Good eating!!

there was this truck
with good burgers
yummy fries
but questionable drinks.....so YUMMY!!!


Bad Blogger

I am in Vegas with my bestie, yay for fun trips. On our first full day what did we do? Hit up a thrift store!! Fun times. The store was HUGE and quite well organized. None of that creepy, closed up goodwill smell either. It had pretty cool furniture, a decent women's section but you know what it was lacking? Pyrex. Not one single piece. Ugh! The nice salesperson told me it goes fast and she even went in the back to see if they had any that had not made it out to the sales floor. No luck. She did find some Corning Ware (anyone care to fill me in on the difference between the two and yes, I tried Google) that was in excellent condition. Not a win for my Pyrex hunt but certainly the kind of place that made the browsing easy.
What was really interesting about the place was on the entire top floor were several artists shop/galleries. The little ones toured each spot and really enjoyed the art. It was certainly cool.
I walked out empty handed and this is what makes me a bad blogger is there were so many cool things to take pictures of and I did not take one single picture. I promise I will do better.


Pretty in Pyrex

I have some sherbet love! Oh, and the pretty blue one was a bonus. Aren't these bowls the prettiest? I think so!


very close

My sewing machine and I have been getting very close lately. I have spent a lot of time with my seam ripper too. I mean why would that meanie want to be left out of the fun. I am busy working on some bigger things for the littlest people in my life. I will say that what these projects lack in skill they more than make up for it in love. I have been pouring my heart and soul into these things and hopefully I will be ready for a big reveal soon. I mean the clock is ticking here! My little boss will be back on Friday. Get it together Momma! So this morning to avoid what I really need to be doing I made something that I had been meaning to make for a bit. I made a crayon roll for my heart. I figure it will come in handy when we travel next week. Plus I needed something that I could finish in a few hours. I followed a tutorial from
The Pleated Poppy and while the tutorial was easy to follow, I did have a bit of an issue with the elastic. I kinda wish I would have used a ribbon instead,
less room for error if I do say so. But anyway. The best part of this craft, is it was pretty straight forward and it is really cute. I could see making them to put in birthday presents for little ones with assorted art supplies.
Oh well, back to the grind. I feel like I should name her (my machine) since we are becoming such great buddies.


Died and Went to Heaven!

(the Hershey's that he had to pry from me :)

My awesome and super wonderful husband took today off to just hang out with me. I feel so loved :) We wanted to do something fun and being the thrill seekers that we are, we decided to visit Hershey Park in PA. Neither one of us have been there before and it is only a short 2 hr drive. My review of our day is that it was much-needed and well appreciated. We started off by getting discount tickets from the grocery store- that saved us 22 bucks! Not bad at all. It must have been an off day- maybe the reported summer scorcher had something to do with it- because there were NO Lines! Did ya hear me? No lines. We were given the vip treatment and just strolled up and hopped on the rides. Great! There were certainly some thrilling rides. I don't pretend to be the best partner on them things, I close my eyes and curse him the whole time for getting me in that predicament. (Not real curse words, just to be clear) But yeah, I moan the whole ride and then proclaim what an incredible time I had. So we rode rides, ate expensive but BLAH food. Indulged in ice- cream (Turkey Hill, yummy) and cotton candy...on the same day, wowza! Walked the park for over 13,000 steps (thank you pedometer), went to the zoo and even went to Chocolate World to see how they make their chocolate. Well we had a blast! I had the best kid-friendly but childless date possible. I did ask him if he was feeling guilty as we passed family after family with stroller. We both had absolutely NO guilt, does that make us bad parents? I am proud of us for not loading the entire back of the SUV with chocolate. I thought about it but we left the park sans chocolate. I am still kicking myself over that one. Well it is only a short drive away....
(scenes from the tour, bottles of syrup calling my name)


feels like Christmas!

And my birthday too! So many awesome things are happening this week. My baby comes home, I get to see my family and have some fun with them. Tomorrow my awesome hubby decided to take the day off and have some last minute fun before our baby gets here.(What will we do, what will we do?) I have a few lunch/dinner plans. I baked a cake today and it was delish. And just when all of these things happen and I could feel let down because it came and went (like Christmas) my fun continues next week when we head to Vegas. Yay! I get to see my Bestie and her family. Bring on the fun!! I practically can't sleep. I am too excited.


Tough Job

So I am a hostess at a wedding this fall. I am very honored that my good friend asked me to participate in her special day. I don't know how I will manage with all that this special job requires: traveling to Miami in November (warm temps) and rocking these cute shoes. I mean it is a tough job BUT someone has to do it :)



a wonderful evening by the lake- with my honey- enjoying all that is great about this place i call home....

awful cell phone pic, but you get the idea. Happy 4th!!!



now i know what your cousin Marley means
when she says, "My heart, my heart," in that pleading,
distraught way that she does
my heart is aching
i long for those tiny kisses on my face
when i sleep
hearing your voice while
you play with your daddy
the animal noises that you love making
seeing your face light up just because
well just because
i miss you my adorable heart beat

N has been away for nearly a month. And my rational mind knows he is doing great things and being spoiled beyond belief but I miss my cuddle buddy!