Ten for Tuesday....so thankful!

In honor of Turkey Day and all of that I want to list a few things that I am thankful for. Always have to remember to be grateful.

1. Turkey Day spent with family and the folks that we have chosen as our family.
2. A job that gives me security and a wee bit of flexibility.
3. Supportive folks in my life.
4. People who love my little Nico and shower him with love!
5. Yummy food that I don't have to prepare and actually enjoy eating.
6. Sleeping in- A rare treat but something that I thank D for allowing me the pleasure of doing.
7. My wonderful cousin coming to visit :)
8. N starting a new daycare. I am excited that he will be in an awesome situation!!
9. Finding freebies on line. Love 'em.
10. Packages in the mail. The best kind of mail!!


Gifts, Check!

Nico's last day at his current school is Tuesday. I made a quick and inexpensive gift for his teachers. I made his 3 teachers coasters. Each teacher will get a set of four coasters and a few bags of tea with a personalized thank-you note. I think that they will like them and I like them too. These little guys may become my go to hostess gift, cheaper than wine and they last longer too! :)


Wonderful Wednesday

You know what is wonderful about today:

kisses from Nico
a dinner that is not on the menu
relaxing moments watching the boob tube
snuggles under the blankets
refreshing CranGrape juice
line drying sweaters

what is wonderful about your day?


10 for Tuesday!

1. Even though it is all yucky outside, I am feeling rather happy.
2. Saw some gorgeous pics of some gorgeous girls...I can't wait to see those images on my Christmas card.
3. The busy season has begun. Yikes!
4. I am trying to plan my evening better and they still run away from me. What to do, what to do?
5. We don't have any leftovers from Monday. Did we eat that much or did I cook that little?
6. Some kids I really like have already gotten into some colleges. I get so excited for them. I hold out such hope.
7. Jessica Simpson is engaged. Why is that incredibly funny to me? Maybe they will film it for E.
8. My brain is constantly going. A million miles a million thoughts.
9. People amaze me. Their resilience, generosity, spirit...amazing.
10. There is no time like the present! Life is no dress rehearsal :)


Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Meatloaf, roasted potatoes and steamed spinach
Tuesday: Curry Chicken, rice and veggies
Wednesday: Shrimp stir-fry
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Doubtful but... maybe quesadillas


I am so excited! & I just can't hide it.

While I can't take credit for the words from the blog title. I can say that I am stoked. Beeps and I are hosting a sewing for charity event on Saturday and I have a feeling it is going to be awesome. All of the loose ends are being tied and there are only a few things left on our to-do list. No matter what happens on Saturday, I am so happy to be doing something that will make a difference in the lives of so many people so far away. My mom and my Aunt Lois are seriously rock stars. They completed 24 dresses. Yeah that is right TWENTY-FOUR. Awesome, huh? And these are not some simple churn, churn, churn dresses. These dresses have pockets, ruffles, ribbons, lace well you name it, they have it. I am uber-impressed. So I will certainly post after the party but the excitement is building and I am so sure that things will work out great!!!


Craigslist is my friend!

Look at this beauty...

Now my sewing stuff does not have to devour the dining room table. AND for only $10 bucks it was a steal. Great condition. The door opens to reveal a tiny area for supplies and the machine can sit inside if I like. They don't make things like Sears & Roebuck did anymore.


meal plan

The plan for this week is:

Sunday: Baked chicken w/ cabbage and mac & cheese
Monday: Mexican Bean Soup
Tuesday: Chili w/ corn bread
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Tacos w/ Spanish Rice
Friday: Yeah right :)