10 for Tuesday: Normal & Random

We survived Sandy! No real issues in my household and for that I am more than thankful. Being in the house for days and following the path of the storm has brought up some normal and some random stuff. Here's the rundown:

1. Normal: thinking of ten things on Tuesday :) too easy!
2. Random: watching the mailman out of the window delivering packages covered head to toe in rain gear...chuckling b/c they really mean they deliver in all sorts of weather and po'd cause really no mail is worth all of that.
3. Normal: making meals for the fellas. Tried this delicious recipe for Carne Guisada (Latin beef stew) and it was so tasty! Had all of the ingredients at home and it was the perfect meal on a rainy, cold day.
4. Random: emails from pretty much long lost friends checking on me on the storm.
5. Normal: finding activities to keep my little one entertained. We played Children's Sequence and it was so fun. It has animals so it was a hit with my little one.
6. Random: Finding my marriage certificate when I was cleaning up our room. Yeah, I thought that was in with our important papers- yikes :o
7. Normal: Cheetos, chocolate, Thin Mints, chocolate chip cookies as part of our storm preparations. We did major damage in the past two days.
8. Random: Mid day bubble baths. Anything to make it through.
9. Normal: Checking the school closing updates like it is my job.
10. Random: Deciding to give up on many of my reality tv shows. Starting Nanowrimo so I will need the time.

What random & normal things have you been up to lately?


Emergency Ready

Perhaps it is the Miami in me but I always yield to Mother Nature. Heck, I still have this summer's derecho that led to 5 days of no power in the scorching heat fresh in my mind. So we are getting ready for what could be a massive storm. They are already calling this Frankenstorm and other variations. We have pulled out our kit and have it easily accessible and we are hoping that we won't have to use it. Just an FYI our kit contains: batteries,flashlights,blankets,wipes, waterproof matches, ponchos, paper products, lanterns, water, a corded phone,a can opener, cash and coins, a first aid kit and we have a stocked pantry to go along with the kit. I think we are set. Tomorrow we need to put a few things down so they don't fly around in the strong winds. I also need to gather a few things for my son. We should be ok. I am already getting mentally ready for possible changes to my work schedule next week.
Are any of you getting ready for this weather emergency? How are you hoping to stay sane ? ;)


Ten for Tuesday: The I Don't Knows

1. I am not sure how I feel about my little one wanting to play video games. I thought I had more time before he even noticed them...guess spending so much time with his older cousin and his father have made him a wii bit too knowledgeable.
2. My cousin wants me to participate in the National Novel Writing Month. We tried last year and neither one of us finished. I don't know what is going to be different but I am willing to throw my hat in the ring.
3. Not sure why they have to call it oxblood, sounds a little harsh but I am totally smitten with this color for fall. Go buy yourself something in oxblood, it is all the rage.
4. Don't know when I will finish my gazillion letters of recommendation for all of my seniors who are hoping to go to college but I am totally plowing through the stack :0
5. Not sure what I will get when I observe my son's class this week but I am looking forward to being a lookey loo into his classes.
6. Gee whiz, I start this program ( a certificate for teachers to transition to administration) and I am wondering what it will be like to be a wife, mom, teacher, student and all of my other titles.
7. Don't know what will happen at the end of this election cycle but I do know that these commercials are making me batty. And the debates are causing insomnia. No bueno.
8. Having a love hate relationship with Apple right now. Another ipad, the mini, iphone 5....me thinks, the apple juice may be a bit too much. May have to rethink some things. Just don't know.
9. Don't know when I won't feel super tired...see #7 and #4.
10. Not sure about the holiday plans and those need to be finalized asap.

What are some of your i don't knows ?


5 years ago today

I got married. It is easy to get all romantic and sugarcoat our lives but the reality is, marriage is work and compromise and understanding. It is facing obstacles and merging tastes, demands and ideals. I love my husband more than the day that we said I do. He is a great father and willing partner. I could not ask for anything more. I have been abundantly blessed.


10 for Tuesday: Chest Puffing Out

Ten things I am proud of these days:
1. Ordering pizza when I was too pooped to cook :) Feeling no guilt.
2. Clean fridge. Salads for the week prepped. Veggies cut, washed and ready to snack on.
3. Getting some kid free time this weekend and hanging out with my girlfriend. We hung out downtown, went to see Wicked and had our own dance club in the car. Fun times.
4. Getting one large project at work finished. Hope it brings some happiness to others.
5. Clean car. Yes, my hubby did the cleaning but I have managed to keep it clutter free for 3 days. Go ME!!
6. Having a mountain of patience when my wonderful three year old refused to cooperate with the simplest of requests. I even read many stories and kept a smile on my face.
7. Keeping a healthy dose of balance. I struggle with that but I have been good with it.
8. I am embracing fall. Not my favorite season but we did do the pumpkin patch/orchard day and I smiled like a happy camper.
9. I am super proud that I have done some small crafting. Making a little time to craft means a lot to me.
10. Proud of the friendships that I honor.

So what are you puffing out your chest about? Do share!


It includes fabric

My cousin is in charge of decorating her friend's nursery. Got that? So she has a great eye for decor but zero crafty skills. She does not know her way around Joann's to save her life. So we did the fabric run last week and the putting the craft together this weekend. Did not want to overwhelm her. We made super easy fabric covered canvases with the little one's name on it. My cousin painted all of the letters and we adhered the fabric to the canvas. Super easy. I felt all crafty and got to handle fabric even if I wasn't sewing. Of course I now have the fabric canvas bug and I am considering all of the canvases I can cover. Someone might have to rip the staple gun away from me :)


10 for Tuesday: the crazies

Ever have moments where you think that you are a little loco. I had a great chuckle at my own expense about my ecentricies and thought why not share it with you guys. I can't imagine that I am alone. Feel free to let me in on all of your sillies. I don't have room to judge :p

1. My Pyrex. Love to look at it, put it out on display. But those awesome, vintage goodies are not going in the oven. I have a crazy paranoia that when I try and bake with them, they are going to go splat. I know. I know. I see all of the Pyrex bloggers using their stuff from oven to table and it makes me jittery.
2. My food. I eat the cold stuff and then I eat the hot stuff. Oh yeah, I eat all of one thing before heading to the next one.
3. My post shower routine. Toes cannot touch the tile and I have to bundle up in the fluffy robe.
4. My ipod. Always listen to the shuffle songs setting. even if I want to hear an artist, I wait until the artist comes up in the routine.
5. Television viewing. I cannot miss political shows. Watch them every day.
6. Am routine. My day doesn't feel like it has officially started until I have a glass of orange juice.
7. My pens. Don't ask, you can't borrow 'em. I loathe sharing my pens.
8. Blog reading. I read by subject matter. I do all of my sewing blogs, then the Mommy one, then the fashion ones etc. I never mix subjects. I am really an all or nothing kind of gal.
9. Clothes. Can't fold them and put them away in the same time span. I know I am not alone on this one :)
10.Books, can't read unless I have complete silence and I am in total relax mode.

So what are your ecentricies....come on share them :)


October is in full swing

Maybe I should change that to it's in fall swing, tee hee. Anyway the summer is officially behind us. I think I rocked my last acceptable use of sandals yesterday. As much as that saddens me, fall brings some pretty wonderful things too. What would my work wardrobe be without the cardigan. We already have some fun family things planned and I don't think it will be too much of an imposition if I have a caramel apple ;)
I have a few things that I would like to work on:
• write down my Christmas list/ Nov and Dec birthdays list
• work out with my hubby twice a week
• continue to work on my gratitude project
• finish the quilt I am making for my great friend

What are you working on this month?