Guess who's cooking?

Me! Dinner is in the crockpot. Yes, I can go home to a yummy and healthy home cooked meal. All I have to do now is make a pot of rice. I stink at making rice. Oh well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


Ten for Tuesday!

1. Diva Cup!!! Yeah, I'm a Diva. Well the verdict is out if this product will revolutionize my relationship with Aunt Flo but so far I like it.
2. My co-worker who has allowed me to use all of her resources for the novels I teach. Yeah, she has made things a breeze for me. I am thrilled to have her binders!
3. One week until Nico's birthday... a healthy, strong, funny baby boy, what more could I ask for, huh?
4. Deals. I ordered 100, count em 100 prints from Snapfish today for free. I just bought a flip book and I could get the pictures for free with purchase. Sweet deal. Only 90 million more pics to develop and I will be all set :)
5. My folks are coming. My folks are coming!! Yay!
6. D for being a helpful hubby and an awesome Daddy.
7. Whales...what a sweet icon for a first birthday.
8. Target trips where I stay focused and only get the necessities. I have had a few of those recently and they rock.
9. Breastfeeding. I have loved it soooooo much. I can't believe that we have made it an entire year. Yes, there were obstacles. Yes, it was hard. But the benefits have totally outweighed any issues that I have had and I am so glad that I am doing it.
10. Precious. The movie based on the novel Push. I will actually head to the movie to see this one. Yeah, that is saying a lot.


for realz?

everything is blocked at work. photobucket? really? i wish i could do what i need to do at home instead i have time to do it here and they block everything. thanks, work, thanks!!


Friday Flashback...Friendship bracelets

Remember when you knew you were special because your friendship bracelet told you so :)


25 Days of Giving

To celebrate the spirit of the season my family is participating in 25 days of giving. During the days leading up to Christmas, we are going to honor the birth of Jesus with giving of ourselves. Some of our tasks will involve monetary giving but many of them simply require us to give of the talents that we possess. Originally I was going to create a calendar but I decided that I don't want to get discouraged if I don't do a "task". So instead I am creating a list and checking it twice (I couldn't resist) of things that my family can do. Feel free to offer suggestions as the list is not quite at 25.

  • secretly do something kind for someone
  • tidy up my classroom at the end of the day
  • pray for people who are suffering
  • write a note of appreciation to the mail carrier
  • collect hat/scarves for the homeless
  • call a family member that I rarely talk to
  • take cookies to the senior citizens center
  • leave a nice note for a neighbor
  • write a Christmas card to the President and First Family
  • donate foods to the church pantry
  • volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • donate some of Nico's things to the House of Ruth
  • make a donation to Toys for Tots
  • take goodies to service workers on Christmas day
  • watch a someone's children so they can go out to dinner or shopping
  • thank a soldier- send a note/care package to a soldier (anysoldier.com)
  • clear the snow off a neighbor's car
  • give hot chocolate to a Salvation Bell Ringer
  • pick up neighborhood trash


Ten for Tuesday

1. Grades finished. Life begins again. I am so glad that I am done with that daunting task, it has taken up far too many of my moments these last couple of days.
2. Orange slices..not a silly remnant of Halloween, these babies are available year round.
3. Dancing, clapping, finger snapping baby boy. He kinda has my heart.
4. Fa, la,la, la the holidays are right around the corner and I can't wait. My tree will be up in a few weeks :)
5. Fresh, folded laundry...a girl can dream, can't she :0
6. Man down...DC Sniper is going to be down for the count. That was such a crazy period of time. He had everyone scared to get gas. The insanity!!
7. A king-size bed calling my name.
8. Crock pot meals. Getting home with dinner finished is a little slice of heaven.
9. Good friends. Everywhere I go I am surrounded by some great people. I hit the jackpot when it comes to buddies.
10. A new season of Housewives...let the drama begin/continue.


Friday Flashback...Metal Lunch Boxes

So awesome! I would love to have one of these today...maybe I will look around to see if I can find one I like. Anyway, school lunch in this box (that would eventually rust) with a thermos, how could you go wrong?


i am drowning

in stuff to do both at work and at home. papers to grade, papers to grade. clothes to wash, clothes to wash. where is the calgon when you need it?


Ten for Tuesday

1. Nico is not sick anymore. Hip, hip horray. I felt so helpless when he was under the weather. A fever of 102 + is the type of thing that makes a Momma a nervous wreck!
2. Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies....yummy. My co-worker bought me a box last week and it was such a nice surprise.
3. I joined the gym last Friday. Now I just have to go ;P the price was right so I just need to get myself motivated to go. It will be great to escape all of the responsibilities for an hour and just listen to the things that are floating around in my head.
4. Pandora. I will be listening to Alicia Keys radio this afternoon as I grade the mountain of papers that are calling my name.
5. Ryann, she is such a cool kid. I am thrilled to be her Auntie. Nico is already so in love with her that it can only get better.
6. November. Such a big month in our household. We have all kinds of birthdays to get ready for: My Momma, D, Jamie, Nico. Thanksgiving too. Such a festive time. You can't hardly be down when you have so much to celebrate.
7. Leftovers in the freezer. It is great to have a plan for dinner without having to plan or cook :)
8. Cool ideas for a homemade holiday season. Now if only I can get my crew to buy into the idea. I would hate to get some what the heck comments.
9. Crazy mornings. When will I have a smooth, I haven't forgotten anything and life is good morning? Even when I think I am doing well, I realize that something I need is at home. My brain is really mush.
10. Interesting blogs. I am finding more blogs in the blog world that are appealing to me and I like it.