Ten for Tuesday

So I am starting a new thing that I have seen on other blogs, Ten for Tuesday. Ten random things that are in your head.

1. I am really enjoying my new position at work. Although it is certainly more interaction with more teenagers, my day goes by a lot faster and I think that I am using my brain more. Win-win.

2. Cool parents. I am so glad that my parents are so wonderful. They are so eager to be active in Nico's life and I am so glad about it.

3. Finding $18 bucks in my pumping bag this morning was a pretty nice treat. And to think that I was broke this morning with $2 bucks in my work bag. So now I see why my hand was itching.

4. Rainy days. A pain to drive in this morning but the sleeping before it was heavenly.

5. I gotta return my Sigg bottle. If they don't send me the same one back, I hope they send me some cool one that I would have never picked out for myself. It will help me with getting out of my comfort zone.

6. Speaking of green living, Target is going to start giving a 5 cent credit if you use your own bags. Just like Giant does when you go to the grocery store. I will say that it is a pain to lug Nico, his bag and the canvas bags to Target but I try and now it will be doubly good.

7. Leftovers and clean bathrooms. This could really be divided up but really they are related. Since we have a fridge full of leftovers that need to be devoured, I could clean the bathrooms. Yay, I love cleaning the bathrooms... a quick chore that feels like you did a lot.

8. A white box on my doorstep from Crate and Barrel. Made me nostalgic for the months surrounding our wedding. Anyway, I am quite thrilled that someone special was thinking about my family.

9. Real Simple magazine. I finally got to open my November one and I love this magazine. I got a couple new ideas for Thanksgiving....waffles w/cranberries for Black Friday sounds heavenly.

10. Crazy lunch. I eat with a few loons and I am not sure how I can get out of this one. I have to come up with something. But shoot if I have to trek all the way to the lounge to avoid the grandiose stories than I just may have to strap on my boots!


  1. I like 10 for Tuesday! I'm glad you're using your brain, have awesome parents, cleaned the bathroom, slept in, want to live on the edge with a new Sigg bottle, got unexpected money and gift and some ideas for Thanksgiving :) Sorry about the loony lunch... I wish you could eat with us!

    Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, yay for 5 cent credits!

  2. I like 10 for Tuesday, too. Maybe I'll copy ;) So have you done any investigative work regarding the lounge-lunch-crew?! Are you sure it would be better...?