where the heck did 09 go?

Yeah, it's a wrap!

Glad to have had a full year with the Nico. Celebrated 2 yrs as a wife. Changed from SpEd to English. Let some friendships die. Got closer to some other people. Done some things on my massive to-do list :) Saw ways that I am stronger than I every imagined. Made a few poor choices.

As always I am a work in progress. Here's to another year on the journey of my life.


Ten for Tuesday

1. A great Christmas...hanging out w/ the fam, eating delicious bbq and getting gifts!
2. Celebrating my birthday with my honey at a cool restaurant in DC, Masa 14 ...the food was great, the place was lively and it was a great pick!
3. getting my car out of the shop- who knew a starter could be so damn expensive!
4. watching silly tween shows with my niece
5. my cute new clutch- can you take a clutch with you everywhere?
6. Hershey syrup
7. 22 degrees- what kind of insanity is this? i had a fleeting thought this am that we were half way through with winter and then i realized that that is not true. winter just started. i think i shed a tear.
8. playing with Nico's Christmas gifts
9.having dvr, it is really coming in handy these days
10. gift cards and fsa bucks to spend.


Ten for Tuesday...a celebration of my men

Ok, we have been stuck in the house together since Friday. We have survived, so a celebration of D and N is definitely in order.

1. D shoveled my car out. Yes, I know that he is my hubby and that is the kind of male awesomeness they do but I am SO grateful. I hate cold and I am not a fan of manual labor so this speaks to my core.
2. D keeping track of the school closings. He took it upon himself to watch for my schools closings and his predictions have been rather spot on.
3. N sleeping pretty well. It makes for a much happier mom.
4. While we are on the subject of sleep. D lets me sleep in on the weekends while he hangs out with N, well he gave me Monday too as a bonus.
5. I had a personal driver. Yes, I am a wimp in inclement weather so D drove me around on Monday to pick up some last minute things. D is not one of those let me hold the bags or your purse while you shop dudes, so us doing shopping together is rather rare.
6. No leftovers left. D took care of the meals that I cooked which means I haven't cooked a meal on Sunday or Monday. Sweet.
7. All of the extra love/sweetness from my guys. It has been great having more cuddle time with these cuties!!
8. Free time. Somehow we have managed to have some moments of our own even though we have been cooped up together. Thank goodness, he likes to watch all kinds of things I don't. Heck even shows we both like we watch in our own way. I love that he doesn't have to be up under me every.single second.
9. D's sweet tooth. No, I haven't had much from the assortment he brought home from his grocery store run but having the option is wonderful.
10. Those handsome faces. I love them!


countdown to Christmas...

A few things to get before the big day. I am not really worried, I will get it done. I forgot about a few folks and one item I got was broken when I took it out of the bag. Oh well. No biggie it will get done. I want to do some holiday baking so I need to make a plan for that...cookies or cake or both! I have a few gifts to wrap but I want to wrap when I have the baking smells going so that is not going to happen tonight.
It doesn't feel like Christmas is right around the corner but it will be here before you know it. I hope N likes his gifts b/c he is the only one with a bunch of stuff under the tree.
What is left on your to do list before the holiday?


i am naked

i forgot my cell phone at home

oh, the insanity! nah, i actually drove and jammed to my new cd. good times :)


Ten for Tuesday or heck Wednesday

1. Alicia Keys...love her...her new cd is out today!
2. More checks off of the to-do list. Yay, for getting things done.
3. N- is sleeping so well. I am getting rest and I love it!
4. Cool students, yes...they are few and far between but I do have some really cool ones.
5. Finding my debit card...priceless.
6. Going to Houston's for the last time in the DC area. Sad to see my spot go.
7. Phone calls from friends in far away places. Like the one on Sunday, saying I crossed her mind and she had to say hello.
8. The maturity to be confident of my choices and do things that suit me and mine.
9. finding long lost money...I haven't found any but my palm is itchin'. That has to mean something!
10. Hershey's syrup...nothing beats it on a mound of ice cream.


what's cooking this week

Sunday: Steak, french fries and veggies
Monday: Mini-meatloaf w/mashed potatoes and green beans
Tuesday: Sausage and kale soup
Wednesday: Roast and cabbage
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: dinner out

ok it's posted. now i just have to stick to it :0


Ten for Tuesday-a day late

I guess Tuesday flew by so I missed the post. Here are my 10 a day late.
1.the bell ringing at 2:10, I feel so free and liberated
2. tiger woods, y'all tiger woods...could a situation be more sad? his barbie doll wife must fee like she crapped out. nah, really clearly he has issues. not newsworthy issues but issues nonetheless.
3. how bad of a reality trash tv junkie am I if I am bummed b/c I missed the debut of Teen Moms the spin off from 16 and Pregnant. I mean that is pretty scary. But is it more acceptable that I am really looking forward to the Kardashians new season. My brain is mush and I like it!
4. I really want to enjoy the holidays and work gets in the way of my preparation. Yes,the tree is up but I would like to get to the cards soon.
5. Have a Baby By Me and Be a Millionare....yeah 50 that is the ticket. Stupid, stupid song. The parody Have a Baby By Me and Be on Welfare is more accurate for people who just have babies w/out a plan.
6. I am loving $5 magazine subscriptions...I have found my gift for those people on my list who I am at wits end over buying something for.
7. the nova natural toys / crafts catalog I received is like I died and went to "Oh, N has to have these things heaven"
8. finding new blogs... I always love this one.
9. seeing a new teacher embrace the calling with students who need someone just like her. kudos Morayo, you rock!!!
10. mayo packets. I rarely save you but you came in handy this morning when I only had a minute to get my lunch together.

Oh and as a bonus: THE SUN IS OUT!!!


if you are wondering

this would make me happy if i found it under the christmas tree or in a birthday gift bag


25 days of giving

This post is just a place to help me keep up with my endeavor.
1- the gift of free time to myself ...turned off the tv, computer etc and tuned into ME!!
2- a letter to D
3- prayers for the military and others
4-donation of canned goods
5-baked goodies for a friend


Ten for Tuesday...ok, you better believe I have alot of stuff on my mind

1. a husband who loves sweets...yay, for chocolate chip cookies that are calling my name.
2. 25 days of giving started today and I am all in
3. etsy christmas gifts that are ordered.
4.a nice christmas tree (with presents left by my momma) and N is not even pulling on it
5. good friends
6. finding cool blogs to read.
7. episodes of The Game that are re-runs but new to me :0
8. finding a bunch of things that i forgot i had but am so glad to have unearthed
9. the ability to turn off my ringer....No, I don't want (insert offer). Having caller id and blocking #'s is just not enough anymore. These jokers are relentless.
10. the overwhelming generosity and love that people show my Nico


Guess who's cooking?

Me! Dinner is in the crockpot. Yes, I can go home to a yummy and healthy home cooked meal. All I have to do now is make a pot of rice. I stink at making rice. Oh well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


Ten for Tuesday!

1. Diva Cup!!! Yeah, I'm a Diva. Well the verdict is out if this product will revolutionize my relationship with Aunt Flo but so far I like it.
2. My co-worker who has allowed me to use all of her resources for the novels I teach. Yeah, she has made things a breeze for me. I am thrilled to have her binders!
3. One week until Nico's birthday... a healthy, strong, funny baby boy, what more could I ask for, huh?
4. Deals. I ordered 100, count em 100 prints from Snapfish today for free. I just bought a flip book and I could get the pictures for free with purchase. Sweet deal. Only 90 million more pics to develop and I will be all set :)
5. My folks are coming. My folks are coming!! Yay!
6. D for being a helpful hubby and an awesome Daddy.
7. Whales...what a sweet icon for a first birthday.
8. Target trips where I stay focused and only get the necessities. I have had a few of those recently and they rock.
9. Breastfeeding. I have loved it soooooo much. I can't believe that we have made it an entire year. Yes, there were obstacles. Yes, it was hard. But the benefits have totally outweighed any issues that I have had and I am so glad that I am doing it.
10. Precious. The movie based on the novel Push. I will actually head to the movie to see this one. Yeah, that is saying a lot.


for realz?

everything is blocked at work. photobucket? really? i wish i could do what i need to do at home instead i have time to do it here and they block everything. thanks, work, thanks!!


Friday Flashback...Friendship bracelets

Remember when you knew you were special because your friendship bracelet told you so :)


25 Days of Giving

To celebrate the spirit of the season my family is participating in 25 days of giving. During the days leading up to Christmas, we are going to honor the birth of Jesus with giving of ourselves. Some of our tasks will involve monetary giving but many of them simply require us to give of the talents that we possess. Originally I was going to create a calendar but I decided that I don't want to get discouraged if I don't do a "task". So instead I am creating a list and checking it twice (I couldn't resist) of things that my family can do. Feel free to offer suggestions as the list is not quite at 25.

  • secretly do something kind for someone
  • tidy up my classroom at the end of the day
  • pray for people who are suffering
  • write a note of appreciation to the mail carrier
  • collect hat/scarves for the homeless
  • call a family member that I rarely talk to
  • take cookies to the senior citizens center
  • leave a nice note for a neighbor
  • write a Christmas card to the President and First Family
  • donate foods to the church pantry
  • volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • donate some of Nico's things to the House of Ruth
  • make a donation to Toys for Tots
  • take goodies to service workers on Christmas day
  • watch a someone's children so they can go out to dinner or shopping
  • thank a soldier- send a note/care package to a soldier (anysoldier.com)
  • clear the snow off a neighbor's car
  • give hot chocolate to a Salvation Bell Ringer
  • pick up neighborhood trash


Ten for Tuesday

1. Grades finished. Life begins again. I am so glad that I am done with that daunting task, it has taken up far too many of my moments these last couple of days.
2. Orange slices..not a silly remnant of Halloween, these babies are available year round.
3. Dancing, clapping, finger snapping baby boy. He kinda has my heart.
4. Fa, la,la, la the holidays are right around the corner and I can't wait. My tree will be up in a few weeks :)
5. Fresh, folded laundry...a girl can dream, can't she :0
6. Man down...DC Sniper is going to be down for the count. That was such a crazy period of time. He had everyone scared to get gas. The insanity!!
7. A king-size bed calling my name.
8. Crock pot meals. Getting home with dinner finished is a little slice of heaven.
9. Good friends. Everywhere I go I am surrounded by some great people. I hit the jackpot when it comes to buddies.
10. A new season of Housewives...let the drama begin/continue.


Friday Flashback...Metal Lunch Boxes

So awesome! I would love to have one of these today...maybe I will look around to see if I can find one I like. Anyway, school lunch in this box (that would eventually rust) with a thermos, how could you go wrong?


i am drowning

in stuff to do both at work and at home. papers to grade, papers to grade. clothes to wash, clothes to wash. where is the calgon when you need it?


Ten for Tuesday

1. Nico is not sick anymore. Hip, hip horray. I felt so helpless when he was under the weather. A fever of 102 + is the type of thing that makes a Momma a nervous wreck!
2. Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies....yummy. My co-worker bought me a box last week and it was such a nice surprise.
3. I joined the gym last Friday. Now I just have to go ;P the price was right so I just need to get myself motivated to go. It will be great to escape all of the responsibilities for an hour and just listen to the things that are floating around in my head.
4. Pandora. I will be listening to Alicia Keys radio this afternoon as I grade the mountain of papers that are calling my name.
5. Ryann, she is such a cool kid. I am thrilled to be her Auntie. Nico is already so in love with her that it can only get better.
6. November. Such a big month in our household. We have all kinds of birthdays to get ready for: My Momma, D, Jamie, Nico. Thanksgiving too. Such a festive time. You can't hardly be down when you have so much to celebrate.
7. Leftovers in the freezer. It is great to have a plan for dinner without having to plan or cook :)
8. Cool ideas for a homemade holiday season. Now if only I can get my crew to buy into the idea. I would hate to get some what the heck comments.
9. Crazy mornings. When will I have a smooth, I haven't forgotten anything and life is good morning? Even when I think I am doing well, I realize that something I need is at home. My brain is really mush.
10. Interesting blogs. I am finding more blogs in the blog world that are appealing to me and I like it.


Friday Flashback....Frogger

Remember when you had to go to an arcade with a pocket full of quarters to play a video game. Oh, those were the days. Well I was not a huge video game buff & I am still not that in to video games but there were a few games that struck my fancy. My absolute favorite was Centipede. I was a beast in centipede! I could roll that white ball and shoot the assorted flying objects like nobody's business. But the game that crossed my mind while navigating my way through the parking lot this morning was Frogger. Remember the game where the frog is trying to get across lanes of traffic without being run over. Well that was me and the students were the frogs...jumping out of places and darting across lanes. Playing it as a video game especially in an arcade is much better than experiencing the madness in the 7 o'clock hour!!!


Ten for Tuesday

So I am starting a new thing that I have seen on other blogs, Ten for Tuesday. Ten random things that are in your head.

1. I am really enjoying my new position at work. Although it is certainly more interaction with more teenagers, my day goes by a lot faster and I think that I am using my brain more. Win-win.

2. Cool parents. I am so glad that my parents are so wonderful. They are so eager to be active in Nico's life and I am so glad about it.

3. Finding $18 bucks in my pumping bag this morning was a pretty nice treat. And to think that I was broke this morning with $2 bucks in my work bag. So now I see why my hand was itching.

4. Rainy days. A pain to drive in this morning but the sleeping before it was heavenly.

5. I gotta return my Sigg bottle. If they don't send me the same one back, I hope they send me some cool one that I would have never picked out for myself. It will help me with getting out of my comfort zone.

6. Speaking of green living, Target is going to start giving a 5 cent credit if you use your own bags. Just like Giant does when you go to the grocery store. I will say that it is a pain to lug Nico, his bag and the canvas bags to Target but I try and now it will be doubly good.

7. Leftovers and clean bathrooms. This could really be divided up but really they are related. Since we have a fridge full of leftovers that need to be devoured, I could clean the bathrooms. Yay, I love cleaning the bathrooms... a quick chore that feels like you did a lot.

8. A white box on my doorstep from Crate and Barrel. Made me nostalgic for the months surrounding our wedding. Anyway, I am quite thrilled that someone special was thinking about my family.

9. Real Simple magazine. I finally got to open my November one and I love this magazine. I got a couple new ideas for Thanksgiving....waffles w/cranberries for Black Friday sounds heavenly.

10. Crazy lunch. I eat with a few loons and I am not sure how I can get out of this one. I have to come up with something. But shoot if I have to trek all the way to the lounge to avoid the grandiose stories than I just may have to strap on my boots!


what is it all for

i was talking to my friend this morning and something really hit me, "what is it all for," this every minute grinding. last week we had such a significant loss at work and it seems to always take a tragedy to bring us back to our core. i consider myself a good friend, mother, wife, daughter, sister (not necessarily in that order) and yet there are so many ways that i am not honoring those relationships. when was the last time that i really listened without distraction...not just the physical distraction but the distractions that are on loop in my head. i really want to be present with the people who matter. n is so important to me but there are other important ones in my life and i feel like i put those relationships on the back burner. i don't want to do that anymore. the holidays are fast approaching and i don't want to just give the gift of things...i want to give the gift of me. i am trying to think of ways that i can be better to the people in my life after all these relationships/moments are truly what it is all for. stay tuned


Friday Flashback...the Cabbage Patch Doll

Daniela Helona this is for you. OMG the love I had for this beautiful brown piece of plastic is ridonculous (which according to Kenn is way past ridiculous). Yeah, I wanted a CPD so badly and imagine my shock, wonder and joy when she was under my tree on Christmas day. I mean if I could have had anything in the world then she was definately it. Just perfect. Her purple dress trimmed in pink with matching bloomers, absolutely gorgeous. I loved her.

She wouldn't be the last of my Cabbage Patch Dolls but she holds a special place in my heart because she was the first. Yes, they still make these cuties but nothing compares to when they hit the scene and everyone had to have them. The story goes that my Momma and her sister drove to some distant Toy's R Us and waited in a ridonculous line to get them for their daughters, yeah we are loved like that!


2 yrs down

So, today is my anniversary. D and I have been married two years. It seems like ages ago I was planning our wedding. Our life has changed so much since 07. I am still glad to to his wife and have his last name!!


Cool Ass Grown Ass Man

Watching the VH1 Hip Hop Honors and I am reminded of how cool Russell Simmons is... to be one half of the creative force behind Def Jam as a young man and now as a grown man a yogi and a mogul. You gotta give the props to Russell, he has done and he is doing the damn thing!



It is 8:15 and I can go take a long leisurely bath! N is down and I have done all that one woman should do in one night. Cooked dinner, washed clothes and graded a stack of papers. Finally some me time.


If there was a prize for sadness...

I would so win it. I have so few hours before I have to go to work tomorrow :( N and D get to sleep in and have fun and me? I have to go to work. Pout, pout.


Friday Flashback- The Cosby Show

The Cosby's have a special spot in my heart. They represent so much... a successful marriage with interesting kids and best of all the looked like me. Nope, my family was not like the Cosby's but we can all dream can't we. Every Thursday night The Cosby's transported my junior high mind to another place where problems were solved within thirty minutes and you could get a lesson and a laugh. I couldn't get enough of them.


What A Morning!!

Ok, whoever decided that high school should start at 7:25 did not consider the students who are tired as hell and completely dead to the world at that time or the teachers who would have to move mountains to get there. Ugh, I try so hard and it is still a feat for me to make it to work on time. And for the folks that don't have this problem, wait a second while I get your gold star.
So let me explain to you the comedy of errors that was my morning and when I say morning keep in mind all of this happened before 7 am. Unflippinbelievable! Without too much elaboration D dressed N while I was getting dressed, I hear N going poo after he is all dressed and ready to head out the door, I have to stop to change N (which includes removing sweat pants, unbuttoning his onesie and his shirt, changing the diaper, rebuttoning onesie, rebuttoning shirt, pulling up pants) all the while N is squirming away from me. Good times! So I finally get N, his bag, my work bag, lunch bag and RuPaul in the car and as I begin my drive my orange juice spills all over. I mean I was able to move my leg away quick enough to miss my dress and tights, but it went all over the console and the floor. UGH!! I need orange juice to start my day like coffee drinkers need their caffeine. Not a pretty start. And what was the ultimate was as I was driving I looked over and saw the Tropicana truck with the glistening orange and a straw. A tear, a tear!!!


Walk for the Cure

On October 18th I will participate in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure. I am looking forward to the walk and raising a little money for such an amazing cause. I am so fortunate that breast cancer has not touched my immediate circle, but I am certainly aware of the magnitude of this issue. I invite anyone who wants to join me to sign up. We can walk and then have a hearty lunch ;)


Ok , I have never posted about church which is kinda odd since I post about so many other things in my life. But anyway, church on Sunday was awesome. I truly feel like no matter when I go, the message always strikes a cord with me on some level. Anyway this past Sunday was no different. I loved the songs and the ministry was great. Now I should also mention the opps of the day. First of all my son is such a talker that he was blabbing during most of the service. Now it doesn't bother me in the slightest, I just hope that my neighbors weren't disturbed. But the real opps was when my cell phone rang. Yep, I am that person. It rang! I was horrified. Not super loud and I was able to grab it while wrangling N, but it rang while the pastor was praying. Ugh.
Aside from that, I was handed a most timely card while I was walking out of the service. It read and I am paraphrasing but "Put God in the center and everything will be alright". Reading that gave me pause. How often do I want things to be a certain way but that way is my will and not His will? And then I am frustrated/pissed or the like when things are not as I want them to be. SO with all of that being said, I am working on keeping Him in the center of all things.


Flashback Friday-I'm Bad

Oh my gosh, this was my ish. I can still remember the order of the songs, the way LL looked in the video. Hell, I was going to be Mrs. James Todd Smith. I would not have even had to change my last name once we were married. This tape was almost worn out, I played it so much. If you needed a roughneck he was it in "I'm Bad" but he could melt your heart with "I need Love". LL was the complete package in this one. He put a fork in Kool Mo Dee and solidified my love affair that would last for years.
* You may notice the parental advisory on the corner*For me. it was kinda like an endorsement instead of a warning :)


Tardy for the Party Mugllabe Remix - Kim Zolciak

In honor of my Thursday night addiction!!!


do over

Tomorrow Nico tries this daycare thing again. I am sure that it will be ok but it is still scary. The center seems very cool. I stopped by this afternoon and they were in full swing and the babies were being well taken care of so I am feeling rather ok. I had a million things to do tonight to get ready for him going... I am paranoid that he wouldn't have what he needs. I know he will have all he needs and more but you never know. I had a list and then a mental list too. Craziness! At any rate, I am accepting all prayers that tomorrow goes well for N and his Momma :) I so wish that I could be with him and not go through this mess. Just think I could stay home with him and not have to pump. Wow that would be the life. A tough as hell existence but it would be cool.


Friday Flashback.... The Pay Phone

Roar, I hear the sound of a dinosaur. Nope it is the pay phone. What will Superman when he needs a quick change? Can you believe that people used to have to fish around for a quarter if they needed to make an urgent call. Yeah, cell phones are much more convenient.

True story, back in the day when I was in college and I met D my home phone was off. Granted it was only off for the day until my roomate went to pay the bill. But it was off nonetheless. Well at that moment, I met D and he wanted my phone number. Well I never gave my number to strange folks so when he asked I kept on saying no. He was persistent and I finally said I couldn't call him because my phone was off, knowing full well that it was probably back on as I was speaking but anyway I told him that to get him to leave me alone. No luck he was still trying his hand. Finally he asked me how much my phone bill was and I told him it was like $400 (yeah, I used to have a long-distance talking problem) well he was blown away and said he couldn't help me with that high ass bill. Instead he offered me a quarter and told me to call him from a pay phone. Yeah, the rest is history :)


i am a snitch

a tattle-tale etc etc.

I finally spoke to my neighbor about her daughter's after school activities. I hemmed and hawed about this one. I mean yes, she needs to know but people do have a tendency to shoot the messenger. She was surprisingly receptive. I am glad that that deal is done. Hopefully now I won't come home from being w/ teenagers all day to a hall full of teenagers who don't want to get out of my way to let me get to my door. Yes, that is why I pay my mortgage to have loosey loos and baby gangsters greet me. If nothing else than maybe this little lady will learn to be more discreet :P


Sudbury District Health Unit Breast Feeding Commercial

i am a sleep deprived

chocolate craving

flats wearing

perfectly planned


any questions?


Flashback Friday....KEDS!

Because sometimes it is good to revisit the past :)

Seriously, I used to rock these like every single day in high school. If Palmetto had an unofficial uniform it was jean cut off shorts, a white v-neck and KEDS with no socks. I had so many pairs. I think they were like 20 bucks.(I was pretty thrifty before it became trendy) They were a staple in my wardrobe. You had to wear them when they were fresh. If the white had lost some of its luster, you could wash them but beware sometimes washing them gave them the dreaded yellow tint. Ugh. I always ended up washing mine bc they would get hella smelly. Sweaty feet, Miami heat and canvas are a stinky explosion. Anyway. I remember these shoes fondly and they are my first Friday Flashback!!!


time for a change

so i have been blogging for about a year and i have outgrown my old haunt. it is too tough to navigate for an uninterested computer girl like me. i am sure that things will work out better here. change is good, even Barack says so :)