Happy Leap Day! Happy Hump Day!

It is raining cats and dogs.
I am a trampoline for a tiny little boy.
Dinner was breakfast.
Life is good and I am glad I am here for the journey ;)

Did you do something special to celebrate today?


10 for Tuesday:Random

1. I will admit this first.....I am a blog slacker.
2. Is it time for a career change? What skills do I have that are transferrable....English Major/ Sec. Ed Minor, Special Ed Masters & go....help me figure this out.
3. Why a career change you wonder, grading essays. Seriously it is a never ending thing. I am sick of commenting on essays.
4. I won another fabric giveaway. YAY...lucky me. Out of over 1,100 entries, I was picked. It was destined for me :)
5. My days have felt very long lately, I can't wait to get outside to walk with my buddy this week.
6. I have been busy sewing, will have to post pictures soon.
7. I miss Oprah. Not the Life Class Oprah but the Oprah of 4pm on weekdays. "You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!"
8. My 3 year old is turning into such an opinionated little one. Mommy is praying for patience every.single.day.
9. Politics intrigue me. That silly super large delegate map on CNN is a wee bit annoying.
10. I love bento boxes. Every day I get a little thrill when I fix my son's lunch.

What random awesomeness has filled your days these day?


10 for Tuesday: Hits & Misses

Today has been a funny kind of day. Ups and downs abound. Here are some of my recent hits and to be fair some of my misses.
1. HIT: I made a couple of dishes to make this brief week go by much easier.
2. MISS: My son watched too much television to allow his Momma the freedom to make such dishes.
3. HIT: I planned out the perfect page to journal, great topic, supplies ready etc.
4. MISS: I could not muster the energy to give the page what it deserves so I did not journal today.
5. HIT: I am being a great nurse to my ailing hubby.
6.MISS: I did not get nearly as much grading done as I would have liked during the long weekend. Interim grades are due this week too.
7. HIT: Stumbled on an unexpected Heat game on NBA tv....now if only this little boy will stay in bed so I can watch it.
8. MISS: There may or may not be a large pile of clothes staring me in the face. I sort and wash but folding and I are not close friends.
9. MISS: My mind keeps thinking it is Monday which really messes up the Tuesday obligations. And poor Wednesday it doesn't look good for you either.
10. HIT: I have been a very good ear to my friends today.

What are some of your hits and misses?



Wow~ this week has flown by. I would like to say that I have documented and took snazzy pictures to share with you guys but...that is just not the case. I have had a wonderful four day weekend spent with lots of family time. I got my share of cuddles. I watched silly movies including Hall Pass (which was so silly and a complete time waster). I spent a bunch of time with my sister and my honorary sister. We ate delicious food including a yummy spot, Surfside in DC. We visited the MLK Memorial which was AMAZING. Introduced my son to some mounted police officers since he LOVES animals. I got some quality sewing time in. Really the list goes on and on. Tomorrow is back to reality and I am not really ready but all of the prep work (lunches done, bags packed, clothes laid out) is done so hopefully I won't go into shock.
How was your holiday weekend? What do you hope to accomplish this week?


Ten for Tuesday!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I will share with you all 10 love lessons, cause I am mushy like that :O

1. Find small ways to share your love....I have hidden post-its when I went on a trip. He was finding post-its in his sock drawer, he loved it.
2. You don't have to love the same things, just love each other and accept that you are different.
3. Laugh at the big stuff and the small stuff and the dumb stuff...just laugh together often.
4. It may feel great to be right, but it is better to have an understanding that works for both of you.
5. Watch your wedding dvd at least once a year. Ok, I may be the only one guilty of this but I love watching the nervousness/laughs that culminated in our union.
6. Hug each other. Even my non-affectionate hubby gets that I need hugs to feel connected to him.
7. Surprise each other. There are some delicious V-day goodies in the oven right now.
8. Look good for them (and you)...if my hubby notices when I put in the extra effort, it must mean something!
9. Say your, "I love Yous" you will probably never regret saying it but you surely will regret NOT saying it.
10. Value your mate. They may not be the insert trait that your friend has but they have a whole bunch of SOMETHING that makes them amazing. Value those traits and see #'s 1-9 again. It bears repeating :)

How do you show your love for your sweetie?



RIP Whitney. Such an incredible voice. What a huge loss. A daughter is without her mother and a mom has lost her baby. Sad.
There are so many songs that I hair-brushed sang to. A real musical legend.

My favorite lyrics from this one:

If tomorrow is judgment day (Sing Mommy)
And I'm standing on the front line
And the Lord asks me what I did with my life
I will say I spent it with you
'Cause your love is my love
And my love is your love
It would take an eternity to break us
And the chains of Amistad couln't hold us


the power of GIRLfriends

I am not a planner. I freely admit that I enjoy just going with the flow. This morning I texted my good friend and invited her to join me for Happy Hour. We haven't sat down sans husbands and kids in a little bit. So tonight I sat and talked and talked and talked for hours with a great friend. We both needed it. And while I was sitting with her rehashing all of the weeks events, aggravations and hi-lights  I couldn't help but enjoy ever single second. Yes there was tasty food-steamed shrimp & oysters were a hit- but the best part of all was the bond of friendship we share. It is easy to be completely open with a true friend. There was no pretense or anything. We left the restaurant long after our waitress had probably given up on turning over our booth. We left with full bellies and free souls. Needed and greatly appreciated.
How has your friendships helped you recently?


Tuesday's Ten:Retro One

Oh, there was a time when it took little things to please me. Well to be honest it still takes little things to please me but these things are the things that I loved as a little jackpot.

1.  Giant Pixie sticks, anyone?

2. Corduroy, love this one. Love sharing it with my son more.

3. Never could solve this cube! Loved the thrill of trying.
4. Friendship bracelets- making or giving was a win.
5. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard :)


6. Spideysense is the truth!

7. I always wanted to be a teacher. And just for the record giving grades is NOT nearly as fun as I imagined.
8. Chucks....classic but I would still rock 'em.

9. Hello Kitty, too pretty to actually use.

10. Did everyone have cakewalks? I loved them in elementary school. 

What thing from your childhood makes you instantly happy? Those were the days!!


Journaling:A reflection

I have been busy journaling for the past month and the verdict is in: I love it! The combination of colors, markers, paint, magazine words etc has really made journaling much more creative so I look forward to doing it a lot more. I have not really had any writer's block for subject matter either. I am using inspiration from all sorts of places.
Music lyrics: " I just want you to know, your whole being is beautiful" by Common inspired a whole post about love and the loves of my life.
Quotes: "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you" by Maya Angelou inspired me to think about my story: I thought of my Southern roots that ground me, my love of my home/home life and how one of my greatest flaws is my inability to seek/accept help.
Fabric: I include swatches of fabric that I really love and try to find what project works for that fabric.

You get the drift. Inspiration is all around me and journaling helps me look for the inspiration and allow inspirational things to compel me to be a better more reflective ME. I love journaling :)

~some snapshots of my journal pages~