Going Postal

Remember that phrase? Getting a  job at the post office used to be a good job with great benefits, now not so much. The post office has announced major cutbacks to jobs, retail services and mail delivery and for some reason this has me bummed. It could be because as a former Special Ed. teacher I realize those are the types of jobs that are accessible for people who aren't going the college route. It could also be because I am the type of person who LOVES getting mail. You know the good kind from girlfriends in pretty envelopes closed with a sticker. Or packages with the familiar font or my mother or Bestie that are sure to contain awesomeness. Well bidding adieu to postal services that have been consistent in my life make me a bit sad and no email and texting don't take away from the sting. What's next the pay phone!?!

ETA: I was being silly with the pay phone, I know it is gone :(  and that one I don't miss.


  1. I agree with you. While texting and emails are convenient, they do not convey the personal touch or the thoughtfullness of a hand written letter or postcard...

  2. Have you seen a pay phone lately? : / It makes me sad too... I love going to the post office to pick up pretty new stamps and sending cards with stickers and pretty photos. These are hard times...

  3. Ditto...I still run to the mail box every day even though in most cases I will only receive a bill or flyer. But I love the anticipation of maybe, just maybe something special will be received.....Pay phone?