10 for Tuesday: Lessons

In this hectic season, here are 10 life lessons that I hope will make this crazy season a bit better. I am trying to keep them close to heart.

1. People matter. Every single moment I can spend with the people who I love, I plan to do it and enjoy them.
2. Perfection doesn't exist. Stop pushing so hard for things to be perfect.
3. Compliments are free- share kind words freely. People need to hear kind words.
4. There really is something to be said for smiling until your cheeks hurt.
5. It is okay to take a moment for me. Maybe it will be during a long shower or driving the scenic way home but I need a few moments to myself. It is a good thing.
6.Homemade is cool but convenience sometimes trumps making it myself.
7. Do something that doesn't feel like me. I just may discover something I love.
8. New traditions have a place beside old ones. I am ever evolving so things I treasure may evolve with me.
9. Everyone doesn't have to have a present. Accept the gifts that people give and enjoy them and the intent.
10. Love freely and abundantly.

What life lessons do you hold on to at this busy, busy season?


  1. Lovely! Merry Christmas to you - enjoy! Stephie x

  2. During this season it is important to reflect on who and what is important....I want to spend as much time with people who are important to me and for those far away I want to make sure they know as well....i want to be generous without expecting anything in return....people matter is the most important thing to remember.....