Adorable Fridgies

My pyrex collection is growing! Well I found this adorable fridge set while I was vacationing in Vegas. It is in great condition and the wonderful lady who sold it to me was such a jewel. I am not really a pink person but this set is GORGEOUS and how could I refuse? I love it and I think I just need to cook so I can have some leftovers to put in these beauties ;)


  1. Looks like they are in mint condition....you always know where the deals are! Now get to cooking...

  2. I think they're adorable. And if you're not super into pink (and okay with taking away from their vintage value), I bet you could paint them to suit your color palette better.

  3. are those glass? i need to get me some of those. glass is supposed to be a lot better than plastic i hear.
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com