Ten for Tuesday...ok, you better believe I have alot of stuff on my mind

1. a husband who loves sweets...yay, for chocolate chip cookies that are calling my name.
2. 25 days of giving started today and I am all in
3. etsy christmas gifts that are ordered.
4.a nice christmas tree (with presents left by my momma) and N is not even pulling on it
5. good friends
6. finding cool blogs to read.
7. episodes of The Game that are re-runs but new to me :0
8. finding a bunch of things that i forgot i had but am so glad to have unearthed
9. the ability to turn off my ringer....No, I don't want (insert offer). Having caller id and blocking #'s is just not enough anymore. These jokers are relentless.
10. the overwhelming generosity and love that people show my Nico

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