heavenly. I love it!
3. Is anyone else as exhausted as I am? I feel like I could laze around all week.
4. My baking was a failure....I guess my hips are grateful :P
5. Excited about the New Year. No resolutions yet just grateful for the newness of it all.
6. Yesterday was my birthday. I really enjoyed every second of my day. Hope it speaks to how I will spend the year.
7. Do any of you guys journal? Curious about how you approach the process. Do tell.
8. Basketbal is back! Let's go HEAT! Times like this I wish we had the NBA package on our cable plan, ugh.
9. People surprise you...for  the good and the bad.
10. I will post my holiday crafts soon. I have not really felt like pictures and posting. I know I should be spending qt with the guys.


Merry Christmas!

Enjoy every single thing that the day brings! I am enjoying seeing the wonder of the season through my son's eyes. All is new, bright and MAGICAL!


10 for Tuesday: Lessons

In this hectic season, here are 10 life lessons that I hope will make this crazy season a bit better. I am trying to keep them close to heart.

1. People matter. Every single moment I can spend with the people who I love, I plan to do it and enjoy them.
2. Perfection doesn't exist. Stop pushing so hard for things to be perfect.
3. Compliments are free- share kind words freely. People need to hear kind words.
4. There really is something to be said for smiling until your cheeks hurt.
5. It is okay to take a moment for me. Maybe it will be during a long shower or driving the scenic way home but I need a few moments to myself. It is a good thing.
6.Homemade is cool but convenience sometimes trumps making it myself.
7. Do something that doesn't feel like me. I just may discover something I love.
8. New traditions have a place beside old ones. I am ever evolving so things I treasure may evolve with me.
9. Everyone doesn't have to have a present. Accept the gifts that people give and enjoy them and the intent.
10. Love freely and abundantly.

What life lessons do you hold on to at this busy, busy season?


Versatile Blogger Award!

My blogger friend Tori ( I feel like I can call her that as much as I stalk her gorgeous blog) blogs over at One Eleven and if you can get past the amazing header you will certainly swoon over her sewing creations. But that is not all she shares so many of the things that inspire her from architecture, old family photos (that you could really just insert me in~ I remember sporting those mini shorts too), music and fashion. It really is a blog where you want to stay a long while and see what she whips up on her machine.

Well she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

The task you ask is:

The versatile blogger award is all about getting to know other bloggers and blogs they read.
Here are the rules:

nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers
inform the bloggers of their nomination
share 7 random things about yourself
thank the blogger who nominated you
add the versatile blogger award pic on your blog post

Easy right so here are 7 random things about me:

*my sense of direction is amazing. I never get lost, take me some place once and I can always find my way back
*I love handwritten notes, to write or to receive them fills me with happiness
*I never dream of a white Christmas~I prefer a sun filled one any day
*I like to eat my meals in sections- all of one thing before moving on to the next thing
*I hate the feel of putting lotion on, makes me feel all slick and slippery like a seal or something
*magazines make me happy~ glossy pages, juicy gossip and celebrities are my splurge. My Real Simple and O are the necessities.
*I love long, hot showers and air drying....bliss

The blogs I nominate are:

Thanks again Tori! You are the best!!!


Buttons galore

Life is super busy around these parts. I am sure most of you can relate to trying to get it all done. I am feeling the pinch but not feeling overwhelmed~ that is really just my personality more than any real strategy. My to-do list is winding down and most of the packages have been sent. Yay! I am working on a few hand-made projects and I hope to finish them up this weekend.
Tonight I made a initial button print for one of my cousins. I am not sure how I am going to jazz this up- either a frame or hanging from a ribbon. I think I need to add a few more buttons but I am pretty pleased with the product. See things I pin on pinterest do actually get made...eventually :)

How are your holiday preparations going?


Tuesday's Ten

I will keep it short and sweet today since I can't afford to lose time on the computer. Do you realize how many days are left until Christmas? Oh my! So here are 10 blogs I like, hope you enjoy them too.

1. Gina's Skinny Recipes: Great recipes, nice photos and visually appealing.
2. Diary of A Quilter: Tutorials and pretty amazing quilts!
3. The Funky Firefly: Super stylish blogger and my bestie :)
4. Meet the Dubiens: Cute food and neat crafts for people with kiddos.
5. Newly Woodwards: Newly married, crafty & witty.
6. Pyrex Collective: Pyrex, lovely Pyrex.
7. The Pinterest Project: A blog dedicated to Pinterest Projects~ cool to see the outcome
8. Love Affair with My Brother: Yes, She means the Machine...sew very cool.
9. Vintage Revivals: She makes old stuff new with so much style.
10. Moneywise Moms: Deals and money-saving advice.

So when you have a minute, you should check these blogs out. You won't be disappointed.


Yummy goodness!

First it was the machine and now it is the oven that is getting its workout on :)  Tonight at around 6 mind you I got the urge to tackle some meals for the week. I made a spicy chicken chili, a potato, sausage and pepper casserole and roasted veggies! This family will be eating good for the next few days. Which frees my evenings up to sew. Go me!


My machine was Smokin'

I had a very productive sewing evening tonight. I finished a quilt top that I started tonight. Yeah, you read that right. I started a quilt top and finished it in a day. I will say that I did all of the cutting while I was at work.So the awful part was out of the way. My husband always says I work better with a deadline. Anyway, I followed a great tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew and I primarily used the fabric that I won and some scraps from my niece's quilt. I love the way it turned out and can't wait to wrap it up. Another holiday craft underway :)


Is it Tuesday...Here's 10 :)

Things I am looking forward to this holiday season.

1. Getting holiday cards. I love seeing people at their best :)
2. Warm cocoa~ yummy goodness in a mug.
3. Holiday celebrations with friends and family. Keep the invites coming.
4. Hosting Christmas dinner. Busting out the wedding dishes for this one.
5. Taking my son to see the Christmas trees on the National Mall. He is going to flip out!
6. Baking some good stuff. Feel free to leave me some tried and true recommendations.
7. A WEEK off from work. It will fly by but I am going to enjoy the time.
8. Finishing up my homemade gifts ;P
9. Making some ornaments with my sweetie.
10. Avoiding the madness in the malls but grinning like a bandit when the UPS man arrives!

What are you looking forward to this holiday season ?


this dude, Santa

Makes me super happy as he hangs on my tree.
Tis the happiest season of all.

What makes you happy this holiday season?


Seriously Lucky

I am feeling rather lucky: first I won a pattern ( got it in the mail today), then I won a Japanese pattern book and today I won a blog makeover. Go me :)

I am feeling rather fortunate...December is off to a stellar start!!!


Tuesday's Top Ten

The Top Ten Things about This Tuesday

10. Buying gas in the rain with .30 cents off/ gallon. Fill 'er up baby!
9. Sewing club girls rockin' out and making their quilts.
8. Waking up a bit late but managing to pull it all together and get out of the house on time.
7. A fourth period class that made my cheeks hurt by laughing and they managed to get some work done too.
6. Cool personalized place mats as a surprise during lunch.
5. Day 1 of the school wide walking challenge is underway. Go Team D :)
4. Yummy leftovers for lunch. I made 15 bean soup in the crock pot and it was delish. I felt all thrifty using up all of the baked ham.
3. My little paparazzi taking pics- he is on a roll. Yes, birthday presents are great for shaking things up in the house.
2. Winning a Japanese pattern book. Feeling quite lucky this week. You may want to rub my belly or something ;)
1. Seeing a double rainbow after picking up N from school. He was so cute telling me that we were following the rainbow and it is trying to hide behind the clouds. I would clone him but that is generally frowned upon.

What was great about your Tuesday?


Immensely Thankful

There are so many things that I have to be grateful for- health, family and great friends. My Thanksgiving holiday was spent taking things slow and easy. I filled each moment with great times and lots of love. One highlight was enjoying my son's birthday: he made out like a bandit. Really! People were too generous. He loved opening gifts and eating cake. He loves saying he's three and trying to get his little fingers to make 3. Still have some work to do on that one. I got to sew a bit and I am working on carving me out a little designated sewing place in my bedroom. All in all, I feel so immensely thankful for this little life of mine :)

Oh and as icing on the top I won a free quilt pattern from Lella Boutique....go me!


10 for Tuesday in Pics (mostly)

 My son's lunch box. I made him the guilty Momma breakfast of grilled cheese, spiral sliced apples and chocolate chips. Trying to make up for not forcing him to get more sleep.
2. My messy desk- grade, email, Pinterest, repeat :)

 3. My work buddies who keep me sane.
 4. My quilt that my buddy helped me photograph...worked on a few glitches.
 5. These boots almost made ut the whole day but alas 7am- 8pm is too long for most shoes.
 6. A lovely Thank you from one of my students: milk chocolate goodness.
 7. Oh my love affair with Gatsby is nearly over but the narration is pretty good.
 8. My date with Carol's Daughter washes away the tired quite effectively!
9. Someone is starting the Thanksgiving yumminess and it is not me :)
10. This little boy jammin' on his new "Woofer".....awesome!!!


What I am looking forward to this week

I am so looking forward to this week. I only have to work two days- yay! Granted they are super long days, but only two days! I get to spend some time in the kitchen making some yummy food for the people who I love. Bring on the holidays :)  My sweet little boy is turning 3. YIKES, someone send the cosmos my way. Yep, skip the wine that will not cut it :( Where did the three years go? I can't believe it. He is turning into such a big boy and we will get to celebrate that this week. I get to spend more time with my hubby- he has a relaxed schedule this week too. Family, food and good times...I will take it!!!

What are you looking forward to this week? I want to smile for you too!


Admitting/Accepting Defeat

My participation in NaNoWriMo is a failure. I can't seem to meet the deadline. I am chugging along and I have certainly written more than in previous months but I simply can't dedicate the time to churning out enough words. This month has flown by with many birthdays, a wedding to attend and Thanksgiving maybe November was not the time to be writer me. Oh well. I am fine with writing at a snails pace and hopefully I will be up to the challenge at another point. I sat down to write today and quickly realized that 1) I would rather be sewing my quilt 2) I have my son's birthday plans to finalize 3) my son is ramming his car/firetruck/ insert anything on wheels into my leg (guess he wants me) and 4) I suck at deadlines. So, don't think less of me if I throw in the towel. Please and thank you.

I feel rather liberated. What have you given up to maintain some sanity?


Ten for Tuesday Miami Edition

It is late and I am settling in from my trip so I will add pics later. Ok, this post will be all about my love for my hometown Miami.

1. November and wearing flip flops...insane but AWESOME~
2. Listening to a steel drum band- the caribbean sound really gets your hips moving.
3. Blue skies, like postcard perfect blue.
4. Black beans and rice, flank steak...yummy.
5. All of the greenery- I know I am supposed to be embracing the changes that fall brings but now I see why I can't get into fall, green grass is GORGEOUS. Especially the smell of fresh cut grass.
6.Palm trees every place imaginable.
7. My folks enjoying my son.
8. Outdoor shopping.
9. Eating lunch with the water and boats as the background.
10. 80 degree temps in November!!!

Miami is my place. There are just so many things about my hometown that make me smile. What makes you smile about your hometown ?


Rave, rave, rave!

For my mother's birthday, I got her just what she wanted...FABRIC!!! She has just finished her first quilt, she is working on her second and she is planning more quilts so fabric is something that she will put to good use. And now for the rave part. Buying fabric on line can be a dicey process, you hope the fabric is good quality, looks like the picture and the seller is great. Well did I hit the jackpot (hee hee) with Julie and her business The Intrepid Thread. I first found out about her by reading her blog and entering a few contests. Let me tell you the process was easy peasy: coupon code, quick shipping and AWESOME fabric. Really I know where I will turn for my future fabric needs. No Julie does not know about this post and I am not benefitting in any way. I just know there are others like me who are hesitant to push purchase when buying fabric on line so I thought I would share.

Isn't that fabric gorgeous? Can't wait to see my Momma's finished quilt :)


WIP Wednesday

this suitcase
stares at me
mocking the deadline
that has come and
hope a fairy
comes and fills it with
all the goodies
we need for our trip
certainly she
won't forget the flip-flops
or will I?


10 for Tuesday

1. Super happy to be heading home in 2 days! Yay! I am definitely rockin' the flip flops as often as possible.
2. Super duper happy to be celebrating the marriage of my wonderful friend. To share so many young aspirations and to see her become someone's wife is truly a blessing.
3. Went to Target today spent less than 30 mins and less than 45 bucks, that has got to be some kind of record. Go me!!
4. My brain is fried and I have to save my energy for Nanowrimo ( my November novel writing) so 5-10 are all you guys.

So go....What observations do you have for me today?


FYI: Pinterest


Either way, I should have been writing :)


WIP Wednesday

I am working on my sister's Christmas present. It is a strip quilt. These colors really spoke to me- all I still need to do is bind it. I picked out a nice hot pink fabric and of course your well wishes for my binding efforts are greatly appreciated :)


10 for Tuesday

1. Started my novel for the National Novel Writing Month and well if I put it in here it must be so :) One month 1627 ish words per day= a 50,000 word novel. No worries about revision yet.
2. I am going home next week. I am getting so excited...sunny Florida here I come!
3. Great day in sewing club. The girls are really getting into their sewing and maybe a quilt is not far off.
4. I love pop culture. It makes me happy.
5. Can you believe today is 11/1/11. Looks so crazy, huh? 11-11-11 is pretty freaky too.
6. My son's Halloween Candy has no chocolate. What is up with that? No temptations for me!
7.I have 3 vases of flowers. I feel pretty special.
8. Tomorrow is a good day at work and although I always overestimate what I can get done during my long hour of planning, I am still happy for the time.
9. Cute meals. I love making cute little dishes for my son. He loves eating them too.
10. National Novel Writing Month, YIKES!!


Sunday Happiness

had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with some great ladies and my little guy. there were fall festivities involved: operation embrace fall is in full effect. watched a little bit of football and there promises to be a real good one for the night game. got a chance to do some sewing this weekend and started plotting my next project. there was Pinterest involved :) had so much fun relaxing with my men this weekend. i also used my pretty Pyrex butter dish...love it. i am very content this sunday.

What made you happy this weekend?


10 for Tuesday

You've missed 'em, haven't you? So since it has been a long, long time since my last 10 for Tues. post I will keep things random.

1. I am loving my new nail polish. It's called Blank Slate and well blank slates are pretty darn appealing and this polish is no exception. The color is fantastic and it goes on really smooth and it looks great without all of the top coat, bottom coat, coat of arms blah blah.

2. Life is so precious. MUST.TREASURE.EVERY.SECOND.
4. D bought dinner home. It was delish jerk chicken and I did not have to cook. Winner, winner chicken dinner.
5. The ATL Housewives will be back soon. Smutty reality television at its best. Makes me happy.
6.Pinning on Pinterest is so ridiculously addictive. My fav board today involved Bill Cosby and the Cosby show. Talk about happy memories.
7. Tights season is finally here. Bring on the herringbone! Never done that pattern before, but I think they will make me happy.
8. My super awesome parents! Can't wait to see them in a few weeks.
9. My little boy feeding me the most tart apples imaginable. Talk about Momma sacrifices :)
10. Hump Day is tomorrow....I think I can, I think I can.

BONUS: I was featured at One Eleven! (Nope, it hasn't gotten old yet :} )


I was featured!!

I am floored. Tori from One Eleven is a serious sewer- she makes cosmetic bags that will make you swoon. I don't know how I stumbled on her blog, but I am so glad that I did. Her header alone is gorgeous. So please head over there and check out her blog. And not just because she is featured yours truly today but because she is phenomenal!


Anniversary Weekend in Richmond

We celebrated our anniversary in Richmond, VA. The ride down was quick, less than 2 hrs and quite picturesque thanks to the glorious fall foliage. We enjoyed giving each other our full attention, sleeping late and eating well....not necessarily in that order. Our getaway was quick but it was a great way for us to recharge our connection and be footloose and fancy free. Did I mention how well we ate? Yummy memories :)


4 years ago

we traveled to Vegas and said our vows
smiling and laughing the whole time
quietly amazed that we were
finally starting on our united journey

I love you Mr!


Nat'l Day on Writing

Was mostly a success. Some smartie pants tried to steal my joy....that is the hazard of teaching high school boys I tell ya. But it was fantastic. My students wrote some phenomenal things...there were tears shed, depression was told to take a hike, they vented about school, parents and their super full schedules. The ones who stepped up to the challenge were so amazing.  I even got to share my lesson with my colleague and her class...they were the babies but they responded really well. I enjoyed them.
My favorite line that I used during today was:

"Words allude me" and it was in response to grown-ups and not the kiddos go figure!

Anyway the question of the day was, Why do you write?

I write to free my soul.

Tell me, tell me. Why do you write?


that moment

Do you ever have a moment when what has been blurry becomes crystal clear? Well my last post was about feeling overwhelmed and just dreading Monday. Monday morning came and things did not seem to be getting better. My dear son had a rough night's sleep and I woke up at 6:05, we normally leave home at 6:20. Yeah, things were not looking so good. Oversleeping, no lunch packed and a 2 yr old who moves like a snail. Not good, not good. And on top of it all today is the day that I only have one planning period instead of the two that most teachers get daily. SO as I was talking with my neighbor during our 4 min chats while the kiddos come into the room, he asked me if it was my "BAD" day. You see, I always refer to the day with one plan as my "bad" day and it was like someone was answering for me because I responded along the lines of, "Nah, it's not my bad day. I only have one planning period but I won't say that it's a bad day. Today is a fantastic day because that is the kind of day I am willing it to be." What the what?! I guess being the daughter of someone who says, "Make it a great day!" on the answering machine is really paying off. Today was a fantastic day and it was only that way because that was they type of day I welcomed into my life.

What was great about today?

* I made it to work on time. My son had a yummy breakfast and my lunch was pretty tasty too. My hubby was super helpful with getting us out the door.
*I planned a great lesson for the National Day on Writing that I hope will inspire and challenge my students.
*I was able to make dinner for the next couple of nights.
*I volunteered to read to the preschoolers at my church....my son will get to go and help me pick out a great book to share.
* I am carving out a little me time: blogging, getting inspiration and just vegging out.

What is great about your day? Week, Life?



feeling super duper
life is not easy
the to do lists
never seem to get done
and then it is
and it starts all
over again
my head is
and full of stuff
I need to exhale
and feel the relief
that is alluding


Embrace Fall

In an effort to embrace a season which is really not that great to me I am starting operation Embrace Fall. I am such a summer, flip flops, watermelon, beach loving gal that when the temp starts to drop so does my mood. Well with a little one it is not really appropriate to give a whole season or two the gas face so I made a list of all the things I can do to celebrate this time of year. And surprise, surprise I have already done some this weekend- gotta love a warm day and a nudge from my son to visit a farm.

1. Pick pumpkins
2.Go on a hayride
3. Make Halloween decorations/crafts
4. Go apple picking
5. Make a new soup (suggestions welcome)
6. Go an a nature walk
7. Go to a farm
8. Take N out with his fabulous costume
9. Go on a leaf hunt
10. Start my holiday crafting fest


WIP- Quilt

This quilt has sat around since this summer unloved. It needs binding, that I am now an expert at :) It also needs a label, which I must include. It needs to be shipped off to the tiny girl in curls who amazes me!! Hope I can tackle it this weekend.


i quit and i am ok with it

I was trying to read a book that came highly recommended. I was trying to get past the yucky, yucky doom I felt in the pit of my stomach as I read each page. I mean, I knew the storyline. I heard the author speak and I had googled the case. I just couldn't do it. The story hit too close to home. Saw too many familiar faces in those pages. Too scary to think that a mom could have a son and loose him to the streets before he is even a teen. So, I quit. I am sure that others may not receive the book in the same way that I did and I am ok with that. I quit so I would not have to have those words etched on my soul.

Have you read this book? Thoughts?


First Quilted Pillow

I guess it would be more accurate to call it the first pillow ever. Not that pillows are the most complex sewing project, but they are new to me ;) I made a pillow for a birthday gift for my friend. I think I am in love with strip quilts. I feel quite satisfied when I get something down and a project like this allows me the instant gratification that I crave. I started this pillow yesterday after scouring some blogs for gift ideas. I don't have one specific one that did a quilted front and back but after talking through the process with my pal Beeps, I decided to quilt the back for stability. The verdict: I think everyone on my Christmas list is getting a pillow. I kid. I kid. Well I could change my mind on December 1st if I haven't formulated a gift making plan by that point.


Out on a Limb

This weekend

I wore these shoes:

I read this book:

Talk about stepping it up a notch! Who knows what the week will bring!?!


two things

two things
not grand in size
made me smile
super broadly
this week.
work was not all bad :)

a super yummy surprise frap from a great friend

the sewing club getting started and the kids are cool too!


Quilt #1

Last week I got the grand idea to make a quilt for my niece's 11th birthday. I had all the material I needed for the top, a pattern and a few free hours :) So with all of those things in place it was a go. I was able to finish the top of the quilt in a few hours. The design of the quilt is a strip design so it was certainly a beginner project. This week was hectic at work so my plans to get it nearly finished before the weekend did not pan out. Instead it was Friday night and I stayed up until 2:30 basting and quilting the quilt. But alas it was WAY too late to start the process that has been my thorn....the binding. My Saturday did not go as planned and so I was only able to make the binding and pin it. Sunday would bring the day to machine sew the binding. After watching a few videos and reading various binding tips, I was able to get it done. The whole time I was sewing I had, "Beat It" (like Beat the Binding) and " I fought the binding and I won" stuck in my head. Those songs became my soundtrack and I was able to finish with a few seconds to spare. I wasn't able to wash it but my sister will be able to handle that task. Overall I worked very hard BUT I was pleased with the finish.
My niece was overjoyed when she opened my gift. My hard work was super appreciated and I think she will really use it. Shocking right?!
What I learned from this process is: I can QUILT! I mean I can do it. I know I will get better bit for a first start to finish quilt I think I did a great job. Next up bind the two quilts that are just waiting for binding so I can get them in the mail. And start my Christmas projects. SO excited!

the back of the quilt with the strip of leftover fabric

the front 


Going Postal

Remember that phrase? Getting a  job at the post office used to be a good job with great benefits, now not so much. The post office has announced major cutbacks to jobs, retail services and mail delivery and for some reason this has me bummed. It could be because as a former Special Ed. teacher I realize those are the types of jobs that are accessible for people who aren't going the college route. It could also be because I am the type of person who LOVES getting mail. You know the good kind from girlfriends in pretty envelopes closed with a sticker. Or packages with the familiar font or my mother or Bestie that are sure to contain awesomeness. Well bidding adieu to postal services that have been consistent in my life make me a bit sad and no email and texting don't take away from the sting. What's next the pay phone!?!

ETA: I was being silly with the pay phone, I know it is gone :(  and that one I don't miss.


Wonderful Weekend

spent the weekend
laughing with
my hubby
visiting friends
couple time
yummy brunch
sleeping late
sewing the quilt
for my birthday girl
baking cookies
for my son
avoiding work stuff
football back
loving this happy life
of mine

Did you enjoy your weekend as much as I did mine? What were you up to?


and they called it Pyrex Love

Go ahead and ohhh and ahhhh. I did :) Aren't these golden Pyrex bowls adorable? Thanks to Beeps for finding the one with the little handles at a thrift shop near her house. I mean as much as I love Pyrex, me and thrift stores are not a good match. I never find anything. Beeps has agreed to school me on the ways of thrifting and I have will have to take her up on it. Although having a personal shopper is not a bad arrangement ;)


Labor Intensive Labor Day

Our plan to head into DC and look around was changed because of the yucky weather. I decided to forgo plan B which was to sit around and do nada. Doing nada with my two fellas home is really not an option. So I did a marathon grocery trip and came home with enough supplies to make and freeze a variety of meals. It did feel rather strange to buy the huge family size of chicken breasts! But getting home and home having dinner already ready will be a HUGE lifesaver as we are getting back in the school year routine.
So the yummy food that I have cooking is:
Sausage and Peppers
Chicken and yellow rice

Oh, and bonus points for already getting out our outfits for the week. This Momma was on a roll :) What have you done to prepare for your week/ make your life easier this week?

ETA: I also made a whole chicken, banana muffins, salad fixins' and chilli. I rock :)


it's so hard to say goodbye

The kids are back. Summer is officially over. I know the date that school is supposed to end next year already too. But only because all teachers know this information. I am not rushing it- that is not really my style. I can't wait to get to know my new students. All 140 ish of them. My hope for the year is that I can make an impact on the kid who likes to fly under the radar, convince the big voice to also listen to the quiet moments, spark an interest in some writer they would not have known and to get papers back in a timely manner. Unlike my students who came dressed in their new duds to show that they are ready, I am wearing my clean slate. I am not jaded, I am not all meetinged out (I know it is not a word) and my desk is clear. So summer is a cool memory and I am ok with that. Look out Eagles (our mascot) it is time to soar :)


Adorable Fridgies

My pyrex collection is growing! Well I found this adorable fridge set while I was vacationing in Vegas. It is in great condition and the wonderful lady who sold it to me was such a jewel. I am not really a pink person but this set is GORGEOUS and how could I refuse? I love it and I think I just need to cook so I can have some leftovers to put in these beauties ;)


Who ticked off Mother Nature?

Wow, she is showing her might. I am sure this breaks some kind of record. An Earthquake on Tuesday and Hurricane Watch on Saturday. What a week!
We are bracing for the storm. Our flashlights are ready, we have our water and our cupboards are full of junk food ;) Hope that this storm is a dud and everyone comes out unscathed.



Yikes! Could you feel it where you are? A 5.9 magnitude earthquake can really rattle your nerves. Luckily everyone in my family is ok. I will feel better once my hubby gets home from work. I hear that traffic leaving the area is a huge mess.
I was at work in meeting (#220,981 of the year that started yesterday) when the quake hit and we were all stunned and scared. My immediate thought was of my little boy and according to his teacher the earthquake did not wake my little one from his nap. So I got to him as quickly as I could.
When we got home there was some minor traces of the quake. Some things had fallen but no real visible damage. I know this quake will be the talk of the town for a little bit of time.


The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat

One thing that brings me a great amount of pleasure is reading. Most of the year I allow the bizillion things I have going on get in the way of reading for fun. Seriously for most of the school year I only read things related to work and that includes a huge amount of torturous essays ;P Well another perk of my trip to Maine was finding a moment to read. I read this great little book about Haiti and the time of Papa Doc Duvalier. I will say that my connection to Haiti and the plight of Haitians is limited; however, I do remember the fall of the Baby Doc Empire when I was in school. The biggest thing that I got from reading the book was that there is duality in people....rarely are people all good or all bad. Also after they atone or change where do they fit in? Can you truly forgive yourself for your past and what do you gain from forgiving others? A very thought provoking little book.

My connection to the text: I really struggle with forgiveness. I mean, I can and do hold grudges. So I say all of this to say, how do you forgive people? Is it easy? Difficult. Have you had an aha moment about forgiveness. Seriously let me know what works. I am all for bettering myself and your way could be the breakthrough I need :)


Maine- Postcard Perfect

I was struck by the beauty of Maine. It is super lush and between all of the trees and waterways it really is just breathtaking. I also loved seeing the lighthouses, kayaks, ships and lobster traps that make Maine unique. I loved Maine!!