I never shared this here but in Nov 2012 I got my last relaxer/perm. The primary reason I decided to do it was because I owned that one day I would have a daughter and I wanted her to see the beauty in her hair in its natural state. I did not want her to think that her hair was less than or want permed hair like her mother. What is interesting about that is that was 2 months before I found out I was pregnant and 5 months before I learned I would be having a daughter. Words and thoughts are so powerful. Now it is little over a year later and I have my baby girl and a head full of natural hair.
I have had my hair permed for pretty much my entire life so I am learning it and what makes my hair happy. It is fun to try new products and new looks. I am totally loving these tresses and I think I am getting into a nice groove. Yay natural hair!!

Today I took my hair to hair in a different direction with an hairstyle popular on Pinterest for natural hair wearers: the Frohawk. Picture a mock mohawk with your natural fro. I think I nailed it. I even got a compliment from my hubby (and he NEVER notices my hair).


  1. That style looks great on you. It highlights your cheekbones wonderfully. I could never do a Frohawk my hair is way to straight and fine. Playing with hair is fun

  2. Oh funny that you posted about this do! I loved it and wished I had taken a moment to ask you how you did it. You'll have to show me next time you wear it that way. It was fabulous... so do it again soon :)

  3. YOUR HAIR LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! doing a little blog catch up today! i am totally digging your hair and i love the reason you decided to do it!!!