Super delish!

Saturday Night was date night. On the agenda was an easy restaurant quality meal that left enough time to actually enjoy our date night. I found an awesome recipe on Gina's Skinny Recipes tasty and not too bad on the hips. I call that a winner.

                                               Lime Cilantro Shrimp w/rice and broccoli


whatcha reading?

During the school year, my reading is rather limited. Hey 140 research papers to grade will kinda do that to you! I am reading a book that I stumbled upon while my students were doing their work and in my 10 minutes while they were busy I managed to start reading it. So far, so good. And one of the perks of reading it was a student saw me reading, was intrigued by the subject and went to the public library and checked it out herself. I was so impressed. Just confirms what I already knew, reading is contagious :)  So whatcha reading?

so far so good.
quick read.
written like a poem.


10 for Tuesday: Anticipation

a few things I am  looking forward to.

1. Warmeer temps...what the heck happened to the warmth. 43 degrees?!? Bring on summer.
2. The decision on our last day of work. Our school year was extended due to inclement weather but there is a slight chance that that day may be excused.
3. Celebrating my good friend's big birthday this week.
4. Going to see Think Like A Man. It has gotten great reviews and I don't like to be out of the loop.
5. Catching up with my bestie. We have had our conversations interrupted and it would be nice to really chat it up. Soon though we will remedy that one.
6. Spending some good time journaling. My hands are itching to create and write.
7. Basketball watching. It has been a few days since I watched my Miami Heat and I need a little fix.
8. The relaxed pace of summer. I can see it coming and I am getting excited.
9. Blog reading. I haven't been doing that in a bit and I miss my online connections.
10. Some professional plans that I have brewing. Improving my self and being reflective too. Love it.


sleepless in the suburbs

I am officially sleep deprived. Every night my sleep is interrupted by my son. Combine that with the fact that I try to do a million things once he goes to sleep and then I have trouble unwinding to go to sleep before 11 ish and well it is not good for me. I came home on Friday so tired. The kind of tired that overtakes you and makes you feel like someone should be walking behind you to make sure you don't put your purse in the fridge or leave your keys dangling in the front door. Thank goodness I have only done one of those things. But really I am beat. I spend far too much time complaining to my mom and bestie about it. And truth of the matter not getting enough rest is no bueno. I may not be able to control the pitter patter of little feet making the way into my bed but I can make adjustments to get more rest. I am going to use this weekend to get some things done for the week. This week my goal is to get 7 hrs of sleep. I know that falls less than the recommended amount but it is a start. Yesterday, I got 4hrs. Yeah it felt more like a nap than anything. So maybe with more planning I will be able to get in the bed a bit earlier. I hope so. There really is no gaining back lost hrs of sleep. Wish me luck on my journey and feel free to let me know you share my pain.

PS: If you have a toddler and you are getting your sleep or more than your share, don't tell me that.
PPS: If you have always had a great sleeper, don't tell me that either.
PPSS: If you don't have to wake up in the 5 o'clock hour, you can keep that to yourself.

See where I am going here!


10 for Tuesday: My thoughts

5:35 am: I am late, thank goodness I packed up last night.

6:38 am: Aww, the little duck family is the perfect lesson for me: go slow

7:05 am: Why am I still listening to the kid music? The little is already out of the car.

8:25 am: I should have packed me a lunch last night.

10:55 am: If I gouge my eyes out will this lunch end any faster,ugh.

1:25 pm: Yay for unexpected kid free time- off to get a laundry list of things done.

2:45 pm: These sewing club girls rock!

3:40 pm: Wrap this mtg up, I am ready to head home.

5:00 pm: Love talking to my Momma.

6:00 pm: I am not in the dinner cooking mood.

what thoughts ran through your head today?


and they call it etsy love

a few things i am digging on etsy right now

this portrait from thepairabirds

this vintage journal form TheFancyLamb

this tile magnet from erinink

oh, etsy how i love you!!!


Orange Tie

I did get a little bit of sewing done on my break, my favorite was this little tie I made for my son. I got an easy tie pattern from a blog. And when I say easy, it was SO easy. Her instructions were super easy to follow and I was able to whip up two ties on the Saturday before Easter (that is how I roll). Well I may be a wee bit biased but if this isn't the cutest little tie on the cutest little boy, I may need to get my eyes checked. I think he was proud of my efforts as he even told everyone that his Mommy made his tie. Ok, I prompted him but he did say it ;)  Oh and he had this little outfit on for all of 20 minutes.


Tuesday's 10 :Yin & Yang

Yin aka Wins
1. Helpful hubby who didn't fret when he had to miss his evening run so I could get my hair done.
2. Mostly ready for tomorrow- one more lunch to make (mine)
3. Finally sitting down at 10:30 and preparing to watch a few minutes of shameful tv: Real Housewives of Orange County
4. 3 new magazines to check out: Oprah, Real Simple and Rachel Ray :)
5. Black pants- shamefully I haven't had a pair to wear since January. All of mine were in the dry cleaning pile. So over break I took care of dry cleaning...yay for black pants!

Yang aka DANG!
6. Still have papers to grade. Grades are due tomorrow afternoon. What say you? Will I get it done?
7. My Heat lost to the Celtics, boo. It was a good game though.
8. Allergies. They are attacking my family. No one is exempt.
9. I feel a bit out of sorts. It is odd to go back to work on a Tuesday. Plus I have so many things going on this week. Wish me luck that I get it all done.
10. Although I am a Maryland teacher, I am not one of the 3 amigos who won the Mega Millions. So close but yet so far. Guess I do have to finish grading :O

What are your yins and yangs? Do tell. I need the distraction!


feeling nostalgic

Long ago when I was a student at Howard University, I used to walk past this dilapidated building with a faded marquee that read Howard. It was home to the Howard Theatre. I used to wonder about all of the amazing shows that took place and how the ladies must have looked all dolled up for their dates with their misters. It would always make me sad to see a building bearing the name of my beloved school, the Mecca in such a sad state.
Also during that time I fancied myself a poet and I wrote a poem called Rebirth of Cool. Well the Howard  Theatre has been transformed and will be reopened this week. A gleaming statue of the amazing Duke Ellington sits in front of the revamped theatre and with all of the grand-opening hoopla I have learned a great deal about this place. It was just as magical as I imagined it to be. Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and others have graced the stage. So if there ever was a Rebirth of Cool this restoration certainly fits the bill. I can't wait until a date night takes me to a show there- I will get a chance to be that dolled up lady with my mister enjoying the magic that is the Howard Theatre.

image courtesy of HU Reaction


Artist: Elizabeth Catlett

image courtesy of the Harvard Ed Gazette

Howard University graduate and renown artist Elizabeth Catlett has passed away.


Tuesday's Ten

Whew, nothing bad about a Tuesday on vacation. Here are 10 things I was up to today.

1. Miami Heat basketball, watching the game with my loves.
2. Up early and took my little one with me to vote. He is so cute about the process and picking "our favorite".
3. Some overdo shopping. Macy's was having a huge sale and the crowds were abundant.
4. Found some lunch supplies, fish shaped forks and a turtle container are going to please my animal lover.
5.Had a perfect hair day...bouncin' and behavin'.
6. Phone calls with bestie, sister and Momma----these ladies are my everything.
7. Grown-up pjs. Love them more with each passing year. Lounging in them is the best.
8. Leftovers for dinner. So easy. Tasty too.
9. Did not waste time on the internet :) Too busy being out and about.
10. Easter cards in the mail. Lovely surprises from great friends.

What were you up to today?


Saturday Night Concert

If there was ever a chance that I was cool, I am certainly handing in my cool card. Yesterday, I went to an amazing concert, had great seats and knew every.single.word to every.single.song. I did plenty of dancing in my seat and helped the beach ball make the rounds through the crowd. At intermission I downed a ice cold h2o as I had certainly worked up a sweat. And now this is the part where I lose my coolness. It was a concert for The Fresh Beat Band....from Nick Jr. Yeah, I will wait while you take that in. The Fresh Beats  are without a doubt my music loving little ones favorite band. We had a ball. I mean it was so much fun. It was the best night out in a long time. Is it ok if I admit that?  My son was dancing in the aisle and singing his little heart out. Just an awesome night! The only downside was that concert t-shirts only went up to a size 5t....do these people not get how huge they are!?!