10 for Tuesday : Things I am liking

Sometimes you get all of this happiness inside of you and you can't believe that you have it so good. That's me. I am feeling all kinds of happiness and I hope it is catchy :)

1. I am LOVING that my son has finally gotten used to his school. Bonus points for being close enough that I can actually run home for a minute before pick-up and also share the pick-ups with the husband.
2. I am loving all of the coverage that No Doubt is getting since they have a new album coming out. Gwen Stefani is pretty dang cool.
3. Loving the Wednesday off. A mid-week day off is the best :)
4.I am liking the way that my hubby and I are partnering. It makes it easy when we are clicking.
5. Loving all things mustard. Although this trend has been going on for a bit, it makes me so happy that I am glad it is sticking around.
6. Liking the many bags of give-aways that I have bagged up to be picked up tomorrow. Yay, for scheduled pick-ups. Much easier than dropping anything off.

7. Totally liking having all the ingredients to make this Starbuck's knock-off drink: Please, oh please taste like the Passionfruit Lemonade that I like from SB.

7. Instagram. Really what is not to like? Thanks to Instagram, I learned that D.Wade the NBA Champion and my favorite player from the NBA Champion Miami Heat (my favorite team) was in town signing copies of his new book. Hello happy autographed book to me. It was awesome.
                                              look at that line I stood in!

8. Liking spontaneous adventures with my son. The zoo and Starbucks was quite a happy afternoon.

9. So liking all of the organizational things I did this summer. The other day I was not even horrified to go under the kitchen sink.

10. Loving getting back into journaling. I have been on hiatus and it feels good to be putting pen to paper.

What are you liking these days?


feeling focused

My last post may have seemed like a cry for help because a few folks have called me and offered their encouragement. Thank you all a bunch. Means a lot. A lot, a lot. This adjustment period does seem to be plowing along and I have had some awesome days at work this week. I had the opportunity to check off some big things on my to-do list and that feels good. This weekend holds some promise. My hubby and I are going out like grown-ups, in the middle of the day on Saturday. I am even wearing jeggins! :) (a first). Monday is a holiday so we are off but my son's school is open so off he goes. Those few hours will be like my birthday and Christmas all rolled up into one. Speaking of my son's school. He finally headed off without eyes filled with tears. This is relieving a HUGE amount of stress and Mommy guilt that I was feeling. So just wanted to let you guys know that life is good. I am super happy and getting my groove back! I even think I am going to sew something, my machine may protest in shock.


an interruption

Tuesday's Ten has been interrupted by this here moan and whine post. The reason for the whine is simple....LIFE. I am having a doosy of a time getting back into the swing of things after the long summer. I know it is difficult for you to feel my pain but I am having adjustment issues. I am trying to be gentle with myself but to be honest I kinda figured I would be in my grove again. It is not easy. I get a little burst going and then here is a new kink to change things up a bit. To top it all off my Momma has returned to her home and I miss her. Yikes! Just rough but I won't be defeated. I am making two yummy recipes for dinner, N & I stopped and got some delicious cupcakes after work and well there are SO many things to be happy about.
What is making you happy today?


Ten for Tuesday: Confessions

Que the Usher circa 2004 , "These are my confessions..."

1. One of the best parts of my son having to wear a uniform is the perk of me solely shopping for myself at back to school time.
2. I have already been late to work once. Granted I don't teach until 2 hrs after my arrival time but still I haven't even been back to work 3 full weeks.
3. I suck at keeping date night on the calendar. My hubby and I need a matchmaker to set all of that stuff up for us. We manage to stay connected but the routine is just not us.
4. I have had the remnants of a manicure on my nails for a week longer than I should have. I plan to take care of it tonight but we shall see.
5. I love the reason to put my son to bed earlier at night. The getting into bed routine is such a chill time.
6. My bedroom is such a mess and I have NO desire to get it together.
7. I watch political shows and judge people who are not in the loop about politics.
8. I have a wee bit of an addiction to the computer and my iphone.
9. I keep my fridge clean just because I love the way all of the food looks in all of their assorted glass containers.
10. I have no desire to recreate all of the things I pin on Pinterest. I just like seeing all of the cool things out there.

So what confession do you want to get off your chest... I promise I won't tell :)