I always look at myself as a work in progress. I am trying to be a nicer person, better at a lot of things and grow in my relationship with God. A lot of being a better Christian means, to me at least, is treating others as Christ like as possible. I err in this. I fall short. I hold grudges. I use mean words when I should be kind. But I don't always falter. Sometimes I um wait. A lot of the waiting is spent stewing but then there is healing in the waiting too. Yesterday, I was pissed. I mean really pissed. At a person who means the world to me. I stewed. I withheld attention and kind words. But after all of that I reflected. I paused. I prayed. And today? I loved with all that is inside me. As He loves us. I forgave. And I forgave myself for being the angry, pissy, person I was and know that I can be. I remembered that I am a work in progress. The trouble with loving is that people disappoint. The joy in loving is that there is a place for forgiveness. A place for love and being loving. Luckily, there is no reason to wallow in the yesterday because the today is so much more glorious.
I am thankful. I am forgiven. I can forgive.


meal planning is for suckas!

and I am one since my plan is all planned out :)

Monday- Meatballs over angel hair pasta w/broccoli
Tuesday- Italian sausage and potatoes casserole
Wednesday- Baked chicken w/ cabbage and roasted veggies
Thursday- Ode de Leftovers
Friday- Chicken tacos w/ black beans


cabin fever

I have been in the house since Thursday. I only left then to hang out at the drs office with Mr. N. All I have been is Momma, nurse, wife, cleaning person and the list goes on. I haven't done anything for myself. And I am burnt out. I am not one of those people who get cabin fever. I don't mind staying put but I think I need more of a break than the walk to the recycling bin. Plus how much can one person give? Ugh. To think I went from having multiple plans, to absolutely nada. Life is like that,huh.
There is a silver lining. N seems to be on the mend. I don't think that I will take him out today. I will let him hang out in his jammies and stuff but me? I am getting out of this place. TODAY! I need to get some work done for work and I need to get our life on track for the new work week. So as soon as D wakes up I am heading out. Believe it or not I am looking forward to sitting in Starbucks and grading some papers and inputting my grades. I may even do some planning. I feel very disconnected from that place and I know it will take some planning to get things off to a good start.
I am looking forward to warmer temperatures, seeing some folks, having a pay day, a healthy little one...

What are you looking forward to this week?


10 for Tuesday! Happiness post!

With the extended, extended weekend I really forgot that today was Tuesday. How awesome to return to work and it is already hump day! High five!!!
Well I spoke to 2 people who were a little bummed for a variety of reasons, so here are 10 things that have made me happy recently.

1. Having some Me time this weekend. And the promise of more Me time next weekend.
2.Watching Kimora and literally laughing out loud.
3. Getting silly text messages from my friend.
5. Cleaning, recycling and donating stuff.
6. Working on sewing projects.
7. Giving and receiving love from unexpected places.
8. Seeing N playing and enjoying himself.
9.Chocolate...in any form.
10. Planning and seeing the fruits of my labor.


dinner, check!

Monday- Soup and sandwiches
Tuesday- Breakfast- grits, eggs and bacon
Wednesday- Beef stew and corn muffins
Thursday- Baked chicken, black beans and cilantro rice
Friday- Leftovers



i could have

i could have been in LA watching Wade making plays.
i could have been in LV celebrating LJ's bday w/ Z.
instead i am in MD...N free. hanging out w/D. eating well and drinking too.
spending time trying to sew, doing more seam ripping than anything.
waking up late. moving slower than slow. life is good.



4 day weekend that starts with a 71 degree day, I am glad you are here! I am feeling rather relaxed. N is at school with his buddies. I can do anything or nothing. This doesn't happen often enough and I am going to relish every second!


10 for Tuesday. Blog hop :P

There are so many cool blogs that I enjoy so I thought I would share them with you. Who knows you may find a new spot to visit.

1. The Newly Woodwards : a great blog about home renovations, crafty things and assorted monthly goals.
2. Sewing in No Mans Land : sewing projects abound, cool designs and tutorials too.
3. Dana-Made-It : This month she is celebrating the boy with a bunch of sewing projects for boys, love it. She does so much more than sewing so stop hesitating go see what Dana is up to!
4. My Bottle's Up : A Mom w/ a son a little older than N, rape survivor and a great writing style.
5. Apartment Therapy : I can't always look at sewing stuff :P This blog has some really awesome rooms.
6. Necole Bitchie : gotta keep up with all the happenings with all of the celebs.
7. Moneywise Moms : deals and advice for keeping your money straight.
8. Hostess with the Mostess : the parties, the free printables oh my!
9. 33 Shades of Green : she cooks, she crafts, she designs and she seems to be living a fabulous life.
10. U-Create : a blog that features the awesome talents of a bunch of different people.

So what blogs do you suggest as must reads ?


Happy Valentine's Day

to all the women who help me make my way through this crazy world. I love you!


Product Rave

Revlon Nail Polish: Stormy

Day two and this one is a keeper. Yes, the names are not quite as colorful as OPI but I love that I don't need a top coat, base coat etc. and I don't have to make painting my nails such a production.
Yay! Plus it makes me feel all Halle Berry-with-no-baby-daddy-drama beautiful :P



i sift through ideas big and
small trying to find the perfect
fit for my time constraints
limited attention span
and heap of
crafty materials
all to often the prep
takes longer than the execution
but i figure
i will either be
or displeased with
what my hands
have done
and there is always the chance
to try something new
master it
and claim it as my own


ten, ten, ten for Tuesday- the Mommy one

Ten things that I have discovered since becoming a Momma:

1. there are not enough hours in the day.period
2. you really can say the same thing one billion times. really
3. there is nothing like hearing your new name.incredible
4. your heart is walking/talking outside of you. literally
5. sleep is a luxury. undeniably
6. life passes much too fast. ridiculous
7.i am stronger than i ever knew. remarkable
8.there are laughs that come from unknown places in your soul. indeed
9. this is really hard work. under-rated
10.i am made for this. blessed


broke out the machine

Yay! It was my first time sewing since 2010! It was about time. I couldn't do it for long because it made my arm hurt :( But I did get to crank out some cloth panty liners. I mean they were easy to make and since no one else is seeing them there was no pressure to make them perfect. I am happy that I finally made them since I have wanted to make me a few for a long time. You know how it is, you always put yourself last. Another wonderful aspect of this project is that I made them using stuff I already had in the house. Go me! I think I want to make me 10 or so, so I have some more to make. First my diva and now this...crunchiness has no end, huh?


Clutter Buster!

Ok, I am on a roll! I am getting rid of a lot of the clutter in my life. And trust me there is so much! Makes you mindful of the stuff that you accumulate. I hope that this frenzy continues as I still have so many nooks and crannies that need an over hall. Where the heck does this stuff come from? I don't consider myself a hoarder but I know I have trouble letting go of things-------I attach a sentimental value to everything. I don't know how I will ever part with the masterpieces that N has started bring to bring home in earnest. I mean how can I part with his little handprint menorah or his shape tracings.

So because I am proud and also because I have been inspired by the postings of others. Here is one of my clutter buster lists.

Throw aways:
mounds of paper ( I mean how many pay stubs do you need?)
flip flops
broken hangers
old nighties
broken shoes
broken earrings

Donation items:
laptop bag
3 hats
an ipod case
2 ear warmers (I don't think I ever used these :O
3 purses
2 pairs of jeans
2 cookbooks
assorted baby clothes ( a tear. a tear)
3 cell phones
make-up case
2 sweaters


physical therapy

tonight i went to my first physical therapy session. it was fine. a lot of pressure/pressing on my sore and achy shoulder/arm but it was not too bad. there was also some hot and cold therapy.the therapist was nice and she sent me home with a few exercises to do before our next appointment.i hope that i can remember them enough to practice. she gave me some tips on a good ways to maneuver with my little man. i will say that you kind of take for granted having a full range of motion. small things like reaching up and picking N up without pain would really be nice. but i am not claiming this, this will only be a small blip on the radar of my life. i am looking forward to getting stronger and having less and less pain everyday. without the aid of 600mg of ibuprofen :P


My Monday

Nothing like an awesome Monday to carry you into Tuesday. So sorry no 10 for Tuesday post.
Yesterday, was a fantastic day. I mean really awesome.
*My mom sent me the cutest boots. If today was not an icy mess, I could have worn them to work. Oh well.
*My bestie put the best message on my FB page. And I always want to remember the words so I am re-posting it here: To my love....I'm watching my church service on the internet (from yesterday)....and it was about relationships. There were 5 questions delving into the depth of friendships and luckily I answered the affirmative to every question. You are that friend who is SAFE enough to tell the truth to. That means because of you I'll probably live longer and happier. Thank you. I treasure your friendship. You are my sister.
Hope that Z doesn't mind :P
*My cousin J came over and loved on N. Plus I got to chit chat with her. It was a great, unexpected visit on a Monday.
* Dinner was easy peasey, thanks meal plan.
* My arm is on the mend. Well not completely but there is a plan in place!

My Monday was great! I hope the rest goes the same way...am I getting anymore surprises Momma?