Ten for Tuesday- Terrific Things about ME!!

Since M, twisted my arm and all :)

1. I am very thoughtful.
2. I am a good friend. My friends mean the world to me and I work hard at honoring those relationships.
3. I laugh often. Life is too short to get caught up in being miserable.
4. I am a good Momma. Yeah, toot-toot!
5. I love learning new things and pushing myself. Hello, sewing :P
6. Have you tried my lasagna? I am not afraid to say that I can make a few awesome meals.
7. So creative, that is me.
8. I am patient.
9. I can keep a secret...for ever and a day.
10. I am ME. Which is pretty darn sexy, smart and sassy!

your turn--- feel free to comment 10 more great things about me or 10 about you!


ten for tuesday

I couldn't think of anything to write about. So send your suggestions :)


The Happiness Post

a few things that would make me happy this week....now I gotta make sure that they happen.
* a long conversation with my Best where we get to brainstorm monumental stuff
* finishing the spring cleaning of my bedroom
* completing my sewing projects
* going on a date with D
* a manicure

Happy End of the Weekend...hello New Week!!


Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a blast! I had a good time hanging out with my two favorite fellas. My son makes me abundantly happy and so fulfilled. He keeps me super busy but for the most part I am all smiles when he is allowing me to hold him. This is the best job I have ever had with the greatest benefits!!


Ten for Tuesday!!

You know you wanna.

1. That reminds me of Al B. Sure. Which reminds me of a night in Vegas when he grabbed the mic and embarrased himself. It was also a night I embarassed myself so it is all good.
2. I am enjoying learning to sew. I have so many creations floating around in my mind. I hope I don't loose interest. FYI Joann's offers a discount to teachers on top of sale/coupon prices. YAY!
3. Cleaning house. It goes much better/faster without Nico at my feet. I picked him up yesterday at 5 and I felt so accomplished. I got a bunch of stuff done so we were able to relax as a family together which was nice.
4. I am trying to limit my at home tv/computer use. I know clutch the pearls. Sometimes it feels like that stuff is such noise. Spring is the time to open windows, eat outside and relish those moments. I am working on that :)
5. Day 2 of the Journey. Day 1 went well. I am excited and I hope D is enjoying the journey.
6. Accepting a compliment. Why is that so hard? I am always apologizing/explaining when people compliment me. I am going to try just saying a heartfelt thanks.
7. Speaking of compliments, my sister said that a guy held a door for her twice, or through both doors of the double doors and it made her day. Made her day. I am sure he didn't know he was making her day. He was just being considerate. It is really cool how you can impact someone's day.
8. Friends. I am so glad I have good ones.
9. Is it June yet? Not rushing the year but sleeping in will be divine.
10. My little boy is going to Florida for weeks this summer. WEEKS! Did you hear me people, WEEKS!! What will I do with myself? How will I manage!


Winner, winner chicken dinner

Sunday- Spaghetti, string beans and garlic toast
Monday- Baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, veggies
Tuesday- Manicotti with spinach
Wednesday- Leftovers
Thursday- Pizza with salad
Friday- out

I am such the domestic :)


The Journey

A few months ago I bought a great book The Love Dare about building up your marriage. It is based on integrating prayer and spirituality into your marriage.I showed it to D and we never really got into it. I hope that we revisit it because I truly believe that it is a very useful tool. So in researching the book, I found out about a 40 day Love Dare that you can do by yourself. I think I am going to do it and not tell D. I want to see how he responds to these gestures and my improvements without him knowing what I am doing. Will our relationship grow and improve as a result of The Dare? I hope so. I am always down for a good journey.
And for those who are wondering. We are not in a bad place and I am not mad at him. I was doing some soul searching and without working at it nothing improves. I am all about improving us and strengthening our foundation.

Sew what?

Sew C and I spent a lovely Saturday am gabbing and sewing. I had a great time. C is no novice. The quilt she is making is SOOOOOOOOO awesome. I mean like take a pause and take it all in awesome. That girl has some serious skills. I am glad I walked away with a cool project and I can't believe that I sewed something. I am learning my machine, the more I use it the more comfy I get. What will my next project be? I think I will keep it under wraps. Yeah, that is the only clue that you will get.
So if you want to read all about our sewing adventures, check this out: