Ten for Tuesday: Summer Living!

One of the best perks of being a teacher is well SUMMER! The days are long, footloose and fancy free. Love them!

1. Hanging out in DC people watching. Just me, the hubs and some Starbucks...bliss.

2. BBQ festival. Free tickets, live music, delicious food.

3. Meeting good friends for lunch. Yes kids, that is what teachers do during the summer :)

4. Avoiding housework. Just kidding, mostly.

5. Working out. I think this is my husbands favorite quality time. Me not so much :)

6. Finding some big feet to measure myself against. And yes you should know that there is a Miami Heat/ Lebron James reference.

7. Watching way too much crappy tv. Dr. Phil does not count as quality folks.

8. Fabric shopping. My cousin has a request and I guess I will try to pull it off. Have any of you guys made the book sling as featured onl Penny Carnival?

9. Reading blogs...get to updating people :)

10. Relaxing bubble baths have become a nightly routine. It is amazing how much evening time you have when you are not running baths and doing the nightly routine with a little one. Getting mighty spoiled!




My team since 1988. So absolutely proud of my guys. On many nights I bit my fingernails to the quick and nervously called my bestie to help me through the last 2 mins but it is all over but the celebrating. Go HEAT!!


Back to Quilting

Today was a fun day for me. I got a chance to sit down at my machine and sew. I pulled out this quilt that I ambitiously started a LONG time ago. I followed this amazing tutorial from Obsessively Stitching and while it was easy to follow, I got overwhelmed and stopped. Now that I am a much more seasoned sewist (haha, I just like that word) I decided I would go back. Let me just tell you there were a lot of issues with these seams. I had to break out the seam ripper and these were the best of all of the blocks. I have a stack of blocks that I am going to have to do some serious doctoring on but hey, I am up to the challenge. One thing that hasn't changed is my love of this fabric. I love the bright orange, the chairs and the pops of green as much as I did when I started this baby.
I also finished the top for my friend's wedding gift quilt. I hope to finish that one this week. It has been fun to get back to quilting and I managed to clean the fridge out to, Go ME!

   Opps, this pic is a bit jacked up. You get the point. Oh, and this was pre-rearranging the blocks to get the best placement.


Ten for Tuesday: Off Duty Momma

So my little one is off to with his grandparents for the next month and wow being kid free is the way to go ;)  I am so fortunate to have amazing parents who love spending time with their grandkids. He has a ball hanging out with them and they cater to him. The have already done the beach and he has managed to convince him that he needs all kinds of food that I never buy. Yeah, the living is easy now but the deprogramming will be quite interesting.
So when the son is away the mom will:

1. Sleep in. Guilt free sleeping in is so what I am enjoying.
2. Dating my hubby. It is amazing how this time allows us to reconnect and enjoy each other.
3. Sewing. I have some WIPs that need to get finished.
4. Reading. Pleasure reading here I come.
5. Lunch dates with my buddies. If you haven't already done so and you want to hang out with me you better get on the calendar it is filling up fast :)
6. Exercise & fitness. I want to go to some classes that I have been eyeing.
7. Operation Purge & Restore- I have been busy organizing and clearing stuff out. It feels AMAZING. I have finished all of the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. Looks stellar. Going to do the fridge tomorrow,
8. Write.
9. Enjoy the NBA Finals. Go HEAT!
10. Focus on my hubby. That bears repeating. I love that man.


so you look up and a lot of time has passed

Sorry about being away. I have been so swamped. Then when I had a moment, I felt like being away for so long required a great post and that is some real pressure. Or I had a moment and moment seemed too short. Well, I am putting that all aside and just typing. Hopefully what I have to share will be worth it. You can humor me if it isn't m'kay :)
The end of the school year was a blur of activity and obligations. I do it to myself every single year. I leave so much writing and grading down to the wire and I like to have these creative finals. Yeah all that equals a stressed out mess. Layer on a nagging shoulder pain situation and I was begging for the school year to rap up. I did get some help from some unexpected places and my students were very cooperative. It was a busy time.
The end of the year was not all boos and self pity parties either. We had a few staff celebrations that were fun and festive. My niece graduated (if you can call it that) from the lower school and she was such a poised little graduate. She was practically the only little girl who managed to sit appropriately. I loved her white eyelet dress. It just screamed graduation to me.
Let's see, what else?  We went to Rehobeth, DE for a beach getaway. It was a nice trip and we got some sand in our toes. Certainly what the dr ordered for this lady.
We went to a fantastic wedding that truly felt like a date. My hubby and I danced the night away. Fun times.
I made a little lap quilt for my friend/co-worker who is abandoning me (she calls it retirement). It was fun to pull out the machine for someone who means so much to me. I will miss her support and encouragement :( But I am happy that she will get to sleep in and enjoy her family a bit more.
So June is off to an excellent start. If it is quiet around these parts it is just me trying to get myself in order. I do have some projects up my sleeve.