was rather sucky.
it was a monday.
being a teacher is pretty dang thankless.
i still have papers to grade.
it got better.
my son, semi-listened.
hugged me a lot.
my husband offered wine.
i chose chocolate.
tomorrow is a new day.
full of possibility
and wonder
His love to sustain me.
comfort and keep me.
I am truly blessed :)


i am such a winner :)

Great blog title and definite morale booster!! I love winning things on blogs. It feels like such a little nothing act...commenting on stuff I like and learning about cool sites on the interwebz. Way easy. So I won a cool bundle of fabric from a blog I enjoy ...the luckiest. You guys know how I feel about luck, but anyway I won, I won, I won. Go take a look and try not to drool on your keyboard :)


Ten for Tuesday, my fam rocks!

I spent the extended weekend with my extended family and they have inspired this post!

1. My grandparents have been married for 65 years. How incredible is that? They are adorable to watch- it is cool watching pieces that fit so well together. A well-choreographed dance of how to treat each other. Inspirational.
2. Hanging with my cousins and making plans to hang out this summer.
3. Watching our children play together and love each other.
4. Attending church together. A family that prays together stays together.
5. Speaking of religion. The foundation that my grandparents have tried to instill in us on this front is great.
6. Having so many extended family members traveling to celebrate together. I am not lying when I say that they came by the suv-load. Cousins, aunts, great-aunts, nieces, nephews....awesome!
7. Part decor/party planning was so much fun. Black,white and yellow was just gorgeous!
8.Good eating, I could still be licking my fingers.
9. Orlando, 80 degree temps, toes out and sun dresses, fabulous!
10, You can really be in love with the same person from when they take your breath away until when you take your last breath...



I consider all of the things that are undone and I could literally cry but that is not what this post is about. I mean not the obligations. The papers to grade, diapers to fold or tests to write. Instead this is about the things that are undone that I don't even consider because of the noise in my head. And these things are the things that I really want to do and see and enjoy. So post my trip there are a few things that have gone undone for too long and I want to enjoy them so my top 5 undone things are:
1. Reading a book for pleasure. I have some great books on my bookshelf and I need to read something that is not on a screen or a requirement for work. I need to read for me!
2. There is a great exhibit that I need to visit before it goes away in May. It is called America: I AM and D and I tried out to see it but it was the day that the county was engulfed so we never made it. Gotta remedy that one.
3. I want to bake/cook and give that love to someone in need. I feel like I haven't done that in a while and I have a dish or two that I would like to share.
4. Long walks, sunshine and warmer temps....gotta take them all in.
5. Letter writing. I will not let it be a lost art. Plus I have a bunch of folks I have to catch up with stat!

The next post won't be a list, I promise :P


Tuesday's Ten

1. the number of suitcases I want to take with me/ pay for
2. the number of B family members traveling this week
3. the number of days before I head out
4. the number of hours I can allow for my hair beautification efforts
5. the time for dinner reservations at The Melting Pot
6. number of top tier grand-daughters that will be attending my grandparents celebration (bottom-tier only related to age)
7. (oh, this is getting hard) 7, 7 ,7 million papers to grade- well maybe not million
8. time N has been asleep before for the past couple of nights, woo hoo
9. how much it costs for me to get a little over 2 gallons of gas...like can't go anywhere with that
10. my life....a perfect 10!


monday, a list

1. i have decided that i am forgoing a menu plan for the week. this week will be a random one with no food plan. how will we survive? we will manage.
2. i have decided that i need to start carrying around my notebook in my purse. well i need to start carrying a purse again. this diaper bag to purse to diaper bag kinda stinks. and while i know n is getting big there are so many loosey-goosey things that i need for him that carrying a diaper bag just seems to work. but i am abandoning that for a bit. who knows how this only carrying a purse thing will go.
3. i am packing tonight. no excuses.
4. this warmer weather has a smile on my face. big smile. n and i have gotten a chance to get out and enjoy the weather. i think it is working for both of us.
5. ok, the MJ Experience has got me using my wii i tell ya he is BAD! that was for C.
6. thank you notes to write, many people to thank!


Yay for Yarn!

Today I made a yarn wreath. You can find them all over the blogosphere and it was a quick and easy project, so I will take it. I enjoyed being crafty and lucky for me it did not take too much time away from my sewing project that I need to research and do before Thursday. Yikes!!

oh, and I did fix the blue flower because it was kinda hanging off at first :)


greets me this morning, happy Friday!
no books, no students, early end to the day
quite pleased!


10 for Tuesday! Winning!

Ok, Charlie Sheen has gone all Brittany with the umbrella but he has coined a phrase or rather a word that I have taken a liking to. Are you ready? It is, "WINNING"! Yeah, he says it and so does his girlfriends.
So IHO of insane celebs everywhere here are 10 winning things.

1. My smile---the genuine one I save for real happiness.
2. Nico's expanding vocabulary.
3. Surprises from my friends.
4. Getting my research paper planned out.
5. Fridays with no students.
6. the Lenten season
7. creative endeavors
8. Simple recipes that are super yummy
9. bedtime- mine and his ;P
10. comfy shoes, cute is a bonus!


happy dance

watching a tv show i really like....The Game
resolved to the fact that my weekend is over.
planning on going to bed at a decent time.
enjoyed my little boy all weekend.
spent time with some pretty amazing gals...some were even only 10.
kinda/sorta have my meal plans ready for the week.
spent a crazy small amount at the grocery store.
have my educational plans for N all mapped out.
pretty good message at church....some things to implement.
march is a cool month and i am looking forward to enjoying it!


whirlwind work week

This week was a doozie. I am glad I survived the madness. And for once it wasn't the kiddos. Ugh, the adults. All I will say is that if you are crazy (and I mean certifiably) please leave me the heck alone. Keep my name out of your mouth and carry on. Besides that I can put up with most anything they throw my way. I can teach the bigs or the littles, the brains or the other end, the sweet and the sassy. Give it to me and I can take it. The drama and the in-fighting and stepping on toes can be a bit much. I am looking forward to next week- it is short, the decisions have been made and hopefully the dust has settled!
I will say that watching the boys basketball game and seeing the kids super excited and victorious took away some of the bad mojo that was coming from the place. I left the halls in a happy place. I hope all of my colleagues are able to put the yuckiness behind them too :)


tuesday zoomed by and brought wednesday

so since it is wednesday, how about wednesday wishes

I wish
i were a little bit taller, i wish i were a baller (opps, that was already used)

I wish
*I had a nice hot chocolate
*The evening was a little longer
*that my bestie lived locally
*my dinners would cook themselves
*Nico would listen the first time
*that there wasn't always something
*i could be more productive at work
*the ruffles trend could stay around forever

enough, better reign in my wishes....what are you wishing for?