Admitting/Accepting Defeat

My participation in NaNoWriMo is a failure. I can't seem to meet the deadline. I am chugging along and I have certainly written more than in previous months but I simply can't dedicate the time to churning out enough words. This month has flown by with many birthdays, a wedding to attend and Thanksgiving maybe November was not the time to be writer me. Oh well. I am fine with writing at a snails pace and hopefully I will be up to the challenge at another point. I sat down to write today and quickly realized that 1) I would rather be sewing my quilt 2) I have my son's birthday plans to finalize 3) my son is ramming his car/firetruck/ insert anything on wheels into my leg (guess he wants me) and 4) I suck at deadlines. So, don't think less of me if I throw in the towel. Please and thank you.

I feel rather liberated. What have you given up to maintain some sanity?


  1. No worries! That's why I gave up on the National Boards two years ago... phew! What a relief!

  2. No need to beat uourself up....sometimes it is all about timing....finish your quilt and enjoy your son, there will be time to write......