10 for Tuesday- Pinterest Love

Are you obsessed with Pinterest? Do you love it as much as I do? Is this just babble and you don't know what the heck I am talking about? I hope not because I love it. I will admit I loved it more when it wasn't blocked at work :) Anywho Pinterest is a cool place to organize the gazillion things that you find appealing....ie. a fantastic wonderful place to pass time. All the while seeing how nifty, crafty and ingenious other folks are. Count me in :) Here are 10 things that I have recently pinned. ENJOY!!

Easy peasy delish fruit roll ups from here : http://thecopycatcook.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/fruit-rollups/

A variation of this design for my son's quilt from here: http://minneapolishunter.com/2010/01/04/a-quilt-and-cake/

Cute, cute cookies from here:http://www.sweetsugarbelle.com/blog/2011/09/pinterest-cookied-chevron-cookies/

Cool, cool blue~

meal ideas for my little one , go here: http://www.livinglocurto.com/2011/04/lunch-punch/

gorgeous fruit :)

happy pinning! 


January is essentially a wrap!

The first month of 2012 is winding itself down and luckily the resolutions are still a go. Yes! Still have a ways to go with the moving my buns one. I try but I often let other things get in the way of the me time that I should use for exercise. But the importance of taking time for myself slaps me in the face time and time again. I was at a leadership training today and one of the things on the laundry list of suggested tasks is to make sure that you schedule some physical activity. So I am continuing to work on that one.
I am journaling a lot. Not every single day but I am really and purposefully documenting my experience. I have discovered that I really love doing multimedia journaling. I feel SO creative and I really can't wait until I look back at the year and have a record of all of the awesomeness that was my 2012. If you haven't tried this type of journaling yet, what are you waiting for? Chop, chop. You will not be disappointed. You can certainly start this type of journaling at any point.
I have lost a few lbs this year. Eating better in some ways. Trying to be better about what I consume. So that is a success.
Agenda book and weekly planning is a real challenge. I am not really sure what I can do to improve. Suggestions, anyone. Beuller? Beuller? I really think if I can get this one down better than my other clutter removal/organization goal would go better too. Alas the journey is the success. I am enjoying the journey :)

How are you doing on your resolutions?



I think many of us have a tendency to go and go and go no matter what our bodies tell us. I am no exception. Yesterday, I crashed. I fell asleep before 6pm and slept through until 4 am. And by sleeping through I totally mean sleeping through a little one on my back, a little one requesting some dinner, a hubby asking me about my preparedness for Thursday am and a little one back on my back happily playing with the remote control. SO after/during all that I slept like a log. It was perfect, it was amazing. It was just what the dr ordered. I feel so prepared to start my day. I don't recommend everyone check out like that. It really only works if you don't worry about how things will go when you are knocked out. I knew my hubby would be more than capable to to run the show. So take the nap. A happy wife is a happy life! Certainly a well-rested wife has to fit in that category somehow.


10 for Tuesday!

1. Don't you just love when you are doing something that brings you joy and someone else is doing it with you and they just make it look amazing?! Look at the awesome journal started by my bestie, The Funky Firefly !

2.  What about when you get you get your previously damaged beyond measure work laptop returned in good as new condition. Pretty awesome, right?

3. Or you get the cutest picture of your newlywed friend on her wedding day and she is truly radiant!
4. How about when you finally finish putting your grades in two hours before the deadline.
5. A 2hr phone call with a lifelong friend----laughing, exchanging mommyisms and catching up.
6. A dinner that included pancakes that was made by my hubby.
7. A nice offer from an overseas email address offering me a large sum of money if I will only be so kind to let them use my account for a few transactions. (Just seeing if you were still with me)
8. Watching Their Eyes Were Watching God and truly enjoying every minute. I really can't tell you the number of times I have seen this movie since I teach this book and I still enjoy it every time.

9. The extremely mild winter temperatures and sunshine that blanketed the area today :)
10. Seeing the words of long gone influential people still touching people.

10 things that have made me satisfied this week!


Date Night

Oh Date Night how I love you. Yesterday we got all dolled up and went to a wonderful birthday dinner for my brother in law. This night out was special for so many reasons. We were headed to a tasty Indian restaurant in DC, Rasikas. The food is served family style and it is so delish. Our son was headed to my friend's house and it was the first non-family babysitter. Talk about nervous! I was so nervous, my  hubby was too. Our son? He had a ball and she took him out to Dave and Buster's too. All was well. Whenever we manage to get out we have such a fantastic time. Which reminds me to make sure we get to do it a bit more.
So, do you do a scheduled date night with your honey? Do you think I am silly for being so giddy about date night? Do tell!


10 for Tuesday:Searching for the Happy

Well it is officially Wednesday but don't tell anyone :)
This week is off to a crazy start, trying to stay focused and happy is proving to be a challenge. So this is where you come in- help me find the happy. What is making you happy this week? Normally I am ok in this department but this week not so much.

1. I am happy that I have a supportive husband who pulls his weight with our sick little one.
2. I am happy for my new blog design courtesy of Lauryn. She really rocks!
3. Thrilled the Heat won tonight on D Wade's birthday.

4-10 is all you. What is making you happy this week?


An Important Reminder

A nudge, because we can always use a nudge towards our dreams.
Find a way to honor his dream, this weekend and always.


Easy baby quilt

Making gifts for babies is just about the coolest thing to do. First of all you know that there won't be a critical eye looking at all of the mistakes and second everything is cuter when it is tiny! So four nearly five months ago my cousin had her second baby. A little boy who I hope to get to visit in the Spring and he is just such a cutie. I have been meaning to make something for her but things just kept on getting in the way. I promised myself that after the holiday sewing was finished I would get to a gift for him. Well, guess who finished? This whole planning and doing that I am trying to implement is really working for me :)
I used a no binding quilt method that I found on Red Pepper Quilts and it was super easy to follow. I did not make a huge complex project. I really loved the robot fabric and would have just made a blanket using that but I wanted it to be a little bigger and more quilt like. So robots plus some circle fabric that I had in my stash made for a quick little quilt and the backing is sweet and cheery yellow polka dots. I love it and I hope my cousin does too!



I have mentioned before that I wanted to be diligent about using my journal. This week went pretty good- I missed a day. No excuses, I was in super sleepy mode and did not want to exert the effort to put pen to paper. Since I am a glass half full kind of person, I see that as success! Go me. And since I started my journal on 12/26 (my bday) it is even more awesomely amazing that I have been sticking at it longer than the first week of the year. Go ME!!
I have stumbled on a blog that is doing a Journaling through January effort and since I would love to have prompts and all that I have decided to participate. I hope that will keep me even more focused on this aspiration of mine.
Just for the record I am using a nice bound sketchbook with 8x11 white pages that just scream, "Fill me up with your witty, insightful, awesomely amazing thoughts!" So I am trying to do just that. Bonus points for this sketchbook being one I already had- brand new and all from the now defunct Borders Books. Which helps with my whole being a better steward of my money resolution-like goal.
So if I were going to journal about my New Year's Resolutions~
Exercise/fitness: yoga ( 3 ) walking ( 1)
Money: no unnecessary purchases at Target, yeah and no splurges
Journaling: see above
Clutter removal: clean pantry, clean truck ( my hubby eve complimented me on this one), donation of stuff

Great start! How did your first week of 2012 go? I hope it is off to an awesome start!


Ten for Tuesday- My LONG Day

My day was rather long but it was pretty great ;)  Came home to dinner and a happy hubby- win/win!

1. Did not get to journaling yet, waiting until I relax before bed....My head is a flutter with creative thoughts :)

2.Happy Fish!

3. Happily wearing my pedometer...only 5000 steps so far ;(

3. Drawing with Pip-Squeaks & my lil Pip.

4. Coldest day of the year ;) No really it was a COLD/Breezy day.

5. Listening to Adele in the 6 o'clock hour. (am, you guys)

6. Getting compliments on my royal blue sweater, a gift from my hubby.

7.Getting my h20 in!

8. Student work that pops.

9. Box of thread for sewing club.

10. Love it~Wicked Fresh Mouthwash.