Baby Kamryn is here!

Yay, Cousin Kim's little angel Kamryn is here! This is the baby girl who they prayed for...we have all prayed for her safe arrival. This little one decided she could not wait until her due date and so she joined us about 2 months early. I am so excited to get to see her tomorrow. She is still in the hospital but she is such a fighter that we know she will be home soon. I made her a little baby blanket today (it felt good to be at the machine!)...the pink and cupcakes scream girl but the other side is a subdued green gingham. I hope Kamryn has a lot of fun times on her little blanket!
To make the blanket I followed this tutorial at julie-k. 5 easy steps....I can do that :)

ETA: I went to see her and she is beautiful. A head full of hair and the cutest little lips. She is doing so well, breathing on her own. They are trying to get her to gain weight, she is still shy of 2 lbs. They are amazed that she is doing so well, she is eating a good amount and they predict that she will be able to go home in 4 weeks. AWESOME indeed!!


  1. Wow the blanket looks great, I will def check out that tutorial as we are expecting a couple of babies in the family. I am glad baby Kamryn is doing well.

  2. @Kristin- thanks! It was super easy, I highly recommend it.