10 for Tuesday, 90 degrees feels like Summer!!

90 degree days singnal that summer is right around the corner. So in prep for summer I thought of some things that I would like to do to occupy my life. I should also say this list is for my N free days, can we say footloose and fancy free!

1. Toes out....I plan on experimenting with color and designs. Out of the comfort zone, baby.
2. Sewing...too many projects. I hope to be a wiz by this summer :)
3. Cuddle time with my hubby. No interruptions!
4. Watching the next installment of The Real Housewives and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
5. Write, write, write. There are a few stories that I have swirling around in my head that need to get out.
6. Exercise. In a wedding soon.gotta lose some lbs.
7. Surf the net. (Do people still use that phrase) I love wasting time being a lookey loo. Will def. make time for that.
8. Volunteer. I need to find a give back activity that really speaks to me. I am here there and everywhere with giving my time/energy would like to be a bit more focused.
9. Clutter busting. The neverending mass of stuff should be a little less massive.
10. Thrift store runs and garage sales. Yeah, goes against 9 but I plan on being very focused. Vintage sheets and Pyrex are the only things that I am hauling home with me!


What a difference 3 minutes makes!

The Miami Heat are Championship bound!! Chicago is is a wrap! Next up, Dallas Mavs. I will say that these 8:30 games are killing me. I get to bed way too late! Oh and the fact that the Heat was behind by 10/12 points for most of the game and made the last 2 mins a true nail biter really doesn't help me wind down much. It will be at least an hour before I will be in snooze land.
FYI, I am rocking my Heat jersey as I type :0 It brings them luck!


Ten for Tuesday- Lessons from Oprah

Say it ain't so, the final episode of O airs tomorrow. I have learned so much from Ms. Winfrey in all of these years.

1. Make sure I live my best life! No matter what it means for me at the time, I have to make sure I am conscious of the ways that I can live my life to the best.
2. I should always treasure my girlfriends. From Gayle to Maria Shriver, O has some phenomenal friends that she has embraced as her family.
3. Eat well. Not just healthy stuff but if you gotta eat make it good food.
4. Books are the best! Really, find some book that you want to read and devour the pages. It is better if you can bring some friends along on the book reading journey.
5. Love yourself. Flaws and all. Your beauty is inside you.
6. Don't be afraid to speak up. The words that you have inside are worth sharing.
7. Take in the beauty of the world. Every month in her magazine there is a photo referred to as Breathing Space. The beauty of nature can bring so much peace. I love it!
8. Favorite things. You gotta have 'em.
9. A big smile can light up the globe. Really. O is so freaking amazing because she smiles from her soul and you feel the happiness radiating. Amazing.
10. Mistakes, I wish I could tell you that she has done it all without any glitches. She has had a few from hairstyles, dresses, diets and movie flops. BUT and this is the part that counts, she hasn't let her mistakes define her.

I love you Oprah!! Thank you for making my day for so many days. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for being you. If you want to reach out to me seeing as I missed a few of your memorable tapings (Favorite Things, Series finale etc) you can contact me through this blog :)


no words

what does a blogger do when she has no words?
really, I feel at a loss.
I hate to act like I haven't thought about blogging because I have.
I am just feeling blah.
could it be the incessant rain?
the fact that summer is still more than a month away?
the massive to-do list?
who knows but I feel like my little mind can't get it together.
I will be glad when I return to my regularly scheduled blogging :)


I Freely Admit

I am a giveaway entering fiend. I mean really a fiend. I love the possibility of winning. I love it, I do. I mean I am constantly discovering really cool blogs and peeking into the lives of some neat-o folks and then they want to give me something just for hanging out and saying I follow. Count me in! I am pretty lucky too. (I don't believe in jinxing myself so I am going to brag a bit). So last week I won this really cool bamboo pizza serving platter and a pizza coupon and this week I won a wonderful knitting book. To be more specific it is a book with knitting projects for babies. N is 2 1/2 and I doubt he will let me put him in a knitted cocoon. Oh and there is that little issue that I can't knit. I mean I am open to learning, it has to go better than my crocheting attempts. At any rate, I am a winner. And yes I can't seem to get the Charlie Sheen chatter out of my head now...WINNING!


ten for tuesday, I want...

1. a Gucci Hobo
2. to win the lottery
3. a good night's sleep
4. tickets to this show
5. a fanny pack for my gear when I walk
6. a Messy Sundae
7. a trip to Jamaica
8. to go to a Cube concert

9. to visit this awesome shop in the ATL
10. a cool necklace like this one
please feel free to hook me up :)


Happy Mother's Day!

Aww, my hubby and dear little boy greeted me with breakfast in bed. Who knew D even knew where the tray was but I am glad he did since they made me feel very special. Oh, and there was no kitchen to clean up since it is my favorite dish from the restaurant by our house. D took N out in his jammies ;)


Ten for Tuesday the Fitness One

Ten things that really should be exercise and unfortunately aren't :(

1. Wrangling a 31 lbs. toddler in and out of the carseat, up the steps and away from anything more enticing than Momma's numerous requests.
2. Bringing bottled water from my car to my classroom. And since it is not exercise it is reason number 256 not to bother with bottled water.
3. Laundry. Between the sorting, folding and putting away it has to count for something
4. Marathon phone conversations with Z. If that were exercise, I would be invisible.
5. Getting the attention of my students. Yeah, right!
6. Trying to maintain a family. The mental effort is seriously more than a dozen laps.
7. Grocery shopping. The coupons, the list, the remembering the canvas bags...yeah totally worth something.
8. Channel surfing. With a million channels the effort it takes to find something interesting to watch is ridiculous and therefore exercise!
9. Cleaning. Enough said.
10. Sex. Just seeing if you guys were still with me :)


A Song in My Heart :)

For the love homework from Man, Wife and Dog we had to pick a song to share with our mate and document the experience. Easy peasy, right? Well I struggled with this one. There are just SO many songs that make me think of D. And since it could not really be "our song" that made it a bit harder. I couldn't decide if I wanted something that addressed our playful side, our super duper we have so many years/experiences side or the romantic side. Well lucky for me I remembered a song that is so sweet and always makes me think of him, "Watching You" by Ayo. It is such a pretty song about him being a gift to her and she always wants to have him by her side, just perfect for the sentiment that I wanted to share with D.
So since it took me a long time to decide I had to get busy to share it before we get a new assignment on Tuesday. After I put N down on Sunday night we got cozy on the couch and I played the song for him. His response? You don't do that, it's a cool song, nice. Did he gush? Nope. He seemed to like it but it wasn't super moving to him, at least it did not appear to be. And then as we were replaying the song so he could hear the words again the Osama bin Laden story broke the spell was broken. So I would not rate the experience a 10 or anything but I always enjoy sharing with him how much I love him. I think he appreciates that I do that more than one specific gesture. He enjoys that I am always loving him up. That my friends is a 10! Hope you like the song.


Truly Fascinating!

Well there was a huge hullabaloo about this royal wedding going on and while I was interested in her dress (meh) and the look of the event I would be more interested in the weddings of Reese Witherspoon or insert celebrity name here. But her sister looked fantastic and the accessories were certainly noteworthy.

Of course anytime I see a wedding, I think back to that day nearly 4 ys ago (yikes) when I said my i do's. And look who was rocking a feather fascinator...how British of me ;)