Labor Intensive Labor Day

Our plan to head into DC and look around was changed because of the yucky weather. I decided to forgo plan B which was to sit around and do nada. Doing nada with my two fellas home is really not an option. So I did a marathon grocery trip and came home with enough supplies to make and freeze a variety of meals. It did feel rather strange to buy the huge family size of chicken breasts! But getting home and home having dinner already ready will be a HUGE lifesaver as we are getting back in the school year routine.
So the yummy food that I have cooking is:
Sausage and Peppers
Chicken and yellow rice

Oh, and bonus points for already getting out our outfits for the week. This Momma was on a roll :) What have you done to prepare for your week/ make your life easier this week?

ETA: I also made a whole chicken, banana muffins, salad fixins' and chilli. I rock :)

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  1. Well, I'm whipping our house into shape. Lately I've felt OVERRUN by paper. Paper, paper, everywhere! So I'm working on taming the beast.