First Quilted Pillow

I guess it would be more accurate to call it the first pillow ever. Not that pillows are the most complex sewing project, but they are new to me ;) I made a pillow for a birthday gift for my friend. I think I am in love with strip quilts. I feel quite satisfied when I get something down and a project like this allows me the instant gratification that I crave. I started this pillow yesterday after scouring some blogs for gift ideas. I don't have one specific one that did a quilted front and back but after talking through the process with my pal Beeps, I decided to quilt the back for stability. The verdict: I think everyone on my Christmas list is getting a pillow. I kid. I kid. Well I could change my mind on December 1st if I haven't formulated a gift making plan by that point.


Out on a Limb

This weekend

I wore these shoes:

I read this book:

Talk about stepping it up a notch! Who knows what the week will bring!?!


two things

two things
not grand in size
made me smile
super broadly
this week.
work was not all bad :)

a super yummy surprise frap from a great friend

the sewing club getting started and the kids are cool too!


Quilt #1

Last week I got the grand idea to make a quilt for my niece's 11th birthday. I had all the material I needed for the top, a pattern and a few free hours :) So with all of those things in place it was a go. I was able to finish the top of the quilt in a few hours. The design of the quilt is a strip design so it was certainly a beginner project. This week was hectic at work so my plans to get it nearly finished before the weekend did not pan out. Instead it was Friday night and I stayed up until 2:30 basting and quilting the quilt. But alas it was WAY too late to start the process that has been my thorn....the binding. My Saturday did not go as planned and so I was only able to make the binding and pin it. Sunday would bring the day to machine sew the binding. After watching a few videos and reading various binding tips, I was able to get it done. The whole time I was sewing I had, "Beat It" (like Beat the Binding) and " I fought the binding and I won" stuck in my head. Those songs became my soundtrack and I was able to finish with a few seconds to spare. I wasn't able to wash it but my sister will be able to handle that task. Overall I worked very hard BUT I was pleased with the finish.
My niece was overjoyed when she opened my gift. My hard work was super appreciated and I think she will really use it. Shocking right?!
What I learned from this process is: I can QUILT! I mean I can do it. I know I will get better bit for a first start to finish quilt I think I did a great job. Next up bind the two quilts that are just waiting for binding so I can get them in the mail. And start my Christmas projects. SO excited!

the back of the quilt with the strip of leftover fabric

the front 


Going Postal

Remember that phrase? Getting a  job at the post office used to be a good job with great benefits, now not so much. The post office has announced major cutbacks to jobs, retail services and mail delivery and for some reason this has me bummed. It could be because as a former Special Ed. teacher I realize those are the types of jobs that are accessible for people who aren't going the college route. It could also be because I am the type of person who LOVES getting mail. You know the good kind from girlfriends in pretty envelopes closed with a sticker. Or packages with the familiar font or my mother or Bestie that are sure to contain awesomeness. Well bidding adieu to postal services that have been consistent in my life make me a bit sad and no email and texting don't take away from the sting. What's next the pay phone!?!

ETA: I was being silly with the pay phone, I know it is gone :(  and that one I don't miss.


Wonderful Weekend

spent the weekend
laughing with
my hubby
visiting friends
couple time
yummy brunch
sleeping late
sewing the quilt
for my birthday girl
baking cookies
for my son
avoiding work stuff
football back
loving this happy life
of mine

Did you enjoy your weekend as much as I did mine? What were you up to?


and they called it Pyrex Love

Go ahead and ohhh and ahhhh. I did :) Aren't these golden Pyrex bowls adorable? Thanks to Beeps for finding the one with the little handles at a thrift shop near her house. I mean as much as I love Pyrex, me and thrift stores are not a good match. I never find anything. Beeps has agreed to school me on the ways of thrifting and I have will have to take her up on it. Although having a personal shopper is not a bad arrangement ;)


Labor Intensive Labor Day

Our plan to head into DC and look around was changed because of the yucky weather. I decided to forgo plan B which was to sit around and do nada. Doing nada with my two fellas home is really not an option. So I did a marathon grocery trip and came home with enough supplies to make and freeze a variety of meals. It did feel rather strange to buy the huge family size of chicken breasts! But getting home and home having dinner already ready will be a HUGE lifesaver as we are getting back in the school year routine.
So the yummy food that I have cooking is:
Sausage and Peppers
Chicken and yellow rice

Oh, and bonus points for already getting out our outfits for the week. This Momma was on a roll :) What have you done to prepare for your week/ make your life easier this week?

ETA: I also made a whole chicken, banana muffins, salad fixins' and chilli. I rock :)