I forgot!

How incredibly exhausting it is to teach! Wow, I am beat. My students were ok and the day went by pretty quickly but I am so tired. It is hard to give 100% in this way. Being home with N is really a lot harder but today required a lot of being completely on. I know it gets a lot easier and I am so looking forward to when it slacks off a bit. Between the getting up early, the marathon homeroom and helping the little lost ones find their classes, it was a LONG one!!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

5 meals to plan for the week, better get to that!
4 teaching days before teacher work day/3 day weekend
3 self beautification needs before work- hair, pedicure, eyebrows
2 notes to mail to people I love
1 wonderful Sunday to spend hanging out with my men


10 things that have made me smile

1. running into a few of my students in the hall
2. seeing a friend's grandchildren
3. chasing N by just being in his vacinity
4. finding a thank-you note from someone
5. the lies that my co-irker tells
6. having a few moments to myself
7.having my village on call for emergency childcare
8. getting close to having my room done
9. loosing track of time b/c of good conversation
10. kisses from N

a day late but I was just too tired yesterday :)


one more day

oh m, oh my, the summer is a wrap! one more day and then it will be back to the grind. there are a few positives to the whole returning to work thing: having a job obviously, a fresh start, new relationships and having more of a routine. i am hopeful that this yr will be better than the last both personally and professionally.
but i will not rush tomorrow. i am planning on waking up super early and taking N to school and then coming home to silence. i may sit around naked and enjoy the serenity. i can't commit to any more than that after all there is only.... one more day.



We forget how amazing we are. How just the thoughts we think set us apart from so many others. And then we get down on ourselves and think about all of the ways that we come up empty instead of all the ways that our cup really is running over. It is so easy to feel discouraged or overwhelmed. He never gives us more than we can handle. He knows our strengths. Our greatness. So many times others see it and believe in it more than we do. And sometimes, most times really, we are more than enough, we are greater than our hesitations and really only our fears keep us from soaring.


10 things I have been too lazy to google search

1. if Wolf Blitzer is his real name?
2. the info about the SC mom drowning her daughter
3. when exactly Chelsea Handler will be in Baltimore
4. the dates that are available for D and I to take our sight seeing cruise
5. who Ray is from The Ultimate Merger w/Lady O (as she was so annoyingly called)
6. ideas for b-day gifts for N
7. the deal behind Danielle getting kicked off Real Housewives
8. pictures of Alicia Keys pregnant and married
9. recipes
10. ticket prices for a trip to Fla.


yay! yay!

I am so happy. I picked a new dentist. This lovely dentist comes on the heels of a craptastic dentist who always made me feel rushed. He was the pits. I went in and complained of tooth pain and he saw nada. He was very relaxed and didn't see what the issue was. I felt the pain and I knew something was the matter. Well, today I went to a new dentist who was great and she determined that the filling is old and needs replacing. Yay! While the pain was not consistent, I always trust myself and I knew it. Yay, for getting rid of that other buzzard and double yay for finding a new dentist who seems pretty good so far.


10 People who should be exiled on a deserted island

1. Mel Gibson, hope he just mumbles and rants to himself
2. Sarah Palin, she sets the human race back every single time she opens her mouth
3. Elizabeth Hasselbeck- see # 2
4. Montana Fishburne- to save her from her 20 yr old self
5. Bill O'Reilly- just ugh
6. Jon Mayer- he is annoying
7. Lindsey Lohan- if she is going to be a waste, she may as well be far, far away
8. Levi and Bristol- young and dumb, enuf said
9. Lady Gaga- just waiting for the hint of real talent to reveal itself
10. The entire cast of the Real Housewives of NJ- watching their family vacation was like being tortured


gonna be a good day

N and I are going shopping with my sister.a nice day of hanging out and chatting and maybe having some yummy food. it is gonna be a good day :)


10 for Tuesday! Why I LOVE being Nico's Mommy!

1. His expressions, he knows trouble and he knows those eyes are his get out of it free card. I fold, he wins.
2. His laugh. This boy is so happy. He is always laughing and I love it.
3. The small little hugs he gives me. When he just reaches over and hugs me without prompting, love 'em.
4. He makes the days fly by and go incredibly slow at the same time.
5. He notices everything. The wonder in his eyes as he looks at the world. Amazing.
6. Play time. It is so fun to party like a kid. N gives me that chance.
7. Him sleeping in my arms. That is what they mean when they say sleeping like a baby- the way it feels holding him and the peace that you feel when you have them in your arms. Don't actually confuse it w/ the amount of time a baby sleeps.
8. Watching him grow and change and realizing just when I think I can't love him more I do.
9. The way he looks at me. I am the sun, moon and stars to him. That is so cool.
10. He is not afraid of anything. He hasn't met a beat he hasn't swayed his bum to. He has no issues sharing his likes or dislikes. He makes me love more and sweat the small things less.

I just love this boy!



Bad, bad blogger! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. To be honest I have been spending all moments kissing on Nico and hanging out with R that I haven't had the energy to blog. Oh well it is a new day, heck it is a new month so let's get back to the grind. So this will be very random as I have so many things to share :)
* Ok, have you ever ordered anything from Home Shopping Network? Or a something like that? I feel like I have before. Maybe once and it was scrapbook stuff. Well yesterday I was SO tempted. I am sure it was the constant reminders from a company and just the intrigue of it all but I was so tempted to call in and purchase......... Mary J. Blige's perfume, My Life. Yeah, I did not but it was a sure test of willpower. I am not even a perfume person but something about her selling it and only to HSN and her talking to the viewers made me want to get. Also Carol's Daughter ( an amazing, amazing company who makes so many things I LOVE) was sending out reminders on FB. They almost had me!
*I am really enjoying sewing. It is so fun. I enjoy making things with my hands and making stuff for my little one is the best. Next to sewing, reading sewing/crafting blogs is so inspiring. There are so many talented people on the interwebz. I am so inspired. Stay tuned for some great things from the kid :)
*TI is married. Le sigh.
*I am having a reality tv conflict...so many shows are on at the same time. And I refuse to dvr the insanity so each night I have to pick one. Choices.Choices.
*I have a jam packed week ahead. Looking forward to seeing some buddies.
* My friend reminded me I have 3 weeks until I return back to work. Double yikes.
* I so enjoyed spending time with my folks and grandparents. My grandparents are so cool. They have been married 64 yrs. Did you hear that sound? Yeah, it was my gasp of astonishment. I know they say until death do us part...but 64 yrs. I can't imagine.

Well, that seems like info overload to me. Gotta go.