that moment

Do you ever have a moment when what has been blurry becomes crystal clear? Well my last post was about feeling overwhelmed and just dreading Monday. Monday morning came and things did not seem to be getting better. My dear son had a rough night's sleep and I woke up at 6:05, we normally leave home at 6:20. Yeah, things were not looking so good. Oversleeping, no lunch packed and a 2 yr old who moves like a snail. Not good, not good. And on top of it all today is the day that I only have one planning period instead of the two that most teachers get daily. SO as I was talking with my neighbor during our 4 min chats while the kiddos come into the room, he asked me if it was my "BAD" day. You see, I always refer to the day with one plan as my "bad" day and it was like someone was answering for me because I responded along the lines of, "Nah, it's not my bad day. I only have one planning period but I won't say that it's a bad day. Today is a fantastic day because that is the kind of day I am willing it to be." What the what?! I guess being the daughter of someone who says, "Make it a great day!" on the answering machine is really paying off. Today was a fantastic day and it was only that way because that was they type of day I welcomed into my life.

What was great about today?

* I made it to work on time. My son had a yummy breakfast and my lunch was pretty tasty too. My hubby was super helpful with getting us out the door.
*I planned a great lesson for the National Day on Writing that I hope will inspire and challenge my students.
*I was able to make dinner for the next couple of nights.
*I volunteered to read to the preschoolers at my church....my son will get to go and help me pick out a great book to share.
* I am carving out a little me time: blogging, getting inspiration and just vegging out.

What is great about your day? Week, Life?


  1. Wow...the power of positive thinking, things are never as bad as they seem, looks like it didn't take you long to figure it out. "Make it a great day" is a powerful phrase. Who knew, it was all up to you. Looks like you had a beautiful day!!!!!!

  2. :) Glad you made it a great day! I've been having a series of great days... positive thinking works wonders and I am an advocate for it. Keep it up!