Tuesday's Top Ten

The Top Ten Things about This Tuesday

10. Buying gas in the rain with .30 cents off/ gallon. Fill 'er up baby!
9. Sewing club girls rockin' out and making their quilts.
8. Waking up a bit late but managing to pull it all together and get out of the house on time.
7. A fourth period class that made my cheeks hurt by laughing and they managed to get some work done too.
6. Cool personalized place mats as a surprise during lunch.
5. Day 1 of the school wide walking challenge is underway. Go Team D :)
4. Yummy leftovers for lunch. I made 15 bean soup in the crock pot and it was delish. I felt all thrifty using up all of the baked ham.
3. My little paparazzi taking pics- he is on a roll. Yes, birthday presents are great for shaking things up in the house.
2. Winning a Japanese pattern book. Feeling quite lucky this week. You may want to rub my belly or something ;)
1. Seeing a double rainbow after picking up N from school. He was so cute telling me that we were following the rainbow and it is trying to hide behind the clouds. I would clone him but that is generally frowned upon.

What was great about your Tuesday?

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  1. Oooh a japanese pattern book? Would love to see it!