Thoughts on the last days of my last pregnancy

Welp it is coming down to the end. My induction is scheduled, 7/29 if he doesn't decide  to come on his own before that date. I am getting so tired of being pregnant, I am uncomfortable and my sleeping is gone to hell. I try not to dwell on the bad things and I am so grateful to be a vessel for this new little boy. Speaking of the newest little one, I am so looking forward to holding him and seeing who he looks like and all that jazz. It will be interesting to see how his not so big sister and his big brother respond to him. I don't know if it has even sunk in to N that he is going to be a big brother again and Z has no idea what any of this means. Heck being a family of 5 is something that none of us have really any clue about. Double strollers, multiple car seats it is all very interesting.
As for doing this pregnancy thing for the last time it is really very bittersweet. I have all of the knowledge of what pregnancy is like and yet each pregnancy is different. In many ways this pregnancy has been super easy, no high-blood pressure like last time and I have been off of work since about 34 weeks. I have been able to relax and the other two are with my parents. I have the joy of being Advanced Maternal Age so I get all of the sonograms and doctor visits that a person could ever want. I get weekly glimpses of this little one and I am glad about that. He is growing so strong and all of the sonograms show no issues at all. So while I know this chapter is closing, I am looking forward to this new little one and seeing how he fits in around these parts.


Like riding a bike

I am guessing that blogging is like that, once you have done it consistently you can eventually return like nothing happened. Right? Besides do you know how many thoughts have not been documented in my extended absence. Gotta remedy that :)
Spring is finally hanging out around these parts and the warm weather and sunshine really does me good. We just had family here for the past 10 days and that was awesome. We celebrated Easter and the kids were so flipping adorable. My hubs and I make some pretty amazing kids which is great since we have one more little one on the way. Our third and tiebreaker little boy is due at the end of July. Busy Busy!
Every pregnancy is different and it seems like this one has introduced a whole new level of fatigue. I am TIRED. Alternately, it could be that my daughter is 18 months and goes non-stop! Anywho, I am trying to take it all in and enjoy this final pregnancy. My husband has been so helpful and I know that he is pulling more than his share. I am very grateful for him.
Besides being a Momma of three I am looking forward to so many things in the coming months, I hope to be back to this place to share some of it.