where the heck did 09 go?

Yeah, it's a wrap!

Glad to have had a full year with the Nico. Celebrated 2 yrs as a wife. Changed from SpEd to English. Let some friendships die. Got closer to some other people. Done some things on my massive to-do list :) Saw ways that I am stronger than I every imagined. Made a few poor choices.

As always I am a work in progress. Here's to another year on the journey of my life.


Ten for Tuesday

1. A great Christmas...hanging out w/ the fam, eating delicious bbq and getting gifts!
2. Celebrating my birthday with my honey at a cool restaurant in DC, Masa 14 ...the food was great, the place was lively and it was a great pick!
3. getting my car out of the shop- who knew a starter could be so damn expensive!
4. watching silly tween shows with my niece
5. my cute new clutch- can you take a clutch with you everywhere?
6. Hershey syrup
7. 22 degrees- what kind of insanity is this? i had a fleeting thought this am that we were half way through with winter and then i realized that that is not true. winter just started. i think i shed a tear.
8. playing with Nico's Christmas gifts
9.having dvr, it is really coming in handy these days
10. gift cards and fsa bucks to spend.


Ten for Tuesday...a celebration of my men

Ok, we have been stuck in the house together since Friday. We have survived, so a celebration of D and N is definitely in order.

1. D shoveled my car out. Yes, I know that he is my hubby and that is the kind of male awesomeness they do but I am SO grateful. I hate cold and I am not a fan of manual labor so this speaks to my core.
2. D keeping track of the school closings. He took it upon himself to watch for my schools closings and his predictions have been rather spot on.
3. N sleeping pretty well. It makes for a much happier mom.
4. While we are on the subject of sleep. D lets me sleep in on the weekends while he hangs out with N, well he gave me Monday too as a bonus.
5. I had a personal driver. Yes, I am a wimp in inclement weather so D drove me around on Monday to pick up some last minute things. D is not one of those let me hold the bags or your purse while you shop dudes, so us doing shopping together is rather rare.
6. No leftovers left. D took care of the meals that I cooked which means I haven't cooked a meal on Sunday or Monday. Sweet.
7. All of the extra love/sweetness from my guys. It has been great having more cuddle time with these cuties!!
8. Free time. Somehow we have managed to have some moments of our own even though we have been cooped up together. Thank goodness, he likes to watch all kinds of things I don't. Heck even shows we both like we watch in our own way. I love that he doesn't have to be up under me every.single second.
9. D's sweet tooth. No, I haven't had much from the assortment he brought home from his grocery store run but having the option is wonderful.
10. Those handsome faces. I love them!


countdown to Christmas...

A few things to get before the big day. I am not really worried, I will get it done. I forgot about a few folks and one item I got was broken when I took it out of the bag. Oh well. No biggie it will get done. I want to do some holiday baking so I need to make a plan for that...cookies or cake or both! I have a few gifts to wrap but I want to wrap when I have the baking smells going so that is not going to happen tonight.
It doesn't feel like Christmas is right around the corner but it will be here before you know it. I hope N likes his gifts b/c he is the only one with a bunch of stuff under the tree.
What is left on your to do list before the holiday?


i am naked

i forgot my cell phone at home

oh, the insanity! nah, i actually drove and jammed to my new cd. good times :)


Ten for Tuesday or heck Wednesday

1. Alicia Keys...love her...her new cd is out today!
2. More checks off of the to-do list. Yay, for getting things done.
3. N- is sleeping so well. I am getting rest and I love it!
4. Cool students, yes...they are few and far between but I do have some really cool ones.
5. Finding my debit card...priceless.
6. Going to Houston's for the last time in the DC area. Sad to see my spot go.
7. Phone calls from friends in far away places. Like the one on Sunday, saying I crossed her mind and she had to say hello.
8. The maturity to be confident of my choices and do things that suit me and mine.
9. finding long lost money...I haven't found any but my palm is itchin'. That has to mean something!
10. Hershey's syrup...nothing beats it on a mound of ice cream.


what's cooking this week

Sunday: Steak, french fries and veggies
Monday: Mini-meatloaf w/mashed potatoes and green beans
Tuesday: Sausage and kale soup
Wednesday: Roast and cabbage
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: dinner out

ok it's posted. now i just have to stick to it :0


Ten for Tuesday-a day late

I guess Tuesday flew by so I missed the post. Here are my 10 a day late.
1.the bell ringing at 2:10, I feel so free and liberated
2. tiger woods, y'all tiger woods...could a situation be more sad? his barbie doll wife must fee like she crapped out. nah, really clearly he has issues. not newsworthy issues but issues nonetheless.
3. how bad of a reality trash tv junkie am I if I am bummed b/c I missed the debut of Teen Moms the spin off from 16 and Pregnant. I mean that is pretty scary. But is it more acceptable that I am really looking forward to the Kardashians new season. My brain is mush and I like it!
4. I really want to enjoy the holidays and work gets in the way of my preparation. Yes,the tree is up but I would like to get to the cards soon.
5. Have a Baby By Me and Be a Millionare....yeah 50 that is the ticket. Stupid, stupid song. The parody Have a Baby By Me and Be on Welfare is more accurate for people who just have babies w/out a plan.
6. I am loving $5 magazine subscriptions...I have found my gift for those people on my list who I am at wits end over buying something for.
7. the nova natural toys / crafts catalog I received is like I died and went to "Oh, N has to have these things heaven"
8. finding new blogs... I always love this one.
9. seeing a new teacher embrace the calling with students who need someone just like her. kudos Morayo, you rock!!!
10. mayo packets. I rarely save you but you came in handy this morning when I only had a minute to get my lunch together.

Oh and as a bonus: THE SUN IS OUT!!!


if you are wondering

this would make me happy if i found it under the christmas tree or in a birthday gift bag


25 days of giving

This post is just a place to help me keep up with my endeavor.
1- the gift of free time to myself ...turned off the tv, computer etc and tuned into ME!!
2- a letter to D
3- prayers for the military and others
4-donation of canned goods
5-baked goodies for a friend


Ten for Tuesday...ok, you better believe I have alot of stuff on my mind

1. a husband who loves sweets...yay, for chocolate chip cookies that are calling my name.
2. 25 days of giving started today and I am all in
3. etsy christmas gifts that are ordered.
4.a nice christmas tree (with presents left by my momma) and N is not even pulling on it
5. good friends
6. finding cool blogs to read.
7. episodes of The Game that are re-runs but new to me :0
8. finding a bunch of things that i forgot i had but am so glad to have unearthed
9. the ability to turn off my ringer....No, I don't want (insert offer). Having caller id and blocking #'s is just not enough anymore. These jokers are relentless.
10. the overwhelming generosity and love that people show my Nico