what is it all for

i was talking to my friend this morning and something really hit me, "what is it all for," this every minute grinding. last week we had such a significant loss at work and it seems to always take a tragedy to bring us back to our core. i consider myself a good friend, mother, wife, daughter, sister (not necessarily in that order) and yet there are so many ways that i am not honoring those relationships. when was the last time that i really listened without distraction...not just the physical distraction but the distractions that are on loop in my head. i really want to be present with the people who matter. n is so important to me but there are other important ones in my life and i feel like i put those relationships on the back burner. i don't want to do that anymore. the holidays are fast approaching and i don't want to just give the gift of things...i want to give the gift of me. i am trying to think of ways that i can be better to the people in my life after all these relationships/moments are truly what it is all for. stay tuned

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  1. I agree... I really think CS lived in the moment and gave all of himself to everyone and we should follow suit.