do over

Tomorrow Nico tries this daycare thing again. I am sure that it will be ok but it is still scary. The center seems very cool. I stopped by this afternoon and they were in full swing and the babies were being well taken care of so I am feeling rather ok. I had a million things to do tonight to get ready for him going... I am paranoid that he wouldn't have what he needs. I know he will have all he needs and more but you never know. I had a list and then a mental list too. Craziness! At any rate, I am accepting all prayers that tomorrow goes well for N and his Momma :) I so wish that I could be with him and not go through this mess. Just think I could stay home with him and not have to pump. Wow that would be the life. A tough as hell existence but it would be cool.


Friday Flashback.... The Pay Phone

Roar, I hear the sound of a dinosaur. Nope it is the pay phone. What will Superman when he needs a quick change? Can you believe that people used to have to fish around for a quarter if they needed to make an urgent call. Yeah, cell phones are much more convenient.

True story, back in the day when I was in college and I met D my home phone was off. Granted it was only off for the day until my roomate went to pay the bill. But it was off nonetheless. Well at that moment, I met D and he wanted my phone number. Well I never gave my number to strange folks so when he asked I kept on saying no. He was persistent and I finally said I couldn't call him because my phone was off, knowing full well that it was probably back on as I was speaking but anyway I told him that to get him to leave me alone. No luck he was still trying his hand. Finally he asked me how much my phone bill was and I told him it was like $400 (yeah, I used to have a long-distance talking problem) well he was blown away and said he couldn't help me with that high ass bill. Instead he offered me a quarter and told me to call him from a pay phone. Yeah, the rest is history :)


i am a snitch

a tattle-tale etc etc.

I finally spoke to my neighbor about her daughter's after school activities. I hemmed and hawed about this one. I mean yes, she needs to know but people do have a tendency to shoot the messenger. She was surprisingly receptive. I am glad that that deal is done. Hopefully now I won't come home from being w/ teenagers all day to a hall full of teenagers who don't want to get out of my way to let me get to my door. Yes, that is why I pay my mortgage to have loosey loos and baby gangsters greet me. If nothing else than maybe this little lady will learn to be more discreet :P


Sudbury District Health Unit Breast Feeding Commercial

i am a sleep deprived

chocolate craving

flats wearing

perfectly planned


any questions?


Flashback Friday....KEDS!

Because sometimes it is good to revisit the past :)

Seriously, I used to rock these like every single day in high school. If Palmetto had an unofficial uniform it was jean cut off shorts, a white v-neck and KEDS with no socks. I had so many pairs. I think they were like 20 bucks.(I was pretty thrifty before it became trendy) They were a staple in my wardrobe. You had to wear them when they were fresh. If the white had lost some of its luster, you could wash them but beware sometimes washing them gave them the dreaded yellow tint. Ugh. I always ended up washing mine bc they would get hella smelly. Sweaty feet, Miami heat and canvas are a stinky explosion. Anyway. I remember these shoes fondly and they are my first Friday Flashback!!!


time for a change

so i have been blogging for about a year and i have outgrown my old haunt. it is too tough to navigate for an uninterested computer girl like me. i am sure that things will work out better here. change is good, even Barack says so :)