Friday Flashback.... The Pay Phone

Roar, I hear the sound of a dinosaur. Nope it is the pay phone. What will Superman when he needs a quick change? Can you believe that people used to have to fish around for a quarter if they needed to make an urgent call. Yeah, cell phones are much more convenient.

True story, back in the day when I was in college and I met D my home phone was off. Granted it was only off for the day until my roomate went to pay the bill. But it was off nonetheless. Well at that moment, I met D and he wanted my phone number. Well I never gave my number to strange folks so when he asked I kept on saying no. He was persistent and I finally said I couldn't call him because my phone was off, knowing full well that it was probably back on as I was speaking but anyway I told him that to get him to leave me alone. No luck he was still trying his hand. Finally he asked me how much my phone bill was and I told him it was like $400 (yeah, I used to have a long-distance talking problem) well he was blown away and said he couldn't help me with that high ass bill. Instead he offered me a quarter and told me to call him from a pay phone. Yeah, the rest is history :)

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  1. Awww! I love happy love stories. Remember when it was just a dime? Yikes!