10 for Tuesday in Pics (mostly)

 My son's lunch box. I made him the guilty Momma breakfast of grilled cheese, spiral sliced apples and chocolate chips. Trying to make up for not forcing him to get more sleep.
2. My messy desk- grade, email, Pinterest, repeat :)

 3. My work buddies who keep me sane.
 4. My quilt that my buddy helped me photograph...worked on a few glitches.
 5. These boots almost made ut the whole day but alas 7am- 8pm is too long for most shoes.
 6. A lovely Thank you from one of my students: milk chocolate goodness.
 7. Oh my love affair with Gatsby is nearly over but the narration is pretty good.
 8. My date with Carol's Daughter washes away the tired quite effectively!
9. Someone is starting the Thanksgiving yumminess and it is not me :)
10. This little boy jammin' on his new "Woofer".....awesome!!!


  1. Oooh... is that a sweet-potato-pie in the making?! I'm happy to be part of your day, but more importantly I'm thankful to have YOU in my day :) It's so good to have friends at work.

  2. What a great way to share your day...love the pics....last but not least N makes a great ending