Ok , I have never posted about church which is kinda odd since I post about so many other things in my life. But anyway, church on Sunday was awesome. I truly feel like no matter when I go, the message always strikes a cord with me on some level. Anyway this past Sunday was no different. I loved the songs and the ministry was great. Now I should also mention the opps of the day. First of all my son is such a talker that he was blabbing during most of the service. Now it doesn't bother me in the slightest, I just hope that my neighbors weren't disturbed. But the real opps was when my cell phone rang. Yep, I am that person. It rang! I was horrified. Not super loud and I was able to grab it while wrangling N, but it rang while the pastor was praying. Ugh.
Aside from that, I was handed a most timely card while I was walking out of the service. It read and I am paraphrasing but "Put God in the center and everything will be alright". Reading that gave me pause. How often do I want things to be a certain way but that way is my will and not His will? And then I am frustrated/pissed or the like when things are not as I want them to be. SO with all of that being said, I am working on keeping Him in the center of all things.

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  1. :) I'm glad you're enjoying the message at church. We do tend to forget to put God first and let everything else work itself out.