what i learned today

Taking a moment to do something that I may not feel like doing can really make my husband's day. I was relaxing in my bed after a half day of work and remembered that I had a chicken in the fridge that needed cooking. I did not let my relax, chill mode prevent me from making dinner for my sweetheart. I baked the chicken, sweet potatoes and steamed some broccoli. Added a few dinner rolls and viola a real meal. I know it pleased him because he told my Aunt that it is his favorite and he went back for seconds. So what I learned was the more I give to the people I love the happier my home is... easy peasy :)


10 tests

1. Pregnancy- passed that one and it changed my life.
2. Driving- failed it the first time at 18! Who knew you had to look back when you reverse :( The second time was the charm.
3. 9th grade Assessments- yawn, yawn...even the cartoons on these are boring
4. Praxis- there really should be a harder test to become a teacher. Well I guess the real test of teaching is if you survive the first year.
5. SAT- oh, my the hours I spent preparing for that one. Glad that I never have to take it again. They have since added an essay and I can't imagine how that would work for me.
6. the purity test- I have never taken this one and it is blocked at work so I will have to try it later. has anyone taken such a thing?
7. Vision- I may need to schedule one....everything is quite blurry. I don't know if I can blame it on looking at this laptop for too long.
8. Gender prediction tests- 50/50 chance on that one... I did have a boy.
9. Oh, this is getting hard. Let's see.....the every day test of my patience that is D. Well surprisingly he is doing very well and I am loving him :)
10. I am stumped. No 10 for Tuesday. I am such a failure. Please don't hold it against me.

What tests have you taken?
(this topic was brought to you by by sidekick at assessment writing MJ- no relation to the king of pop)


ha ha

In bed, surfing the net, eating a blow pop. All by myself!


10 things I am looking forward to this summer

1. Sunshine
2. trips to the pool
3. long talks with Bestie
4. hanging out w/my sewing machine
5. sleeping in
6. staying up late
7. dates with D
8. bright toenail polish
9. watching too much tv
10. each and every moment


full weekend, bring on summer!

My weekend was extremely packed and fun-filled. I stayed up late Friday sewing, Saturday was make-up, shopping,lunch, book-club, swimming and playing! You are tired, right? I had a blast hanging out with TMJ and the other ladies at the Book-Club. I promise to finish the book next time :)
Father's Day began with a yummy breakfast prepared by me and my side-kick N. Spicy shrimp and grits with homemade blueberry muffins.....so delish! Then it was relaxing as a family. N got D a Michael Jackson themed gift. It was quite fitting as they watched This Is It together before he even opened his gift. So in N's gift bag for his Daddy was a Pepsi w/ My Pop is King Label, a book, a dvd of videos, interviews etc and a homemade card w/ N's hand as the sequined glove and a note w/songs by MJ to describe their relationship. So D loved it!


Status Update

My cousin asked me for a status update on my 101 in 100 days and lets just say, I suck :) No really, I have a lot of work to do on my list. Good thing the summer is coming and the living is easy. I will get to it pronto. Cause 25 ish is not good :(


Thurgood Performance

How cool is it that my sister had an extra ticket to a sold out performance? We're talking fifth row, could see Laurence Fishburne spit close. We're talking, hello I think he was speaking directly to me, close. Yeah, pretty freaking cool. Yesterday my sister texted me during work to see if I would be available to go with her to see the sold out performance of Thurgood at the Kennedy Center. Of course, I am so available. And I am so glad that my schedule was open and so glad that my sister gets the best seats! We had a ball. I got all dolled up and headed to the city on a Thursday night, rather grown and sexy if I do say so myself. So on to the show.
I was blown away. Just utterly impressed! The Howard University emblem hanging dead-center, high- above the stage was all the welcome I needed. ( 3 0f the 5 of us were/are HU students...so we had our chests puffed out :) And then it started, 2 1/2 hous of young Thurgood, old Thurgood, the women, the challenges, the struggles, the alcohol, the love and the loss. Just floored. I learned all sorts of cool things about him. It was amazing to watch Fishburne change his body and his accents and become all of these different people. Little Larry has grown up. From Boys in the Hood to Thurgood... nothing but love!


10-----THINGS that I am Glad aren't 10

1. Nico's bedtime
2. days left in school
3. the price of gas per gallon
4. the number of kids I want
5. the number of husbands I have
6. dollars in my bank account
7. number of friends on Facebook
8. channels on tv
9. students who are failing my class
10. things I am too afraid to try


sew, you think you can ruffle?

or applique? well when we go in we go all in. C and I spent an awesome day sewing, sipping and chatting. just a nice way to hang out with a friend. really a win-win. we munched on some goodies and used up a bunch of limes. yes, you missed a great time. i cant wait to use my newly acquired skills a bit more and i hate to say it but i am not accepting any custom orders at this time ;D

just as an aside. i love reading sewing blogs. well most blogs really. there is one blog that does a weekly feature on things that her readers have made. i decided to link my dress to her blog because she inspires me and i have learned a lot from her tutorials. Andrea at The Train To Crazy is so talented!

looking forward to the weekend

I still have a small number of research papers to grade but I will finish them up in the next couple of days. So I am planning on getting some fun in this weekend too. I want to hang out with my men and cuddle with Nico. All things that grading got in the way of. Lucky for me N is willing to wake me up way early to start the festivities :) I have some sewing time planned with my friend Beeps. My sister is taking N to a picnic tomorrow. The weather looks beautiful so no complaints from me!


a day late 10 random things

1. sorry i didn't post yesterday, i hate letting my loyal readers down. i kid. i kid.
2. i was so tired yesterday, my eyes were burning and i couldn't bring myself to post.
3. i have embraced not cooking dinner this week. if you are older than 2 you have to find your own grub. it has been a breeze.
4. i am taking tomorrow off to grade papers. not really a Me day but it should be nice.
5. the school year is almost over. happy dance :)
6. i am looking forward to my sewing date. i need to start posting pictures of my projects. well there haven't really been projects per say but there are things that i can post.
7. what would you do for a Klondike bar? well right now i would love some chocolate. not a klondike bar but something w/hershey's in the title would be spot on.
8. have you hugged someone today? i feel like i have needed a lot of hugs this week. thank gosh i got 'em.
9. i slept like a baby last night. not my baby. but a baby who sleeps through the night. and is so peaceful. i slept like that for most of the night.
10. the countdown to summer is officially on. i am so looking forward to getting my relax on :)


Take it all for a few extra hours!

I need a few more hours. Twenty-four just seems inadequate. I am sure I should be grateful but really 24 just isn't enough. I need more time to do the fundamental things like sleep but also the cool things like sew, go for walks and make tasty treats. Yeah, I need a few more hours. I can't believe it is 9:35 on a Sunday weekend and my weekend is gone and my to-do list has more to-do than what has been done. Oh me, oh my. You never want to start a week in the hole but hey there isn't much I can do about it at this point.
Yes, I am probably being too hard on myself. I have done a bunch of stuff this weekend. I hung out w/my men. Went on a walk, played at the park, went to church and graded more research papers than any person should. Hey, I even sat down and colored- inside and outside the lines. And cleaned crayon off the wall- the Magic Eraser is a must even if how it does what it does is a mystery. I fed my baby well and introduced him to new fruits. I read him stories and made up all sorts of voices to keep him amused. So it was far from a bust. I just would like a few more hours to mindlessly veg out before the reality of a new work week starts. I would trade in some pretty cool things for a mere 60 minutes, so if you have any pull let me know and we can work something out!


10 things that inspire me

1. Reading What I know for Sure in Oprah's magazine. Reading about things that she finds life changing is truly inspirational.
2. Nicole- my sister/friend who has been through more than any one person should and yet she is always so positive and upbeat.
3. Looking at older people. You know the people who are 70 plus and seem to have lived a million lives. Just amazing.
4. seeing my hubby with n, that is love.
5. Bestie's dreams. If I have to live vicariously through someone it may as well be my Best.
6. turning off the tv- I have some pretty deep thoughts when I am allowed to be at one with them.
7. Mothers. Not those crazy bitties who don't want to act their age or be there for their kids but the REAL women who embrace each chapter of their lives.
8. true love.
9. Nico.
10. Writers. Pen to paper, big thoughts and personal triumph.