Sunday Happiness

had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with some great ladies and my little guy. there were fall festivities involved: operation embrace fall is in full effect. watched a little bit of football and there promises to be a real good one for the night game. got a chance to do some sewing this weekend and started plotting my next project. there was Pinterest involved :) had so much fun relaxing with my men this weekend. i also used my pretty Pyrex butter dish...love it. i am very content this sunday.

What made you happy this weekend?


10 for Tuesday

You've missed 'em, haven't you? So since it has been a long, long time since my last 10 for Tues. post I will keep things random.

1. I am loving my new nail polish. It's called Blank Slate and well blank slates are pretty darn appealing and this polish is no exception. The color is fantastic and it goes on really smooth and it looks great without all of the top coat, bottom coat, coat of arms blah blah.

2. Life is so precious. MUST.TREASURE.EVERY.SECOND.
4. D bought dinner home. It was delish jerk chicken and I did not have to cook. Winner, winner chicken dinner.
5. The ATL Housewives will be back soon. Smutty reality television at its best. Makes me happy.
6.Pinning on Pinterest is so ridiculously addictive. My fav board today involved Bill Cosby and the Cosby show. Talk about happy memories.
7. Tights season is finally here. Bring on the herringbone! Never done that pattern before, but I think they will make me happy.
8. My super awesome parents! Can't wait to see them in a few weeks.
9. My little boy feeding me the most tart apples imaginable. Talk about Momma sacrifices :)
10. Hump Day is tomorrow....I think I can, I think I can.

BONUS: I was featured at One Eleven! (Nope, it hasn't gotten old yet :} )


I was featured!!

I am floored. Tori from One Eleven is a serious sewer- she makes cosmetic bags that will make you swoon. I don't know how I stumbled on her blog, but I am so glad that I did. Her header alone is gorgeous. So please head over there and check out her blog. And not just because she is featured yours truly today but because she is phenomenal!


Anniversary Weekend in Richmond

We celebrated our anniversary in Richmond, VA. The ride down was quick, less than 2 hrs and quite picturesque thanks to the glorious fall foliage. We enjoyed giving each other our full attention, sleeping late and eating well....not necessarily in that order. Our getaway was quick but it was a great way for us to recharge our connection and be footloose and fancy free. Did I mention how well we ate? Yummy memories :)


4 years ago

we traveled to Vegas and said our vows
smiling and laughing the whole time
quietly amazed that we were
finally starting on our united journey

I love you Mr!


Nat'l Day on Writing

Was mostly a success. Some smartie pants tried to steal my joy....that is the hazard of teaching high school boys I tell ya. But it was fantastic. My students wrote some phenomenal things...there were tears shed, depression was told to take a hike, they vented about school, parents and their super full schedules. The ones who stepped up to the challenge were so amazing.  I even got to share my lesson with my colleague and her class...they were the babies but they responded really well. I enjoyed them.
My favorite line that I used during today was:

"Words allude me" and it was in response to grown-ups and not the kiddos go figure!

Anyway the question of the day was, Why do you write?

I write to free my soul.

Tell me, tell me. Why do you write?


that moment

Do you ever have a moment when what has been blurry becomes crystal clear? Well my last post was about feeling overwhelmed and just dreading Monday. Monday morning came and things did not seem to be getting better. My dear son had a rough night's sleep and I woke up at 6:05, we normally leave home at 6:20. Yeah, things were not looking so good. Oversleeping, no lunch packed and a 2 yr old who moves like a snail. Not good, not good. And on top of it all today is the day that I only have one planning period instead of the two that most teachers get daily. SO as I was talking with my neighbor during our 4 min chats while the kiddos come into the room, he asked me if it was my "BAD" day. You see, I always refer to the day with one plan as my "bad" day and it was like someone was answering for me because I responded along the lines of, "Nah, it's not my bad day. I only have one planning period but I won't say that it's a bad day. Today is a fantastic day because that is the kind of day I am willing it to be." What the what?! I guess being the daughter of someone who says, "Make it a great day!" on the answering machine is really paying off. Today was a fantastic day and it was only that way because that was they type of day I welcomed into my life.

What was great about today?

* I made it to work on time. My son had a yummy breakfast and my lunch was pretty tasty too. My hubby was super helpful with getting us out the door.
*I planned a great lesson for the National Day on Writing that I hope will inspire and challenge my students.
*I was able to make dinner for the next couple of nights.
*I volunteered to read to the preschoolers at my church....my son will get to go and help me pick out a great book to share.
* I am carving out a little me time: blogging, getting inspiration and just vegging out.

What is great about your day? Week, Life?



feeling super duper
life is not easy
the to do lists
never seem to get done
and then it is
and it starts all
over again
my head is
and full of stuff
I need to exhale
and feel the relief
that is alluding


Embrace Fall

In an effort to embrace a season which is really not that great to me I am starting operation Embrace Fall. I am such a summer, flip flops, watermelon, beach loving gal that when the temp starts to drop so does my mood. Well with a little one it is not really appropriate to give a whole season or two the gas face so I made a list of all the things I can do to celebrate this time of year. And surprise, surprise I have already done some this weekend- gotta love a warm day and a nudge from my son to visit a farm.

1. Pick pumpkins
2.Go on a hayride
3. Make Halloween decorations/crafts
4. Go apple picking
5. Make a new soup (suggestions welcome)
6. Go an a nature walk
7. Go to a farm
8. Take N out with his fabulous costume
9. Go on a leaf hunt
10. Start my holiday crafting fest


WIP- Quilt

This quilt has sat around since this summer unloved. It needs binding, that I am now an expert at :) It also needs a label, which I must include. It needs to be shipped off to the tiny girl in curls who amazes me!! Hope I can tackle it this weekend.


i quit and i am ok with it

I was trying to read a book that came highly recommended. I was trying to get past the yucky, yucky doom I felt in the pit of my stomach as I read each page. I mean, I knew the storyline. I heard the author speak and I had googled the case. I just couldn't do it. The story hit too close to home. Saw too many familiar faces in those pages. Too scary to think that a mom could have a son and loose him to the streets before he is even a teen. So, I quit. I am sure that others may not receive the book in the same way that I did and I am ok with that. I quit so I would not have to have those words etched on my soul.

Have you read this book? Thoughts?