Ten for Tuesday..the folks

This counts for two reasons: I wrote this in my head and it comes as a result of my conversation w/Bestie on Tuesday. You will note the slight tweaking Z.

The ten famous people who I would love to meet. (Dead or alive)

1. Ice Cube because he can go from No Vaseline to Are We There Yet mixed in with a little bit of Anaconda...seamlessly.
2. Oprah because she is just a beast on so many levels.
3. Gordon Parks. Anyone with that much vision could certainly help me to see things more clearly.
4. Jane Austen. I just like her.
5. Michelle Obama. I just like her more :)
6. Martha Stewart. I don't think she is nice but she can surely show me how to thread my bobbin and other domestic endeavors.
7. Chelsea Handler....hilarious!!
8. Nia Long, she seems like someone who I could really be friends with and go to lunch and hang out.
9. The Kardashians. All of them.
10. D. Wade.

This list is a bit all over the place but I tried to hit various aspects of my personality/ interests.


today was just awful

Life seems rather unfair and I hope to get out of this funk soon. Yeah, I will gladly take your virtual hugs.


Ladies Night!!

A wonderful Saturday night sleepover with my sister and my cousin. Who could ask for anything more?


the IKEA name generator

Ok, in my cabin fever induced mania I stumbled across the Ikea name generator. Ikea, the Swedish RA furniture company we all know and love has some interesting furniture collection names. I put in my family names and here is what popped out:

S- Sfannea

10 for Tuesday...SNOW,ugh

1. Ok, I have been in since Friday I think it is safe to say I am getting batty.
2. They are calling for more snow, is that even possible?
3. Snow on the sky light is kinda scary.
4. People really do come together in this mess.
5. There are still dummies...hello, don't dig your car out and throw the snow in the street. That is just stoooopid!
6. Snow is better than ice.
6. I am glad the schools are out. Not just because now I don't have to go to work but really because I don't have to drive N in this mess.
7. I have watched more movies in the last few days then I did in all of 09.
8. We still have some goodies left. It is sad the amount of junk we have eaten during this snow storm.
9. Anyone have a guess as to when they will stop having the scrolling list of closings on the screen? I mean isn't it better to list the 3 places that are open?
10. If we have already made it through the Snowmaggedon, what are they going to call the 20 inches we are getting tonight?


a far cry from Miami

Not 80 degrees in February but there is a bit of sunshine peeking through the trees. We have survived the blizzard and 24 + inches. I will keep you posted on how long it takes to dig ourselves out. Does anyone spot my ride in this stuff?


just so you know

There probably won't be any blizzard babies but we won't go hungry. Take a look at the goodies that I have picked up for our hibernation.

pirate's booty

I wanted ice cream but the run before the school day wouldn't permit me to get it. Yes, I had no issues getting out of the house at 6:25 this morning!


3 hr early dismissal ....Z :)

Oh just let me stay home for Pete's sake! 7:25-11:10. I am sure they are going to learn a ton :)

wonderful winter

it is sooooo hard to look at winter as a blessing when they are forecasting an amount of snow that will cripple the area. i guess i will TRY to look forward to hanging out with my men and getting a cuddle or two. and to think the groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter! how will this fla. transplant survive in all of this madness?


10 for Tuesday-my thoughts on the boob tube

1. Nancy Grace, is obsessed w/the same 2 or 3 cases which means I can stop watching for months and still not miss a thing.
2. Teen Mom- most of those teens are just crying for some parenting themselves.
3.Maury- When it comes to 3yr old LaDasha you are not the father.
4.Jersey Shore. Can't watch it!
5. Law and Order. I never seem to catch it and I used to LOVE it :(
6.Snapped...b/c you just never know :0
7. Super Bowl.Gonna watch it, get a sick stomach and bother Z over it.
8. The Weather Channel. nuff said
9. Ellen. She is awesome.
10. American Idol. Cancel it already. But wait, they are bringing Ellen so maybe just maybe I will watch it a time or two.