10 for Tuesday!

well since i spent most of the day feeling like it was monday this one is a bit unexpected, but here goes...
10 annoying things about Facebook...

1. The constant format changes, ugh.
2. The random friend requests you get from the spouse of one of your friends.
3. The people who do not have profile pics and they have the most common names ever...James Smith, I am going to need a picture to refresh my memory.
4. The people who post ass backward things about my President...don't get a virtual beat down.
5. Friend request from co-workers who are ok but are not the people who I need in my personal life.
6. All of the farmville, horoscope, mafia wars and gifts that people get obsessed with and you have to hear about it. Why don't you not hit me with a pillow for 30 pts.
7. The relationship status... like what comment is appropriate for someone who goes from engaged to single or its complicated. complicated? really?
8. The ads. They are not obnoxious but I think it is creepy how they are ads that are targeting me.
9. People who over-share. You can keep some business to yourself.
10. The events area, man life seems pretty pitiful when you don't have anything going on and your FB page reminds you you are a loser.



because i miss you, because i love you and because i came across this today while cleaning. and yes, i know it wasn't quite like this but it is here because it should have been. (ZNJ)

childhood innocence

summer days we sat and swallowed watermelon seeds waiting
to see whose stomach would explode into ripeness
remember how you held a mirror to the sun
and asked me to shield you from the brightness
so often we interlaced fingers and recited nursery rhymes
from preschool days
days spent giggling, with you across the hall
always peeping through the opening looking at me
and me looking back
everyday we sat on the pier and you braided my hair
asking me to sit still so you could decorate me
with flowers we picked from the field
you tried to hold in your laughter from jokes that i told
and failed only to let giggles burst from lips
painted raspberry by cool Kool-Aid
and we would smile noticing our shadows disappear
into each other
while mosquitoes nibbled our legs and we refused to go home


10 for Tuesday...SPRING BREAK!!

There are so many phenomenal things about Spring Break and it is only Tuesday. I will say that it is a bit strange to be home instead of traveling but we are enjoying the slower pace of things.

1. I did not dread Monday am. I actually welcomed it. We snuggled in bed and did not get up until 7:45! That alone was heaven.
2. 11 am chats with my Bestie are a great way to laze around.
3. Walking, jogging and enjoying the park.
4. Staying up way late and surfing the internet without the pressure of, "my goodness it is 12am and I need to be asleep seeing as though I only have 5 hrs left. what the heck? 4 and a half hrs"
5. planning activities with Nico. Tomorrow we get to do story time and then head to DC. Awesome!
6. Watching Maury Povich and guessing paternity status.
7. Cooking dinner. I enjoy it so much more when I haven't worked all day.
8. Mid-day grocery shopping. It is so much better when people are not zooming by me to grab their dinner fixin's and better for me when I can leisurely read ingredients.
9. Getting to hang out with my sister mid-week. Such a rare treat since we are both too swamped on work days to make it happen.
10. Spring Break brings milder temps, blooming plants and more sunshine. Just gorgeous. Thank you Mother Nature!


Easy Like Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings. There is no guilt like on Saturdays where if I lay around for too long I think of the million things that I need to do. Sunday mornings are laid back and relaxed. I can make a little meal for my guys and even make it to church to hear the word. This morning I treated my fellas to fruit parfaits, the only downside is they were looking for more food during the hour. Opps, I guess I should have made something a little more substantial :)


Post-It Love

Well a cute blog (Man Wife and Dog Blog) I stumbled on yesterday is all about growing your marriage. Ok if it is about making the 'til death better, I am all in. I have no issues showing my love on post-its. I have left him notes on more than one occasion on those little yellow pads. There was the time I left notes all around the house while I was away on a trip. He was finding notes everywhere: medicine cabinet, pantry, sock drawer- you name it. Or the time I left some notes in his car. I will say getting the homework task as a challenge added on the stress. What could I say? I love you seemed too simple. Sexual stuff seemed too cheesy. As I was pondering this dilemma in the shower I came up with the perfect one. Along the lines of him being the man of my dreams. Well in the morning as we are getting dressed and coincidentally while I am looking for post-its that were not mini size. He starts telling me how horribly he slept and how his dreams were so vivid and unnerving. So scratch that whole man-of-my-dreams idea. Still looking for the post-its, listening to his dream story and replaying the antics of the last night. It hit me. He makes me smile, laugh out loud and get school girl giddy. He makes me smile. That smile that makes your eyes sparkle. I love him for that and for so much more.
So I put the note on the post it and stuck it to the door. We both smiled more tonight. I like it!


Ten for Tuesday!

The awesomeness that is my life continues :)

1. I won something, I won something. All it took was well nothing really and I won. Go me!
2. Dinner was easy and N said, "I like this Mommy" when he sat down. Great, great, great!
3. My creative pursuits are continuing..hello easy peasy zipper sewer.
4. I have discovered a few new blogs that really speak to me.
5. I have gas in my tank, food in my fridge and a few bucks in my wallet. Wonderful indeed.
6. Spring Break is almost here. Yippee!
7. Laughing at Lagy Gaga's fall w/ D. I know it is wrong but I couldn't help myself. The replays, the reenactments just hilarious.
8. A happy boy. N is such a bundle of happiness and I love it.
9. hump day is tomorrow :O
10. Next week I can pretend that I am a stay at home mom. It will be blissful.


Simply Satisfied

This weekend I enjoyed myself. Every minute was spent surrounded by my two favorite men. We took it easy. I am not sure if it was the blah weather or we were just beat but we had a low-key weekend. We ate well, hello crab legs! We cheered loud, go Heat! We laughed often, thanks Nico. And we managed to not get on each others nerves. We sprinkled in a some long naps and lots of cuddles. I had the best time. I managed to get in some sewing too! I hope that memories of the simplicity of this weekend will give me the peace I need to make it through the week.


10 4 Tuesday!

Obsolete items inspired by a post about obsolete sayings.
1. rotary phones
2. phone booths
3. word processors
4. 35mm cameras
5. light bulbs that aren't cfl blah blah
6. maps
7. cassette tapes
8. tvs that aren't hd,plasma
10.plastic bags...well it's coming

what else?


guilty pleasures

too much reality tv

coming home before going to get my son

Hershey's syrup

long talks before doing the "must do's"

web surfing

what are some of your guilty pleasures?