10 for Tuesday

1. Started my novel for the National Novel Writing Month and well if I put it in here it must be so :) One month 1627 ish words per day= a 50,000 word novel. No worries about revision yet.
2. I am going home next week. I am getting so excited...sunny Florida here I come!
3. Great day in sewing club. The girls are really getting into their sewing and maybe a quilt is not far off.
4. I love pop culture. It makes me happy.
5. Can you believe today is 11/1/11. Looks so crazy, huh? 11-11-11 is pretty freaky too.
6. My son's Halloween Candy has no chocolate. What is up with that? No temptations for me!
7.I have 3 vases of flowers. I feel pretty special.
8. Tomorrow is a good day at work and although I always overestimate what I can get done during my long hour of planning, I am still happy for the time.
9. Cute meals. I love making cute little dishes for my son. He loves eating them too.
10. National Novel Writing Month, YIKES!!


  1. National Writing Month sounds like quite and undertaking--but a wonderful way to express your creativity and love for writing. Can't wait to read the final draft.

  2. You are busy busy! :) Have a great time in FL :) I miss it already!

  3. Good for you for doing the national novel month! I've always wanted to but I fear the commitment.

    Good luck though, I bet it would feel great to finish.