Nails Funny

Last night I spent a glorious hour in Tarjay while my men bonded at home. It was divine and pretty empty too. Just great. I was very focused and only strayed from my list a little bit: the fantastic deal on the 2nd carseat and a poppin nail polish. Yeah I love a great clearance find.
Now the polish. It is so bright and cheery which is out of my manicure comfort zone. Shoot doing a manicure is out of my comfort zone. Left hand is a winner and the right hand should be hidden in a glove. So armed with my cool polish I have myself a mani. I did it right after putting my son down for a nap. I couldn't possibly do anything else with a fresh mani....master plan :)Now this polish is bright and pretty. So bright that I thought it was called Caution. Reading fail. The bottom of the bottle said caution blah blah and all I read was caution. I promptly picked it up since it had such a cool fitting name and it was on clearance. It wasn't until I got home and was putting it away that I saw it is actually called Hot Pursuit. I like Caution better!!

I haven't fixed the imperfections yet :0


10 for Tuesday:Fashion

Fashion trends or styles that I want to try.

1.Colored jeans.
2. Peplum tops.
3.Color blocking.
4.Big funky hair.
5. Huge sunglasses.
6. Skinny jeans.
7. Retro dresses.
8. Leather.
9. Stripes.
10. Self-confidence :)

What fashion trends are you looking to embrace?


Ten for Tuesday~ MIA

This post is MIA and so am I. Hectic week with picking up the little one. Don't bother chasing down the tumbleweed I will be back to stay in a little bit :)


Beware, Beware, BEWARE

This post contains a great deal of self-praise and patting myself on the back. You were warned. Still reading? Ok, toot. TOOT,TOOT, TOOT! I am killing the massive to do list. And with not much time left to spare. I head to Miami this week to pick up my sweet little distraction :)  So I am sharing this to show you how much I have crossed off the list. Yes, it is not finished but I am still proud that I have done so much. It is my summer relax time too, you know.

Project Purge and Restore

Living Room Closet
get rid of paint DONE
clean out scrapbook supplies- donate/trash unwanted
create a gift wrapping supply spot
remove tools- buy tool box for all tools
organize boxes that we want to keep

Laundry Room Area
clean behind machines DONE 7/14
discard unwanted items DONE 7/14
clean on top of machines DONE 7/14
hang 3 shelves over dryer DONE 7/14 (ONLY 2 SHELVES NEEDED)
remove iron board rack- hang rack in bedroom NO NEED- IT FITS
organize cleaning supplies DONE 7/14

get containers for dry goods DONE 6/8!
label containers DONE 6/12

organize plates/platters etc DONE 7/14
donate any unwanted supplies DONE 7/14

Kitchen cabinets
organize plates- discard any unwanted plastic plates DONE 6/16
organize glasses- discard any unwanted plastic glassesDONE 6/16
pot cabinet- organize pots, buy pot top holder DONE! 6/13
tupperware cabinet- discard unwanted plastic, cutting boards   want Pyrex glass storage set DONE 6/16
junk drawers- discard unwanted items, return items to correct spot DONE 7/14
under sink cabinet- discard unwanted cleaning agents, duplicate vases, duplicate sponges DONE 6/13!

Water heater closet
organize brooms, mops etc.   want mop holder to hang in space DONE 7/13 STILL NEED MOP HOLDER

N’s bathroom
change shower curtain & rugs DONE (bonus for reusing old stuff)
clean under sink- discard duplicates/ low quantities DONE 7/8
fix broken towel rack in shower
discard play kitchen
organize under sink area DONE 7/8

N’s room
put wagon and four wheeler on patio w/tarp DONE!
put rocking chair in storage area DONE!
bring small table/chair set back to his room create work zone w/all of his supplies
clean under bed
clean out closet
remove small/out of season clothes- discard/ donate as needed DONE 7/7
organize shelves-books on lower shelves, pull books related to theme & keep out DONE 7/7

Our room
Discard old tv DONE!
create a sewing area   want shelves above, a comfy chair,small wastebasket below
purge items from drawers and closet
organize a card box
organize an important papers area
clean night stands

Our bathroom
clean out medicine cabinets DONE 7/7
clean under sink DONE 7/7
purchase new shower curtain & rugs DONE 6/4!


Ten for Tuesday: What's Ahead

My brain is seriously mush. Ten things I am looking forward to in the next couple of weeks.

1. Seeing my little boy.
2. Putting my toes in the sand.
3. Getting rid of ants. Those little buggers have invaded~ hope one of the remedies we tried works.
4. Dropping off a load of stuff at Goodwill. See Project Purge and Restore for proof.
5. Dinner dates with my friends. Two this week :)
6. Sewing.
7. Finishing up this gigantic book I am reading.
8. Going to visit my grandparents (who are in their 80's and so awesome) and hanging out with my parents.
9. Buying school supplies for me and N. For most teachers, school supplies are like dessert you can rarely resist.
10. Continuing to work on my health. Making sure both the physical and the mental houses are in order. Big task but SO important!

What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks?


small things

I love the small things. This little lemon-sugar scrub was a gift from a friend. It feels great on all the rough spots and aren't mason jars the cutest?!!

What little thing has made you smile today?


Project Purge and Restore

My major project this summer is Project Purge and Restore. I made an extensive list of things I want to do to make our house a better functioning place. I am not a naturally clean and tidy person so this is a particular challenge to me. But I am trying to turn over a new leaf and that requires reprogramming my mindset and learning things I must have missed (sorry Momma). So to that end, this summer I have cleaned and organized the pantry, cleaned and purged N's room, cleaned under the sink, cleaned the kitchen (polished stainless steel, under the sink etc), cleaned the fridge (thanks derecho) and on and on. Yeah, I have been busy :) But the little one will be back soon and I have mucho still to do.
Things I am learning in this process is that it is not easy and the changes won't automatically stick.  Also the whole family has to get on board. I plan on making picture labels for my son's room so that he can remember where his stuff belongs. My dh did buy cereal that we already had because he hasn't gotten used to the cereal being in the plastic container :0  So there is certainly a learning curve. I am also feeling more empowered and in control. I know what I have in the house, I even reused a shower curtain that I still had from my days of changing the bathroom with the seasons. It was virtually new! Great find. I have also discovered a whole wealth of resources that are just a few key strokes away. I watched a video on folding fitted sheets for Pete's sake. But seeing these drool worthy spaces are just the motivation I need.
What improvements are you making in your life?

Here's a peek, my jewelry went from this cluttered mess to the nicely organized after. A winner!


Ten for Tuesday: No Power

We were out of power from Friday at 10:30pm until just a few minutes ago, Tuesday at 6:00pm. Yes, I will give you a moment to take that in.....it was THAT bad. It was awful. It was hot. I have to blog about it because it has consumed me, so here goes the ten.

1. A now know what a derecho is. I will leave you to google for a more comprehensive definition. But the gist is fast moving very strong and dangerous storm. I may start inserting derecho in my every day vernacular. Just wait.
2. You can spend a lot of money when your power dies. 3 meals or so out each day is not easy on the pocket. I haven't even thought about the groceries that we will need to replace.
3. Cold showers are SO refreshing when it is hot. Day 3 not so refreshing more like ice cold but they can be refreshing.
4. Paper fans are effective and can certainly be considered upper body exercise.
5. A few weeks ago I wanted an organized fridge. You should see how sparkling that baby is right now. Not an ounce of food misplaced, not an ounce of food at all.
6. My iphone is AMAZING. I mean I loved it before but now it is just the bees knees.
7. When my back is against the wall, I will do some things I generally don't like. I don't really like going to the movies but when your house is blazin' hot you do what you have to do. FYI Ted is a silly, brainless movie that helps you escape your life. If you need that reprieve go see Ted.
8. Just because your power comes on for 2 minutes, you do not need to wake up your husband. Run around screaming and closing windows because yeah, they can take it away just as quickly. True story!
9. I really love tv, gadgets and air conditioning WAY more than I considered before- lights I did not miss too much though.
10. I knew I wanted to date my hubby while our son is away, this has really turned that up a notch. Every moment together with no distractions. We survived and I only had one major meltdown. We are still speaking so we made it :0

What have you been up to?