Ten for Tuesday-a day late

I guess Tuesday flew by so I missed the post. Here are my 10 a day late.
1.the bell ringing at 2:10, I feel so free and liberated
2. tiger woods, y'all tiger woods...could a situation be more sad? his barbie doll wife must fee like she crapped out. nah, really clearly he has issues. not newsworthy issues but issues nonetheless.
3. how bad of a reality trash tv junkie am I if I am bummed b/c I missed the debut of Teen Moms the spin off from 16 and Pregnant. I mean that is pretty scary. But is it more acceptable that I am really looking forward to the Kardashians new season. My brain is mush and I like it!
4. I really want to enjoy the holidays and work gets in the way of my preparation. Yes,the tree is up but I would like to get to the cards soon.
5. Have a Baby By Me and Be a Millionare....yeah 50 that is the ticket. Stupid, stupid song. The parody Have a Baby By Me and Be on Welfare is more accurate for people who just have babies w/out a plan.
6. I am loving $5 magazine subscriptions...I have found my gift for those people on my list who I am at wits end over buying something for.
7. the nova natural toys / crafts catalog I received is like I died and went to "Oh, N has to have these things heaven"
8. finding new blogs... I always love this one.
9. seeing a new teacher embrace the calling with students who need someone just like her. kudos Morayo, you rock!!!
10. mayo packets. I rarely save you but you came in handy this morning when I only had a minute to get my lunch together.

Oh and as a bonus: THE SUN IS OUT!!!

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