10 random things for Tuesday

1. Satisfied- my massive to-do list is taking a hit
2. Proud- how I feel when Nico does something amazing
3. Eager- for Friday to come so I can see my Momma
4. Free- for a few hours before it all begins again
5. Sad- missing my bestie-we need a LONG chat
6. Patient- a change is going to come
7. Lonely-my snuggle bunny hasn't joined me yet
8. Frustrated- I still have so much to do
8. Happy- N is going to a new daycare soon
9. Impressed- the conversation about school improvement is happening
10. Pleased- I like me and so many things about my life


i feel so special!

1. I was bombarded at the polls. They want my vote and they want it BAD!
2. My bestie is well the best. I feel the love radiating from my FB message.
3. Nico hugs me and kisses me and tells me how much he LOVES me. The best!
4. I got a cool sticker for just doing my civic duty :)
5. I got some good mail.
6. I had the day off :)
7. We have leftovers for dinner- I have the night off :)
8. Some really great conversations with my buddies.
9. the people who love Nico. He is so lucky to have some awesome folks in his life.
10. Well, why shouldn't I- life is GRAND!


Wahoo, it's football season!!

Sunday Night, Monday Night and all day Sunday! I love it! College ball or the pros it doesn't matter, I am ready for some football! Dolphins beat Buffalo on day 1- it is gonna be a great season :)


Fun times!

Yesterday I had a wonderful sewing day with my with my buddy Beeps! She made me a yummy lunch of pulled pork sandwiches. It was even tastier since she starved me first :) I enjoyed my time tremendously and look at the awesome stuff we did while we chatted and laughed...blankets, bibs, place mats, appliqued onesies, burp cloths, oh my!


I won! I won!

Part of being a blog follower is entering contests to win things. As a person with all kinds of craft loves, there probably isn't a crafty blog that I don't enjoy. As a follower of Crazy Train,I won a giveaway for wash cloth puppets- yes N will now be getting washcloth puppets. Fun, fun, I won!!


3 day weekends

An observation. They past way too quickly. You try to pack them with all kinds of fun stuff only to realize it is Sunday night and you only have one more day. And geez that day is a fun day too. Man on Tuesday I am going to feel like I never left the place :0