10 for Tuesday

Brain dump:

1. Loving playoff basketball.
2. Loathing expensive car repairs.
3. Enjoying the end of year celebrations.
4. Munching delicious watermelon.
5. Listening to loud thunder and lightning.
6. Feeling super excited about summer plans.
7. Grateful for very helpful folks.
8. Praying for some very special people.
9. Anticipating all of the blessings.
10. Giving time, love and encouragement.

What have you been up to lately?


10 for Tuesday: A quick Taget Run

Here's a peek into my target trip.

The pros: stayed pretty focused, used my reuseable bags, used coupons and got a giftcard for 5.00 off my
                next visit.

The cons: have 2 things that need to be returned (D told me they looked like old lady clothes), bought
                jello (who even knows what that stuff is made of)

1. flexible straws: my son loves these things, I want the paper ones but they aren't at Target
2. Febreze: my 3rd period class is ridiculously funky, I am so glad these exist
3. Up and Up floss: a must and it was on sale too
4. Cover Girl concealer: this stuff lasts a LONG time
5. Jello: see above :)
6. Nicole by Opi the Kardashian Kollection: Wear Something Spar-Kylie
7 & 8: Method Cleaning Products: Cause you gotta clean right
9: Annie's Bunnies for my little honey ;)
10. Bear Naked Granola: Banana is my fave!

So the verdict is I had a great time on my solo trip to the bullseye. I was not paid to review or plug any of these products. I only strayed from my mental list a tiny bit too!

How was your Tuesday?



Still Journaling

I am still quite smitten with journaling. I will admit that it is rough to keep up and just like blogging I do some really awesome writing in the shower that never quite makes it where it needs to go. Oh well. I won't beat myself up too much since whatever I do is a lot more than what I was doing last year this time ;) Today I got to use some new pens and stickers that my co-worker surprised me with... I love an unexpected nicety.
My journals are a a way to document all of the insanity that is floating around in my head. Plus I get to be all creative too. This month I am looking forward to including two wonderful Mother's Day cards that I received. Some of the stuff I have included include a cutout of Linus that I got when the sewing club girls donated quilts to Project Linus, business card to my son's dentist, tickets to the circus and a fortune. These are things that I would never have held onto but they do mark the thing that I have been through this year. I am loving capturing these moments in this way. I even have some pages that I watercolored while my little man was doing his artwork. How amazing is that!?

Do any of you journal? Let me know what keeps you motivated.


Sunday to Remember

today was a perfect day~

the weather is awesome, the windows are open and the breeze is great
our family loved our time at the park: swings, bubbles and bike riding
the hubby made dinner
my son (he is a future sweet-talker ladies) assured me that I am a "great cleaner" to get me to help him clean his room, so NOT me but whateves
i am taking tomorrow off from work
the Miami Heat won: lbj w/40 pts and Wade is back
the hubby did the weekly grocery shopping and only forgot a few things
a new season of keeping up with the Kardashians starts tonite

it was good day indeed


Sewing Again

I feel like it has been ages since I have sat down at my machine. Like blow,blow,blow away the dust long time. It felt good and a full bobbin in the right color was a bonus. I can tell you it wasn't that long ago when threading the bobbin was my undoing. Trust me I still have my sewing challenges but I can totally thread bobbins with no issues. Go me!!
There have been so many things that have kept me away from sewing and really it all boils down to post work exhaustion and tons of obligations. The impending summer brings the reminder to slow down and do what makes me happy. That includes lots of sewing. I finished a quilt that was originally going to be a Christmas  (2011) gift and now it is going to be a belated birthday gift. I guess that has just increased the amount of love that has gone into this baby...from picking the fabric to sewing on and off to looking at it in the sewing pile this quilt was always close to my heart ;) I also started a simple strip quilt for my friend who got married. The wedding was in November I still have a little time,right?!?

the finished one

      the new start


happy mother's day

i spent the day.
lounging in my pjs
with my liitle one
and a bonus (my niece)
they made big messes
i snoozed on and off
watching tv
and rooting for the
i loved the slow pace of the day
the artwork that my son
and i am pretty
thrilled with my new iphone too.

happy mother's day to all~


10 for ten: Momma, Mom, Mommy, Mommie

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet....no matter what name you go by or how you acquired the love(s) of your life...this is our week.

10 Mommas

1. My Momma~ she is the epitome of what a mom should be. There are not enough words to express how much love I have for her. Every single day there are reasons why I am proud to be her daughter. They broke the mold when she was made and now I get to see her as Grammy and trust me she is gets better with age ;)
2. Joan Crawford~ she showed me that wire hangers are really unacceptable & grass stains will read in photos.

3. Claire Huxtable~ Smart and dedicated to her family, what a class act.

4. Michelle Obama~ A reminder to remain a star even when your mate is running things.

5.  June Cleaver~ She never let those boys get her flustered. I respect that!

6. Ms. Garrett~ she always gave second chances and support. 

7. Kourtney Kardashian~ she seems SO dedicated to her little one and she is doing Mommyhood on her own terms.

8. Nicole Ritchie~  shows how motherhood transforms you. There is hope for all of us rebels?!

9. Hester Prynne~ of The Scarlet Letter she does dedicated, patient and loving Mom like no one else in literature.

10.  Barbara Brown~ she LOVES Cleveland, Sanaa Lathan is her voice and it is the only animation that I can watch without wanting to take my eyes out :)

So, who's your Momma!?! 


Just one of those days...

My day was SO busy! It was filled with friends, family and good eats so I don't have any complaints. I managed to get in some exercise, cuddletime with my fellas, church, a circus show and a visit with my sis and her family. Busy indeed.
One of the highs of this incredibly high filled day was the sermon from the visiting pastor. The gist of it is making Love an act of sacrifice and allowing others to see the God in you. It really just spoke to me. I know that there is a lot of sacrifice in my love but I am certain that I am not doing my Christian walk as much as I should. I am going to work on that one. My faith is important to me and I want others to see His   essence in me. Fantastic day indeed!
How was your Sunday?


DSW here I come ;)

I got the sweetest thank you note from a former student. Enclosed was a gift card to DSW. Hello summer wedges, I will be picking you up very soon.
Really what a nice surprise! And since it is to DSW and not Target there is no chance that I won't be spending this gift card on ME. Happy dance, happy dance!


10 things going on in my world

1. Happily listening to: Pretty Little Liar by Robin Thicke
2. Watching most nights: Miami Heat basketball, playoffs baby!
3. Buying: All kinds of fruits and veggies
4. Grading: Tons of research papers
5. Smelling: Homemade laundry detergent as I wash load #456,097,980
6. Loving: Sunlight coming through my windows
7. Enjoying: An empty kitchen sink
8. Lusting after: nada really? Clutch the pearls
9. Frustrated by: Political stupidity
10. Proud of: Myself as a Momma- Mother's Day is around the corner and I have to celebrate ME!!

What are YOU up to? Pick a category, any category and let me know!