a wonderful day to celebrate my sister and bestfriend too. Happy Birthday Tangela & Za'Keisha!


10 for Tuesday the Green Post

Today I am going to focus on 10 little green things that I am doing to help this place that I call home.

1. Recycling- D takes down the garbage and I handle the recycling. That should tell you that it is a labor of love. I don't mind the sorting or rinsing but when I have to lug that stuff to the bins I am not so in love with recycling.
2. Cloth diapers- good for the planet and good for my baby. A win-win. Plus they are so flipping cute that you enjoy changing him. I like for him to coordinate.
3. Reducing energy consumption- a bit harder in the winter but still something I have committed to...lights off, computer off, energy sucking appliances unplugged.
4. Organic- I purchase organic, locally grown food when it is feasible and not cost prohibitive.
5. Plastic water bottles- I use far less. I bring my water to school and only buy it in a pinch. I can't help it I am a big gulper.
6. Plastic bags- I use my super cute totes in place of plastic bags on nearly every shopping trip. I have been known to carry my stuff in my hands instead of using a plastic bag.
7. Plastic snack bags- I use reusable bags to tote snacks for N and myself.
8. Paper towels- We started the process of phasing out paper towels. Yikes. I will keep a roll on hand but the crazy amount we go through has been halted.
9. Clothing Care- washing clothes in cold instead of hot/ line drying as much as possible.
10. Supporting local. Buying goods from local merchants so they don't have to travel as far and I support my local economy.

Doing green things takes some adjusting but it is growing on me!


No, no, no

tell me the weekend isn't over. tell me it doesn't all start again in a few short hours. ugh, where does the time go? yes, I had Friday off but that doesn't count since N was sick. now I have to head back and the commute promises to be a rainy, messy one. i have to get off of here. i need to be a Debbie Downer under my covers!


Night Out!

On Thursday, D and I went to see Alicia Keys. The concert was absolutely phenomenal! It started with a few songs by Alicia's back-up singer, Jermaine Paul and he was very good. Next up was Melanie Fiona and she was good too. Robin Thicke was the opening act and he was AMAZING (watch out Justin Timberlake!) he sang, played the piano, did some grinding and ended it with a tribute to Lil Wayne and he started rapping. He was soooo good. I need to go and get his latest. I knew I liked Sex Therapy but after seeing his show I have to get his stuff. Too hot.
And then....
She was on. I love her music. She is so talented. She gave a great show. Her music is so impressive. I thought she wasn't going to sing my song. The second to the last song she made me one happy camper. She sang Our song... No One. Aww, that song always puts me back at that moment when we walked our first walk as husband and wife.
"No one, No one can get in the way of what I'm feelin'. No one can get in the way of what I feel for you!"

Oh and I forgot to mention, Michelle Obama was in the audience. Yeah, we are cool like that!


10, 10, 10 for Tuesday!

1. My weekly menu is not really working this week since I don't feel like cooking.
2. Jesse James allegedly cheated on Sandra Bullock. Not cool after she declared how spectacular he is to anyone who would listen. Marriage vows are not just suggestions.
3. Spring Break is almost here and I can't wait.
4. My sister is out of the country and I miss her. Hope she is having a wonderful adventure.
5. Nico is laying across my arms while I type this...I guess he could be called resistance :)
6. I have decided to wake up earlier since I can no longer stay up until 11. So waking up early gives me a moment to myself.
7. A quote on Dr. Phil was :" Friendships are ships, they can sink." Wow. Some sentiment.
8. I think I have just experienced my first etsy disappointment. I mean how long does it take to ship a product you have in stock.
9. The Phone Free Zone for your car is so hard! I think O should have given us all chauffeurs.
10. Where did the good weather go? I miss the sun :(


What's for dinner?

I researched crock pot recipes for the summer months and well nada caught my eye. I just think that most of the meals that they mention are not things I want to eat. So my menu for this week is:
Sunday- Pork ribs w/ pasta and broccoli
Monday- Turkey Meatloaf w/ roasted potatoes and carrots
Tuesday- Tilapia w/ grilled vegetables
Wednesday- Leftovers
Thursday- Dinner Out
Friday- Pizza

That is the plan...now I just gotta stick to it :)


64 years!

There aren't too many things I can imagine doing for 64 years. And while marriage vows are until death do you part, I never really think about that in terms of yrs. My grandparents have been married for 64 years and it is just remarkable. 64 yrs with the same person doing all those things that get on your nerves and 64 years of being with the person that gives you butterflies by just smiling at you. Amazing.


10 for Tuesday...come on Spring (Summer would be better!)

Ok, I am not rushing the calendar but there are many things that I enjoy doing in the Spring that I can't do in the sucky Winter.

1. Show off my pedicure..toes out is the best.
2. Dine outside.
3. Wear bright colors.
4. Enjoy the extra hours of sunlight.
5. Take walks around the lake with N.
6. Sip margaritas with my girls.
7. Did I mention sunlight? Love some sun :)
8. Stop eating all of these stews, soups etc. Does that mean I won't be using the crockpot?
9. Visiting people, when it is cold I prefer to go straight home.
10. SPRING BREAK....yeah, I am a kid like that ;)


Power of Peers

Today I visited my friend's church. The church is a non-denominational one...the kind with the stage and all of that. It was very diverse and super welcoming. We had a good time. The service was very good. The only thing I would have liked would be more worship songs. Other than that, I would go back again. But anyway. The reason for this post is the message that was given. The sermon was about the people that we surround ourselves with vs the types of people we need in our life. Many times they are very different.
The first step in getting a life development team is to get the right people in place. The minister defined them as 3 types:
1. "Paul like" are people who are our coaches.
2. "Barnabas like" are people who are our partners/companions.
3. "Timothy like" are people who are our apprentices...we can encourage them like we have been encouraged.

Anyway, it was an interesting way to look at the people who we surround ourselves with and it has caused me to evaluate my relationships to get the key players their staring roles :) Just interesting.


sew what?

I want to learn how to sew. I am thinking of taking a class at Joann's. Will I be intimidated by women with some skill? Will I be completly overwhelmed by the process? Why the heck am I going back in time with all the things that interest me?
I tried to teach myself but couldn't figure out how to thread the bobbin. And then my niece took her machine back. Ugh! Maybe a machine will fall in to my lap. Maybe I will find a good deal on Craigslist. Maybe this is a passing phase.


Ten for Tuesday...Randomness

1. Had a late lunch/early dinner with my buddy KELLY and her sanity is refreshing. A breath of fresh air. I miss our daily chats but our meet-ups are on point.
2. Biggie...lyrical genius. Gone too soon.
3. You have to be a friend to keep friends. I am reminded of that on the daily.
4. I love shopping with coupons. Today I saved 13 bucks at Target and I only bought the few things on my list. Go me :)
5. I want to win a contest on the radio or on a blog. That would be thrilling!
6. Total time spent fiddling on line these days is miraculously small. Enjoying more moments with my active baby boy and I am loving it!
7. Spring is right around the corner, yay!
8. Speaking of Spring...hello Miami, can't wait to see you soon.
9. I am so glad I switched subject areas. It makes work so much more interesting and I think deeper thoughts :)
10. D has been on my good side lately. That makes me happy!