Ten for Tuesday Miami Edition

It is late and I am settling in from my trip so I will add pics later. Ok, this post will be all about my love for my hometown Miami.

1. November and wearing flip flops...insane but AWESOME~
2. Listening to a steel drum band- the caribbean sound really gets your hips moving.
3. Blue skies, like postcard perfect blue.
4. Black beans and rice, flank steak...yummy.
5. All of the greenery- I know I am supposed to be embracing the changes that fall brings but now I see why I can't get into fall, green grass is GORGEOUS. Especially the smell of fresh cut grass.
6.Palm trees every place imaginable.
7. My folks enjoying my son.
8. Outdoor shopping.
9. Eating lunch with the water and boats as the background.
10. 80 degree temps in November!!!

Miami is my place. There are just so many things about my hometown that make me smile. What makes you smile about your hometown ?


  1. The smell of fresh air and enough space for nature to happen. Every season seems more breath-taking when it happens in Hughesville!

  2. Mmm.... eating an icy colorful pirag√ľa under the warm caribbean sun, street vendors, COLORFUL buildings, going in any direction and seeing bright blue water and going to the beach for my birthday in January. One can dream...