toot toot

because I don't toot my own horn nearly enough...here is a message from one of my students....

Dear Mrs. B

I had a blast in your class last year. I loved the fact that we did creative things, like making a game board, instead of purely being a writing class. You are also most likely the nicest teacher that I ever had. It' s really also been a wonderful experience aiding for you this year. Again, you are so nice and patient, I'm not really sure how you do it with your 4B class.
Thank you so much for writing me a letter of recommendation. I truly can not explain how grateful I am. You have been wonderful to me and I am so happy I get to spend the rest of the year working/aiding for you. I can't thank you enough. By the way, you have an excellent fashion sense.

Ok. I already loved this kid, this is just the cherry on top! She even gave me cookies- wrapped all festively I might add.

Yeah, I like my job!


10 for Tuesday the Sister One

My sister forwarded me this article about the joy of having a sister. How talking to a sister leads to greater happiness. Well in honor of that article and in honor of my sister, who will never read this blog. Here is my tribute to Tangela:

1. Having an older sister means having an instant friend. We weren't always friends but our relationship in the past 20 yrs has made up for the rough start ;)
2. My sister always treats me like she has to help me or look out for me no matter the situation.
3. She loves my son as if he were her own and she dotes on him in the most special way.
4. She knows my origin. Some things we never have to explain she just knows.
5. I have always had a great role model.
6. She is my greatest cheerleader.
7. If there is every a big moment in my life, she is always by my side.
8. I enjoy talking to her. She is my buddy and sounding board.
9. Since we are so different she has so many traits that I can appreciate and aspire to have one day.
10. I enjoy who she is, type A personality and all she is one of a kind.


Meal Plan

Monday- Beef Stew w/ baked rolls
Tuesday- Baked chicken w/black beans and rice and veggies
Wednesday- Spinach and Chicken Quesadillas
Thursday Leftovers
Friday- Shrimp and Pasta

The plan is there now I just have to follow through with it :P


3 years

there was roses, beer,lottery tickets, steak,goodies, kind words, am kisses,playing with our son and ceremony watching.
i wouldn't have it any other way.
i wouldn't want to have this moment with anyone else.
i am happy. i am loved.


10 songs

1. Sittin On the Dock of the Bay- timeless and awesome no matter when I hear it
2. Bubbly- N loves this song, he sings it and says more, more
3. Remember the Time- MJ truly was the King
4. What's Going On- Marvin Gaye was cut down too soon
5. Wake Up Everybody- John Legend's version is done very well and it is still fitting
6. 3 Little Birdies- just a sweet song
7. No One- A Keys almost 3 yrs ago, the memories
8. So What- anthem songs are the best
9. Steady Mobbin'-Retro Cube is a must
10. Love the Way You Lie- back and forth it goes


Sister Time!!

(Anthony, one of the children featured in the movie and he is from DC)

My sister and I got to have some much needed bonding time. No husbands or little ones in sight. Good times. First we went to see Waiting for Superman, which really is a must see documentary for anyone who teaches, has kids, likes children, wonders about the state of American Education or just realizes that we need some improvements in our educational system. Yeah, just about everyone. I won't give too much away but truthfully some people are so insulated from schools that are not like their neighborhood schools that this movie serves as a jolt to what is really going on in many classrooms. Well we saw it at AFI in Silver Spring and the theatre is just breathtaking. It really makes you feel like you are at a movie house of a bygone era. The fact that you can get wine along with your popcorn and gummy bears is really just a bonus :) After the movie, we headed to Copper Canyon Grill and had a nice dinner. It was just quiet/dark enough for us to chat and feel removed from the world. Score, score. The food was yummy too. Especially the spinach. Unless you are Popeye you rarely rave about spinach but this was very tasty. Then we wondered around downtime a bit before heading home. It was a fabulous way to spend a Fall Saturday.


Just the kinda day I like!

I had a ball hanging out with my good friend Beeps. We tasted the rainbow, enjoyed a yummy new bread at lunch and visited a lackluster fabric spot....good times!! And the best thing about it all is our efforts for our charity endeavor has begun. It was very easy and the outcome is quite adorable. I see many pillowcase dresses in my future ;)


Ten for Tuesday- The Friend One

10 friends/ 10 traits/ no explanation...in no particular order well except Keisha she always manages to be first charisma and ? prevail :)

1. Za'Keisha- charisma
2.Nicole- spirtuality
3.Jennifer- loyalty
4. Myriam- artistic
5. Toni- humorous
6. Tiffany- thoughtful
7. Candice- easy-going
8. Kelly- kindred spirit
9. Keiva- listener
10. Sigele- passionate


beautiful weekend

the weather was wonderful.
the guys were delightful.
the sewing was abundant.
the meals were yummy.
the relaxation was constant.
the downside is the ending.


My horoscope

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

For Thursday, October 7 -Your words will be ultra keen and sharp as razors now, whether you mean it or not, so you might want to go easy on your coworkers and the people you see on a daily basis -- unless, of course, they start it. In that case, all bets are off, and the temptation to tell one and all that extremely juicy secret you've been holding onto for an interminably long time could suddenly start to become even more difficult than it already has.

© Astrology.com 1996-2

Hey I tried :P


10 for Tuesday although it is almost Thursday

The Grown and Sexy Stuff :)

1. One real sign of getting older is that I would rather listen to silence than listen to some stuff that is in heavy rotation on the radio.
2. Another one? Wife trumps Greasy Hoes. Give me The Real Housewives. Who would watch the stupid Jersey Shore?
3. I watch CNN, pretty darn regularly.
4. I am grown enough to stand up for what I believe in- I don't apologize for being me or having my opinions.
5. Quality beats quantity. A few good friends over a lot of acquaintances.
6. I like my job. It gives me pleasure and fulfillment and it does make a dent in the bills.
7. I like my Momma. I mean really like who she is- her heart, her strength- all of her.
8. I wait in line for things just not concert tickets and cd signings. Although for Cube I could make an exception.
9. I spend more on my son than I do on me ;P
10. Cool is being a man of your word. Taking care of your family and being a good partner. Cool is not tied to what you wear, what you drive or how much swagger you have- cool is still a nice smile.

Pretty damn grown and sexy if you ask me!


Fortune Cookie, hmmm

Sometimes you don't get what you expect when you crack open a fortune cookie. I shook my head when they started including your "lucky numbers" but this is getting a bit ridiculous. Are these jimmies outsourced or did Confucius fall asleep on the job.

Mine: " Handsome is that handsome dose."

D's: "You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishments."

At least the cookies themselves were rather tasty :P