Rave, rave, rave!

For my mother's birthday, I got her just what she wanted...FABRIC!!! She has just finished her first quilt, she is working on her second and she is planning more quilts so fabric is something that she will put to good use. And now for the rave part. Buying fabric on line can be a dicey process, you hope the fabric is good quality, looks like the picture and the seller is great. Well did I hit the jackpot (hee hee) with Julie and her business The Intrepid Thread. I first found out about her by reading her blog and entering a few contests. Let me tell you the process was easy peasy: coupon code, quick shipping and AWESOME fabric. Really I know where I will turn for my future fabric needs. No Julie does not know about this post and I am not benefitting in any way. I just know there are others like me who are hesitant to push purchase when buying fabric on line so I thought I would share.

Isn't that fabric gorgeous? Can't wait to see my Momma's finished quilt :)


  1. Gorgeous fabric!!! Great idea for a present for your Mum. I love buying fabric online. I"ve been lucky and have been very pleased with my purchases. I'm like a little child when the fabric arrives. As I usually order from overseas, it takes 2 -3 weeks to get here and it's like a surprise present when it does. Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Beautiful fabric! I love how many people you're getting to quilt ;)
    I'll be checking that website out shortly.

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