because i was too tired yesterday

1. ok this week seems rather endless. No students on Monday and I think that made this week longer. I see a Me day in my future.
2. State of the Union...come on BO!
3. The Fios installation is scheduled for tomorrow. Which one do you think is more embarrassing: the undecorated Christmas tree that needs to be boxed up or the million toys that N took out tonight. The tree almost looks like part of the decor but the toys are a safety hazard and an eyesore.
4. Don't make the Peking Pork. The sauce was yummy but the meat was tough. My first crockpot fail.
5. My stop off at Roots Market was actually therapeutic. I was able to get all kinds of organic produce for the family and some nice additions to Nico's lunch. Go me!
6. Ponytails- even w/ my newly layered hair and all of the hopes of actually styling it every single day it is nice to have the pony option.
7.They are calling for snow on the weekend, I am not looking forward to snow.
8. Gee, am I only on 8.
9. The Pledge is hard. I miss talking to my friends during my commute. I am talking to N more so I guess that is better.
10. Here's to a tomorrow that is better than today. As a recap, had to make a i-turn this am when I realized I forgot my graded papers at home, had to lug N back up and down the stairs, late to work and co-worker is sitting at my desk, spilled water on birthday gifts for my friends and this was all before 8 am. Yeah, tomorrow has to be better :)


it is all too much

ugh. my 10 list will have to wait until tomorrow unless you want the 10:40 at night 10 list.

I have stuff to do and I can't put it off any longer. I updated N's blog that is all I have to give :)


winner, winner what's for dinner

Monday- Steak, broccoli and cheesy potatoes
Tuesday-Peking pork chops, rice and vegetables
Wednesday- Chicken quesadillas, black beans and rice
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- 15 Bean soup and corn bread

yummy food week w/ 2 crockpot meals


opps, belated 10 for Tuesday

1. being off on Monday really throws your days off
2. I am digging the pledge...yesterday I rapped my head off on the way home and this morning it was all about singing songs to/with Nico Pico
3. I am having lunch from Einstein's and I don't even have to go out and get it...the only downside is I will be eating it at my department meeting, ugh
4. peace in the home is a good thing
5. jewelry parties- never been to one, may not buy anything but is is great to have some fun time with the ladies
6. can you pay my bills? I want some fun mail. I am tired of getting bills, junk mail and the like in my mailbox!
7. at work in my New Balance....I have heard that it is like walking on air
8. grading papers. I should be but I am not.
9. FB allowing you to find long lost buddies, finding out about good family news and realizing that your cousin is balls deep too!!
10. purging. my donation box is overflowing


I Pledge

Ok, anyone who knows me knows about my Oprah love. And quite frankly what is not to love. She is a force. I mean someone who asks you to live your best life and to improve you on the daily has all of the makings of being my SHEro! Her latest campaign is probably one of the most meaningful things you can do. I watched yesterday's show about the hazards of distracted driving and I was moved. Parents, children and spouses all shared their gut wrenching grief about the loss that they experienced at the hands of a distracted driver. A 23 yr old guy shared how he killed someone while texting...he has to live with knowing that he murdered someone at 19. Unreal and totally preventable.
These stories reached my core. I am convinced. I will not use my cell phone while driving. I have never been one to text and drive but I am guilty of being rather distracted by my chats. Certainly, these conversations can be better shared at home. Yes, I will miss my daily am chats with K as we are both running late to work but I will be ok. I have decided that while I am in the car I will pay more attention to the surroundings, sing songs w/ N and just be in that moment. I am sure I will be a better driver and shoot right now I am carting around the most precious cargo so I can deal.
Why don't you head on over to Ms. Oprah's and agree to end your distracted driving habits. After all, you won't have me to talk to anymore so there is nothing to loose :0


In honor of MLK

Today is considered by many to be a day of service. Certainly, whatever act big or small is significant so everyone is called to do whatever they can. So I decided to pull out some stationary and write some letters to the Troops. I also invited everyone who I chatted with to join me. I am not going to lie, it feels a little awkward to write someone you don't know but once you get in the groove it feels good. One thing that I enjoyed during my season of giving in December was how wonderful I felt when I did something for others. It just feels good.
MLK had a simple wish for equality and I hope that he realizes how much his vision changed others. On your birthday Martin Luther King, Jr. we honor you through service to our fellow man and strive to be more than we ever though possible. Endless gratitude!


amazing grace

had a wonderful time at church this am. feeling infinitely blessed and abundantly loved. that really rocks.
the sermon was about being worthy of grace. (Genesis 32:9-12 and 33:1-3). How God quiets our fears, relieves our pain and shows us steadfast love. He seeks us...opens his arms and says Come!

Our journal assignment for this week is: Reflect on all the ways God is pursuing you to show you His love.

So I have to start thinking about that question. If you have your answer then feel free to share it in the comments section.


Ok, no fan of animation by any means

But The Cleveland Show cracks me up! Not that I really watch the whole show but the bits and pieces I catch while D is watching it is hilarious. You can check out episodes on Hula and really if you do you won't be disappointed. I watched this week's episode last night and you can fast forward through it a bit but don't miss the part about going "Balls Deep" ....I can't get that silly song out of my head. So without further adieu, "My Name is Cleveland Brown"...


could it be

tomorrow is Thursday? I am edging closer to the weekend. I.can't.wait.


10 for Tuesday

1. how does it feel to sleep for 8 hrs? Can someone enlighten me because right now I think I may have forgotten :)
2. getting rid of things. I am trying to remove some clutter from my life. It is a big job but I am up to the challenge.
3. after school errands...should I pick up N first or after? decisions, decisions
4. one day closer to summer....a girl has gotta dream
5. quite students!
6. getting a chance to gab w/ my best last night with minimal distractions. well it was good on my end but she had to contend with all kinds of requests from her girls...teen cribs, anyone?
7. remembering my wallet. see guys it is the little things. i needed to run errands yesterday but couldn't because my wallet was at home.
8. the lingering holiday spirit. it is easy for this to occur when your Christmas tree is still up ;0
9. Good Times.... I can never tire of watching that show.
10. checking things off of my to- do list makes me very happy. the length of the list astonishes me!


go me!

3 dinners are already prepared! you can return to your regularly scheduled blogging :0


more pics

this yr. i want to take more pictures and not just of N. not that there is anything wrong with the massive amounts of pictures i take of N. i just want to take some other things. i am all about taking pictures of pretty things. this one is something pretty i see all the time. so i had to capture it ;)


Ten for Tuesday

1. Freezing temperatures bite! I am so over winter!!
2. D putting N to bed at 7pm. Bliss.
3. Tomorrow is Academic whatever day so I don't have to teach. I am so happy. I need to get a ton of stuff...grades, mid-term creating so I am in need of some planning time.
4. Great gifts, they keep on coming and I love them.
5. Celebrity gossip...did you know Rhianna is dating a new man?
6. The twinkle of Christmas tree lights that keep my living room aglow. I don't want the season to end.
7. Never-ending laundry.
8. I would love to watch a tv show. The old-fashioned kind with actors and a story line. I think all of the murder-detective-unsolved murder shows that I watch can't be good for me.
9. Warm showers.
10. Junk mail? I thought I had opted out of it and yet it still keeps coming.