Tuesday's Ten

1. So enjoyed Christmas with my two guys. The littlest one was over the moon excited and the big one did very good in the gifts to his wife department :)
2. Spiral sliced ham is truly heavenly. I love it!
3. Is anyone else as exhausted as I am? I feel like I could laze around all week.
4. My baking was a failure....I guess my hips are grateful :P
5. Excited about the New Year. No resolutions yet just grateful for the newness of it all.
6. Yesterday was my birthday. I really enjoyed every second of my day. Hope it speaks to how I will spend the year.
7. Do any of you guys journal? Curious about how you approach the process. Do tell.
8. Basketbal is back! Let's go HEAT! Times like this I wish we had the NBA package on our cable plan, ugh.
9. People surprise you...for  the good and the bad.
10. I will post my holiday crafts soon. I have not really felt like pictures and posting. I know I should be spending qt with the guys.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome Christmas.....I love this time of year but time seems to pass so fast......glad you had time to enjoy your guys and the gifts aren't bad either.......I tried to do a journal in the past but, I always gave it up after a few pages, but I do admire people who can make a go of it....can't wait to see what the new year brings

  2. I'm glad hubby treated you right! Mine didn't do too bad himself ;) I've also tried journaling, and for now what works best for me is having a journal by the bed that I write in when the mood strikes me. Sometimes it's lyrics that are stuck in my mind, other times thoughts that are drifting through. But I'm not regimented about it at all. Are you looking to start or do you already journal?

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. I love everything on your Tuesday 10. We had spiral sliced ham for Christmas eve dinner. I enjoyed it then and even 4 days later when I used the ham bone to make ham pot pie, PA dutch style, loved everything about the ham.